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Digital Performer 10.1 Update Explained®

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  • Clips in Tracks 7:59

    Clips in Tracks

    Digital Performer can now use Clips in the Tracks window! See how you can now easily convert any Region to a Clip in the Tracks Window.

  • Memory Cycle & Auto Record Updates 4:16

    Memory Cycle & Auto Record Updates

    The Icons and Ruler View of the Memory Cycle and Auto Record functions have been updated. See how they now look and function.

  • Recording to Clips 4:25

    Recording to Clips

    Learn how you can now choose to record to Clips instead of Regions, and even record to Clips in the Clip Window.

  • Using the Clip Looping Tool 2:09

    Using the Clip Looping Tool

    Now in the Clips Window, watch how to easily loop Clips by dragging out the tail edge of a Clip, which can really help speed up your arranging.

  • The New Stems Export Bounce to Disk Options 5:42

    The New Stems Export Bounce to Disk Options

    Explore how you can now export out Stems of your project, which is helpful for when working with other musicians, composers, and producers.

  • Using the Retrospective MIDI Record 8:31

    Using the Retrospective MIDI Record

    Digital Performer is now always monitoring the incoming MIDI source, so you can use the new Retrospective MDI record to capture MIDI performances during playback and even when the playback is stopped.

  • MIDI Velocity Tool 4:23

    MIDI Velocity Tool

    There is now a new MIDI Velocity Tool that makes the editing and tweaking of MIDI Note Velocity much easier and faster. See how to use it now!

  • Using the Duplicate Command 1:47

    Using the Duplicate Command

    Learn this very simple command that will speed up your arranging and workflow.

  • Zooming Updates 2:24

    Zooming Updates

    There are updates to the zooming functionality in DP, and you can now use your mouse scroller and a modifier key to zoom around your project, or even use the pinch gesture functionality of your trackpad to apply the zooming functionality. Check it out!

  • Coloring Chunks 3:34

    Coloring Chunks

    With the unique Chunks feature in Digital Performer you can now assign each chunk sequence a different color, which makes it much easier to manage if you work a lot with Chunks.

  • Model12 Instrument Update 5:00

    Model12 Instrument Update

    Learn about the Model12 Instrument and its 23 new kits that were added to the Instrument in the DP update. Gary demonstrates the sounds of these new kits with the instrument so you have an idea of its capabilities.

Product Overview

DAW expert Gary Hiebner shows you everything you need to know about the new features and functions added to Digital Performer 10.1! These videos are designed for those already familiar with Digital Performer 10, and want to get up to speed with the new additions to version 10.1.

Gary welcomes you and starts with the powerful new "Clips in Tracks" feature which allows you to now easily convert any Region in Digital Performer to a Clip in the Tracks Window. This opens up a whole new workflow making arranging more creative and fun. Next, you'll discover the new icons and Ruler View for Memory Cycle and the Auto Record functions.

Moving on, Gary shows you more cool new stuff added in DP 10.1, like how to Record to Clips, using the Clip Looping Tool, and how to export Stems out from your project, which is helpful when working with other musicians, composers, and producers.

Throughout the rest of the videos you'll learn even more about new 10.1 features like using the MIDI Velocity Tool, the Duplicate Command, Zooming updates, Coloring Chunks and the 23 new drum kits added to the Model12 virtual instrument included with Digital Performer, and more.

To see what these detailed Digital Performer tutorials show you, and how they'll get you up to speed with the new features added to Digital Performer 10.1, see the individual Digital Performer tutorial descriptions on this page. Stay up to date with the latest version of Digital Performer... Watch "Digital Performer 10.1 Update Explained®" today.

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