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  • Pre Fader Metering Pt. 1 3:27

    Pre Fader Metering Pt. 1

    Understand the importance of gain staging and how to use pre fader metering to avoid clipping and to garner headroom.

  • Pre Fader Metering Pt. 2 6:31

    Pre Fader Metering Pt. 2

    A deeper look at managing soft synths in pre fader mode and how to make room for effects plug ins to really shine.

  • Autoloads Pt. 1 7:22

    Autoloads Pt. 1

    Here we look at how to use Logics import function to bring any and all previously created items into your current session be it effects, synths, midi, sends, or even automation.

  • Autoloads Pt. 2 1:43

    Autoloads Pt. 2

    How to save time and avoid having to rebuild common elements from scratch specifically ghostchain triggers.

  • Transform Randomization Pt. 1 6:11

    Transform Randomization Pt. 1

    A look into Logics elusive Transform window and how it can function to bring out randomization in your midi programming for depth and texture.

  • Transform Randomization Pt. 2 2:16

    Transform Randomization Pt. 2

    Further technique involving using the randomization from the Transform window to shape and design detailed percussion grooves.

  • Fancy Busses Pt. 1 6:02

    Fancy Busses Pt. 1

    Going beyond the traditional use of busses for colorization or summing to create unique textures.

  • Fancy Busses Pt. 2 7:00

    Fancy Busses Pt. 2

    How to send one bus to another bus in order to build a sense of detail and identity.

  • Final Mix Bus 7:18

    Final Mix Bus

    A general suggestion video on what a final mix might look like in terms of your bus section.

  • Customized Template 7:10

    Customized Template

    How to make your bus sections effects available quickly using a readily loadable template.

  • Master Channel Automation Pt. 1 6:19

    Master Channel Automation Pt. 1

    Understanding the benefits of automating effect on the master bus to effect the entire mix for creative effect.

  • Master Channel Automation Pt. 2 3:46

    Master Channel Automation Pt. 2

    An in detail look at combining multiple effects on the master bus to create a bigger drop or transition.

  • Master Channel Automation Pt. 3 4:48

    Master Channel Automation Pt. 3

    An extremely close look at a final master channel automation and general suggestions to ensure clean execution.

  • Parallel Compression Pt. 1 5:27

    Parallel Compression Pt. 1

    Parallel compression as it pertains to electronic dance music. Here we prep your initial groove for this amazing technique.

  • Parallel Compression Pt. 2 7:11

    Parallel Compression Pt. 2

    The guts of of how to route and process your groove to achieve this compression style.

  • Parallel Compression Pt. 3 5:21

    Parallel Compression Pt. 3

    How to take your new parallel compression situation even further using master channel processing.

Product Overview

Pro DJ / EDM Producer Chris Herrera breaks his silence and bestows his EDM secrets in this in-depth video tutorial series. Shot in Logic Pro X, these topics apply to any DAW and are crucial to getting your EDM tracks to sound and feel just like the major releases.

Chris begins with the all-important but sometimes overlooked art of setting levels and pre fader metering, followed by setting up autoloads for fast and efficient session starts, using randomizing features for uniqueness, depth and texture, and how to use busses for colorization and summing.

You'll then explore the function of the final mix bus, building customized templates, master channel automation for creative effect, and the "absolute must" practice of setting up and applying Parallel Compression for authentic sounding EDM grooves.

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for detailed info. If you're ready to peek behind the EDM production curtain and make more authentic EDM, check out Chris Herrera’s "EDM Insider Secrets" now.

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