Production Tutorial

Deconstructing Future House

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10 Videos | Length: 59min 59sec
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  • Introduction 2:52


    Tim goes through what you’ll be learning in this course.

  • Drums Pt. 1 12:47

    Drums Pt. 1

    You’ll get to hear the drums with and without effects, with each one solo’d as well as played within the group.

  • Drums Pt. 2 9:54

    Drums Pt. 2

    Now it’s time to take a look at how the side chain system is set up, and how it is used on some of the drum sounds.

  • Lead Sound: Low End 3:45

    Lead Sound: Low End

    We start with the low end FM sound in this video and go over the subtle effects that make it work.

  • Lead Sound: Top End 4:59

    Lead Sound: Top End

    Tim goes over the effects used in Alchemy, as well as the insert effects that make up the sound of the main Lead’s top end sound.

  • Lead Sound: Chords 5:19

    Lead Sound: Chords

    MIDI effects can be the major factor in sculpting your sound, not all mixing is audio!

  • Noise 3:52


    In this video you’ll learn how to tailor some subtle white noise builds using compression, delays, filters and EQs to smooth out your transitions.

  • FX Pt. 1 4:41

    FX Pt. 1

    Tim takes some space invader type sounds and tames them to slot nicely into the track.

  • FX Pt. 2 4:11

    FX Pt. 2

    Tim demonstrates using EQ, reverb, panning, and finally he creates a “bass bomb” sound with Alchemy.

  • Master Effects 7:39

    Master Effects

    In this video we take a look at some of the master bus plugins that were used for the final version of the track.

Product Overview

In this music production tutorial series hit dance music producer Timothy Allan deconstructs a Future House track, showing you exactly how every element of a Future House song contributes to the final result. Shown in Logic Pro X, but applicable to any DAW, you’ll learn how to make Future House music and what it takes to get amazing results.

After introducing the track that he’ll be deconstructing, Timothy begins with exploring what makes Future House drum tracks work. He shows you how each drum is built up with effects, and how to get the balance between effects and volume, and how best to use a sidechain compressor with drums. Tim then analyses the track’s lead sound, breaking it into its three component elements and shows you how to use effects, both audio and MIDI, to add to the tonal quality of the whole. That leads into a demonstration of how white noise builds can smooth out your transitions.

The final three videos cover using effects to tie elements together, blend the entire song, pan everything around, and make sure the final sound is exactly as pumping as it should be!

Whether you’re new to mixing Future House, or you’re a seasoned Future House producer on the hunt for new mix tips, don’t miss “Deconstructing Future House!”

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