Hal Leonard Tutorial

Danny Gatton – Telemaster!

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16 Videos | Length: 1hr 22min 14sec
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    Introduction & Tuning

    Dsnny Gatton welcomes you to the course and shows his guitarts tunin.

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    Harmonics (examples 1-2)

    In this video, Danny shows a couple different way to play harmonics.

  • image description 3:43

    Volume and Tone Pots (examples 3-4)

    Danny demonstarates how to use the volume and tone pots while playing to get interesting sounds.

  • image description 9:58

    "Sugarfoot Rag" (examples 5-9)

    Danny plays the song "Sugarfoot Rag."

  • image description 5:28

    Playing Outside (examples 10-16)

    In this video explains how playing the "wrong key" can get you very cool results.

  • image description 2:31

    Pick and Fingers Technique (example 17)

    Danny shares his techniques for using the pick and fingers at the same time with your right hand.

  • image description 2:11

    Les Paul Trills (examples 18-21)

    In this video, Danny shows how to play the famous "Les Paul Trills."

  • image description 10:01

    Rockabilly (examples 22-27)

    In this video, Danny gets down on the Rockabilly style.

  • image description 2:29

    "Farewell Blues" Performance

    Danny performs the song "Farewell Blues."

  • image description 3:17

    Echo Effects

    Danny introduces some echo effects to his sound.

  • image description 11:20

    B3 Organ Style (examples 28-36)

    In this video, Danny gets into B3 Organ, Backup Style.

  • image description 3:15

    Slide (example 37)

    Danny demonstrates some slide style.

  • image description 2:11

    Wes Montgomery Style (examples 38-39)

    In this video, Danny shows some examples of Wes Montgomery Style octaves.

  • image description 2:31

    Jazz Chords (examples 40-43)

    In this video, Danny shows some Jazz chords.

  • image description 7:57

    "Secret Love" Performance (examples 44-46)

    Danny Performs the song "Secret Love."

  • image description 6:09


    Danny wraps up the course.

Product Overview

In this Hal Leonard video tutorial series, take a lesson with blistering country guitar star Danny Gatton. Gary teaches you an endless array of topics, such as harmonic techniques, volume and tone control usage for pedal steel effects, B3 organ effects, jazz chord and mode juxtapositions and substitutions, new blues progressions, jazz/country styles, pick-and-finger independence, and more!

He also his banjo-style “rolls,” Scotty Moore and Cliff Gallup styles, rockabilly and echo effects, Les Paul style trills and harmonies, Wes Montgomery and Kenny Burrell styles, as well as slide guitar and right-hand damping.

Step up your guitar playing today!

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