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Digital Performer 10: Recording & Editing Audio Explained®

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20 Videos | Length: 1hr 55min 14sec
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  • Introduction & Audio Setup 4:46

    Introduction & Audio Setup

    In this video, Gary explains what will be covered in this series, and how to check your Audio Setup.

  • Using Bundles 3:07

    Using Bundles

    This video takes a look at how the Bundles work in creating software routing maps for the inputs and outputs to your audio device.

  • Adding Audio Tracks 4:01

    Adding Audio Tracks

    Here we show you how to add audio tracks to your project, set their inputs and how to create a Master Output track.

  • Setting Up Your Tempo & Click Track 4:28

    Setting Up Your Tempo & Click Track

    Here we look at how to set the project tempo, as well as how to setup and enable the Click track. Also we look at the Conductor track and how this uses the project tempo.

  • Importing Audio Tracks 4:33

    Importing Audio Tracks

    This video goes over how to import audio files as soundbites, and then how to add these soundbites to your audio tracks.

  • Recording to an Audio Track 6:57

    Recording to an Audio Track

    See how to record audio to audio tracks.

  • Navigating your Audio with the Transport Controls 8:12

    Navigating your Audio with the Transport Controls

    Now look at the Transport controls and how to use these to navigate your audio tracks and playback.

  • The Audio Editing Tools 8:18

    The Audio Editing Tools

    Discover the different audio editing tools available in the Toolbar, and how they can be used.

  • Shortcuts & Key Modifiers to Speed Up Your Workflow 4:38

    Shortcuts & Key Modifiers to Speed Up Your Workflow

    Explore the keyboard shortcuts you can use to improve and speed up your audio editing workflow.

  • Recording to Multiple Tracks 2:53

    Recording to Multiple Tracks

    Learn how you can setup your tracks so that you can record from multiple sources simultaneously, much like tracking a drummer.

  • Punch In Recording 2:52

    Punch In Recording

    This video goes over the setup for punch in recording, and how you can overdub a new region onto the current regions on your tracks.

  • Recording Takes on a Track 4:22

    Recording Takes on a Track

    Learn all about the Takes feature and how you can use it to record different takes of a performance.

  • Comping Your Takes 6:32

    Comping Your Takes

    The video expands on the last Takes video, and shows you how you can build up a composite track from all your newly recorded takes.

  • Editing Audio in the Waveform Editor 8:23

    Editing Audio in the Waveform Editor

    Here we explore what's available in the Waveform window, and how you can fine-tune and edit your audio within this window. Plus, we show you the different modes available in the Waveform window.

  • Using Beat Detection 4:14

    Using Beat Detection

    This video shows you how you can use the beat analysis feature to detect transients in your audio and how to view and edit these transients in the Waveform and Sequence window.

  • Time Stretching Your Audio 4:43

    Time Stretching Your Audio

    This video shows you how the Stretch Mode works, and how you can enable Stretch on your Audio regions to stretch audio regions with different tempos to the same tempo as the project tempo.

  • Quantizing Audio Regions 8:48

    Quantizing Audio Regions

    See how you can quantize your audio regions using the beat detection and Stretch mode features.

  • Audio Pitch Editing 9:12

    Audio Pitch Editing

    This video explores how you can use the Pitch mode, to pitch shift your audio, either as a way to improve the pitch of your audio, or as a creative measure to change up the pitch of your part.

  • Using Clips with Your Audio Regions 8:55

    Using Clips with Your Audio Regions

    Here we go over the Clips feature and how you can use it as either an improvisational live performance tool or an arrangement tool for your audio regions.

  • Exporting Out Your Audio 5:20

    Exporting Out Your Audio

    We finish off the series showing you how to export out the audio from your project and what to be conscious of when doing it.

Product Overview

Gary Hiebner brings you Digital Performer videos on recording and editing audio! Learn the important basics plus more advanced techniques so you'll be ready to record and edit anything that comes at you. These Digital Performer tutorials are for those just starting out with DP, as well as for more intermediate Digital Performer users.

Gary starts with videos on setting up your audio system, using Bundles when routing, and the different audio tracks available and how to create them. Next, you'll see how to set up your project tempo and create a click track so you can record in time, followed by how to import existing audio tracks into your project, and then record new tracks.

Throughout the rest of the Digital Performer video tutorials, you'll learn how to easily navigate through your tracks, use the different audio editing tools, keyboard shortcuts, recording to multiple tracks at once, punch-in recording, comping different takes into one perfect take, and using the waveform editor for surgical editing.

Gary continues on with even more videos covering topics such as using beat detection, time stretching your audio, quantizing your audio so it has a groovy feel, editing your audio track's pitch, using clips and much, much more.

To see what these Digital Performer tutorials show you and how they will help you get going fast when working with audio in DP10, see the individual Digital Performer tutorial descriptions on this page. If you're ready to start recording and editing audio in Digital Performer, this collection of Digital Performer videos are just for you... Start recording with Digital Performer, watch “Digital Performer 10: Recording & Editing Audio Explained®" today!

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