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Delay Tutorial

Delay Explained®

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11 Videos | Length: 1hr 40min 37sec
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  • The History of Delay 10:01

    The History of Delay

    In this video, take a trip back to the origins of 'delay' as an effect and the technologies that led us to where we are today.

  • Automatic Double Tracking (ADT Delay) 10:17

    Automatic Double Tracking (ADT Delay)

    Automatic Double Tracking or ADT delay was created to offer an easier solution for artists rather than actually doubling their parts. The effect is a bit different but you will explore how to create this effect in DAW.

  • Chorus Delay 10:42

    Chorus Delay

    In this tutorial Kenny adds some modulation to delay which starts to create lush sounding effects like chorus which do wonders for instruments like clean guitars and even vocals.

  • Flange Delay 7:06

    Flange Delay

    Continuing with modulation, explore the special effect that is known as Flange. While it’s very common effect, creating it faithfully in a DAW can be a bit tricky. Let Kenny show you how.

  • Rhythmic Delays 8:26

    Rhythmic Delays

    Over the years, artists have explored delays as their own instrument in creating rhythmic patterns that alter the performance drastically and take on a life of their own. You will see some key examples of this technique in this video.

  • Slapback Echo 6:07

    Slapback Echo

    Slapback Echo became one of the most common effects after the introduction of magnetic tape recording. It was popularized by rockabilly artists and used extensively by artists at Sun Studios. We describe this unique technique and show how to mimic it in the DAW.

  • Musically Timed Delay 8:32

    Musically Timed Delay

    In this video, Kenny explores using timed delays which match song tempos. You will also learn about Ping Pong Delay and how to Automate your delay sends to create customized options.

  • Dynamic Delays 9:44

    Dynamic Delays

    Watch as Kenny creates an automatic way of using delay in just those moments where the signal is not present. Therefore, making room for the delays automatically in just the spaces.

  • Filtered & Distorted Delays 12:27

    Filtered & Distorted Delays

    By adding other plugins and FX, you can create an infinite amount of options in changing and sculpting the sound of our delays and how they react to EQ, Compression and Distortion/Saturation. Kenny also covers Panning FX.

  • Third Party Delay Plug-Ins 10:56

    Third Party Delay Plug-Ins

    In this video Kenny runs through some of the better third party delay FX that are on the market and how they can add to your delay repertoire.

  • Putting it all Together 6:19

    Putting it all Together

    In this tutorial Kenny returns to many of the earlier FX and show how well they can all work together to create a custom finished sound.

Product Overview

The Delay effect is one of the oldest effects to be used on recordings, and there are many different types and ways to apply it. Multi-Platinum mixer / producer extraordinaire Kenny Gioia returns with a "must have" series for anyone recording, mixing, engineering or producing music. See how delay can be used to make tracks bigger, wider and just cooler! Learn the important fundamentals and advanced techniques of delay, and you'll find yourself using delay smarter and more creatively.

Kenny starts off with a tutorial on the history of Delay, so you know exactly what it is and where it originated from. Next, he gets into "Automatic Double Tracking" (ADT), then "Chorus Delay", "Flange Delay" and "Rhythmic Delay" to create delay lines that take on a life of their own. Kenny then studies the famous "Slapback Delay" sound and shows you how to dial it in just right.

Moving on, Kenny reveals ways to setup and automate "Musically Timed Delay", as well as make "Dynamic Delays" that fill only empty spaces! "Filtered and Distorted Delays" are next on the list, and Kenny demonstrates awesome ways to sculpt your delayed sound, as well as pan them interestingly. Wrapping up the series, Kenny goes over a boatload of "3rd Party Delay Plug-ins", discussing their strengths, and then finishes the series with a tutorial on "Putting It All Together" on a track.

If you record, mix, engineer or produce music, Delay is definitely a "go to first" effect. Hang out with Kenny as he shows you the ins and outs of Delay and how to apply it to your tracks. Your music will be worth repeating!

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