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Drum Groove Creation Concepts

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Chapter 1 : Right Hand Hi-Hat Independence

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    Hi-Hat Independence - Introduction

    Luke now gives you a look into developing hi-hat independence within your drum grooves.

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    Hi-Hat Independence Exercises Pt. 1

    Explore a series of exercises that utilize the Timing Grid to cover all 16th note rhythmic permutations for the hi-hat.

  • image description 9:25

    Hi-Hat Independence Exercises Pt. 2

    Discover additional hi-hat exercises and get the Hi-Hat Independence lesson recap.

Chapter 2 : Right Foot Bass Drum Independence

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    Bass Drum Independence - Introduction

    Luke now demonstrates how to place the bass drum anywhere you want within a groove.

  • image description 10:30

    Bass Drum Independence Exercises

    Discover a series of exercises that utilize the Timing Grid to cover all 16th note rhythmic permutations for the bass drum.

  • image description 1:49

    Bass Drum Independence Recap

    Luke recaps the Bass Drum Independence lessons.

Chapter 3 : Ghost Note Permutations

  • image description 2:21

    Ghost Note Permutations - Introduction

    Luke explains his approach to ghost notes and demonstrates the difference between ghost notes and accented notes.

  • image description 8:26

    Ghost Note Permutation Exercises Pt. 1

    Explore a series of ghost note patterns played without a back-beat against a groove ostinato.

  • image description 5:46

    Ghost Note Permutation Exercises Pt. 2

    See additional ghost note exercises where all ghost note patterns are played with a back-beat on 2 and 4, regardless of the ghost note pattern itself.

  • image description 2:44

    Note Permutations Recap

    Luke summarizes the Ghost Note Permutations lessons.

Chapter 4 : Static Groove Creation

  • image description 1:58

    Static Groove Creation - Introduction

    Luke now explains his approach to "Static Groove Creation" and how you can take the concepts from the previous three lessons and use them to create brand new grooves.

  • image description 10:29

    Static Groove Creation Exercises Pt. 1

    Learn how to use static (unchanging) rhythmic permutations for each voice of the groove to create textured groove patterns.

  • image description 8:59

    Static Groove Creation Exercises Pt. 2

    Discover exercises using static hi-hat, bass drum and ghost note rhythms along with a back-beat on 2 and 4.

  • image description 7:19

    Static Groove Creation Exercises Pt. 3

    Learn additional exercises where bass drum notes are eliminated to create more of an organic groove and recap all the info learned in these lessons.

Chapter 5 : Creating Dynamic Bass Drum Grooves

  • image description 4:39

    Creating Dynamic Bass Drum Grooves - Introduction

    Learn how to improvise on the bass drum by using dynamic rhythmic variations within your groove.

  • image description 9:07

    Creating Dynamic Bass Drum Grooves Pt. 1

    Luke demonstrates the "Numbering System" as a means to create new bass drum patterns on the fly.

  • image description 6:05

    Creating Dynamic Bass Drum Grooves Pt. 2

    Discover additional bass drum exercises and variations to add to your arsenal.

  • image description 7:50

    Creating Dynamic Bass Drum Grooves Pt. 3

    See how to create more groove ideas by placing the bass drum on beats 2 and 4, regardless of the rhythms chosen by the numbering system.

  • image description 0:47

    Creating Dynamic Bass Drum Grooves Recap

    Luke recaps the Creating Dynamic Bass Drum Grooves lessons.

Chapter 6 : Creating Dynamic Hi-Hat Grooves

  • image description 1:11

    Creating Dynamic Hi-Hat Grooves - Introduction

    Luke now explains how the numbering system can be used with the hi-hat to create syncopated hi-hat rhythms.

  • image description 9:07

    Creating Dynamic Hi-Hat Grooves Pt. 1

    Discover a series of exercises based on the numbering system in order to create new, interesting hi-hat patterns on the fly.

  • image description 9:09

    Creating Dynamic Hi-Hat Grooves Pt. 2

    Now learn additional syncopated hi-hat patterns and variations.

  • image description 7:26

    Creating Dynamic Hi-Hat Grooves Pt. 3

    See how to add spice to your grooves by making this one small change to the bass drum.

  • image description 1:20

    Creating Dynamic Hi-Hat Grooves Recap

    Luke provides a recap of the Creating Dynamic Hi-Hat Grooves lessons.

Chapter 7 : Creating Dynamic Ghost Note Grooves

  • image description 2:11

    Creating Dynamic Ghost Note Grooves - Introduction

    Learn how to place ghost notes wherever you want within your grooves for interesting variations.

  • image description 8:35

    Creating Dynamic Ghost Note Grooves Pt. 1

    Luke demonstrates the very first ghost note pattern he learned and shows you how to use it in a groove.

  • image description 7:00

    Creating Dynamic Ghost Note Grooves Pt. 2

    Explore additional ghost note exercises where the original pattern is modified to create new ghost note patterns.

