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Digital Performer 10: Mixing & Mastering Explained®

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    Introduction to Mixing in DP

    Gary welcomes you and explains what will be covered in this Digital Performer Mixing series.

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    Packing Your Tracks Into Folders

    We start off the series giving you some helpful organizational tips before you start mixing, including showing how to pack your tracks in folders.

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    Routing Your Tracks to Auxiliary Buses

    This video goes over how you can route your tracks to auxiliary buses, so you have master control over the track with the volume, processing, and mute functions.

  • image description 7:07

    Using Markers

    Here we go over how to create markers so you can more clearly see your arrangement in the song when mixing.

  • image description 5:17

    Exploring the Mixing Board Window

    Now take a look at the Mixing Board and navigate the different controls and options available.

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    Grouping Your Tracks

    In this video, Gary shows you how you can group similar tracks together for better management and workflow.

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    Using VCA Faders

    Another way to have master control over the levels of your tracks is by using VCA Faders. This video shows you how to use VCA faders when mixing in Digital Performer.

  • image description 10:11

    Using the Meters for Gain Structure

    Discover how you can use the Meter Bridge window to correctly gain structure your tracks before mixing.

  • image description 12:05

    Panning Your Tracks

    Here we go over how to place your tracks in the stereo field using Digital Performer's Pan controls.

  • image description 16:25

    Using EQ

    In this video, Gary goes over techniques to use when EQ-ing your tracks by placing them in their own area, in the frequency spectrum.

  • image description 10:00

    Using Dynamic Processing

    Here we go over how to use compressors to control the dynamics of your tracks and in the mix.

  • image description 9:23

    Using Dynamic EQ

    This video shows you how to use the Dynamic EQ and how this works as a compressor and EQ, all in one effect.

  • image description 8:45

    Bus Processing on Aux Tracks

    Explore how to use dynamic effects on a Aux track to apply bus processing across the tracks routed to the aux track.

  • image description 8:37

    Parallel & Sidechain Compression

    Learn all about Parallel and Sidechain Compression techniques in Digital Performer, and how to use them on your mix.

  • image description 10:37

    Using Send Effects

    Here we show you how to set up Send Effects, for example how to setup a reverb or delay send effect and use it across several tracks.

  • image description 15:19

    Adding Interest with Automation

    This video shows you how to enable and use automation in your mixes, and how it can create interest throughout the mix.

  • image description 6:51

    Using Mixer & Automation Snapshots

    Learn about a unique feature in Digital Performer called Mixer and Automation snapshots, and how they can help you hear different mix changes within your song.

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    How to Use 3rd Party Plug-Ins

    This video goes over how to setup and use 3rd party effects in your mix in Digital Performer.

  • image description 8:10

    Using V-Racks for Multiple Sequences

    Learn about the unique V-Racks feature in Digital Performer and how they can be used to house global tracks that can be routed to and from multiple sequences.

  • image description 7:24

    MIDI Controllers for External Control of Your Mix

    Discover how to setup your external MIDI controllers and how you can assign parameters to these controllers when mixing.

  • image description 11:24

    Mastering Effects on the Master Output Pt. 1

    This video shows you some stock effects you can use in Digital Performer to master your finished mixes.

  • image description 9:20

    Mastering Effects on the Master Output Pt. 2

    Gary continues showing stock effects you can use in Digital Performer to master your finished mixes.

  • image description 6:08

    Exporting Out Your Song

    Concluding the video series, see how to export out your finished mixed and mastered song for all the world to hear!

Product Overview

Gary Hiebner presents in-depth Digital Performer videos on mixing and mastering! Learn the first steps to take when getting ready to mix and master in Digital Performer, as well as more advanced workflows and tips & tricks. These Digital Performer tutorials are for those just starting out to mix and master with DP, as well as for more intermediate Digital Performer users.

Gary begins with what will be covered in this Digital Performer mixing and mastering series, and then jumps right in, showing you how to pack your tracks into folders for better viewing and management. Then you'll learn about routing in DP, using Markers, and exploring the mixing board window so you know where everything is and what the controls and features do.

Moving on, Gary shows you how to group your tracks for better navigation, using the meters for proper gain staging, and taking advantage of the VCA faders for easier control of multiple tracks. Next you'll learn all the mixing basics, such as using EQ, dynamic processing, dynamic EQ, and bus processing to get a more "glued" sound, including how to set up and use parallel & side chain processing.

Throughout the rest of the series you'll discover how to create and use send effects, add interest with automation and snapshots, utilize 3rd party plug-ins, harness the power of DP's V-Racks, use MIDI controllers for mixing, mastering effects to get a finished sound and much more!

To see what these Digital Performer tutorials teach you and how they'll enable you to mix and master your first song in DP10, see the individual Digital Performer tutorial descriptions on this page. If you're ready to start mixing and mastering in Digital Performer, this collection of Digital Performer videos are just for you. Mix and master your music with Digital Performer today... watch “Digital Performer 10: Mixing & Mastering Explained®"!

Tutorial Song Credit: Dirty White Fashion - Someday

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Digital Performer 10: Mixing & Mastering Explained® is rated 5.0 out of 5 by 3 .
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Well done Very good explain with good moving mouse on Macintosh...
Date published: 2020-12-10
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Great Class for Understanding What is Possible with DP10 This course will save me a ton of time and help my mastering skills improve dramatically. DP is so versatile, it will take you much longer to learn things on your own. I've been using DP for years and now that I've upgraded to DP10, I got tired of trying things and not getting the results I wanted, Gary does a great job explaining concepts and tools and lets you hear the differences. Great course - Highly recommend it.
Date published: 2020-01-01
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Very Good Overview of the DP Process FLow This course provides a very good overview of the workflow in DP, with extra attention to some of the special DP features that help you create a good finished product. There are a couple of features that are new to DP version 10 that are covered. Highly recommended
Date published: 2019-11-10
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