  • image description 2:30

    Creating Dynamic Ghost Note Grooves Recap

    Luke recaps the Creating Dynamic Ghost Note Grooves lessons.

Chapter 8 : Mixing Static & Dynamic Grooves

  • image description 2:09

    Mixing Static & Dynamic Grooves - Introduction

    Learn how to mix all of the Groove Creation Concepts from this lesson series to create new "multi-textured" grooves.

  • image description 13:21

    Mixing Static & Dynamic Grooves for Musical Textures

    Luke demonstrates how to take a variety of static and dynamic rhythms and apply them to the hi-hat, snare and bass drum to create musical multi-textured grooves.

  • image description 3:28

    Mixing Static & Dynamic Grooves Recap

    Get a Mixing Static & Dynamic Grooves lesson recap and see Luke perform an improvisation solo.

Product Overview

In this Drumstroke™ video tutorial series, drum guru Luke Oswald shows you how to develop and create grooves that will improve your independence and dynamics, making you an overall groovier player!

Luke starts with Hi-Hat and Bass Drum independence lessons, followed by Static and Dynamic Groove lessons. Luke then gets into applying the mighty “Ghost Note” to your playing, and then how to mix all the different elements you’ve learned together to create “super grooves”.

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info. If you’re serious about your drum playing, you know that if you can’t play a solid groove, you ain’t playing! Let Luke help you develop your grooves, watch “Drum Groove Creation Concepts” today!

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Luke Oswald Professional Drummer and Instructor

1. When did you start dabbling in music?
I've always had an interest in drumming from a young age and started playing in 6th grade when a family friend stored their drum set at my parents house for a summer. I started playing in church the next fall and have been playing ever since. No one had to tell me to practice, it was just something I loved to do. I just enjoyed everything that had to do with drumming.

2. What training have you had?
I studied piano at a young age, then played trumpet from elementary through middle school. I started drumming on my own at the age of 12, then switched to drumming as my main instrument in high school and went on to study in college along with Music Business. I've been teaching drums since college, both private instruction and drum clinics.

3. When did you get into recording?
When I was in middle school/high school, I was very interested in music technology. It was much different then, but I remember recording/sequencing song arrangements with music software and filming videos and editing in camera all the time. In and after college, I started learning about audio production when I was recording drums for the bands I was in.  In the late 2000's I stumbled upon drum sample technology, and that changed everything for me. I started really digging into the study of audio production, recording, mixing and mastering. I started studying video production around the same time as I knew I wanted to eventually film high quality drum videos while using this sample technology.

4. People you have worked with/for?
During my time in Nashville, I studied drums with Derico Watson (Victor Wooten), Jeff Bowders (Paul Gilbert), Will Denton (Steven Curtis Chapman, LeAnn Rimes), Marcus Finnie (Kirk Whalum, India Arie) and Raymond Massey (Pearl Drums). I've recorded drums on multiple albums produced by Sadson Music Group and have played on albums with artists such as George Clinton and Samantha Ware.

5. Why are you so good at training people?
To me, teaching is as inspiring as performing. When you teach, you're forced to understand the topic at a much deeper level.  I love the process of learning and improving, and to me teaching is just an extension of that process. I learn something new every time I teach anything, whether it be a drum lesson or a software tutorial. I also believe as artists we have a responsibility to pass on the knowledge that we've accumulated. You must take action and apply what you've learned to your own life, but that only goes so far.  If you can take what you've learned and share it with someone else, you're giving them the opportunity to take that knowledge, nurture it and allow it to influence their own lives. Eventually, they can pass that knowledge on to someone else, and the process keeps going. You never know the impact you can have on someone simply by sharing with them what you've learned.

Products by Luke

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    tutorial video

    Addictive Drums 2 Advanced Vol 1

    In volume one of this advanced video tutorial series, eDrum guru Luke Oswald explains a wide range of topics designed to make you a real master and addict, of XLN’s Addictive Drummer 2 virtual instrument plug-in!

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    Addictive Drums 2 Advanced Vol 2

    In volume two of this advanced video tutorial series, eDrum guru Luke Oswald covers the finer nuances, more features and functions, as well as eye-opening tips and tricks for using XLN’s Addictive Drums 2 virtual instrument!

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    tutorial video

    Advanced Drumming Combinations & Patterns

    In this Drumstroke™ video tutorial series, drum guru Luke Oswald lays down the groove and shows you awesome drumming combinations and patterns that you can use to spice up your drumming or drum programming!

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    Bass Drum Technique Workshop

    In this Drumstroke video tutorial series, drum guru Luke Oswald reveals the steps to take to build up bionic feet when playing your kit, including speed and endurance and the ability to play what’s in your head!

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    tutorial video

    Creating Drum Fills & Patterns

    In this Drumstroke#TM# video tutorial series, drum master Luke Oswald reveals how to create both basic and advanced drum fills and patterns, that you can apply to both real drums and programmed drums in your DAW!

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