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Chapter 1 : Introduction

  • Introduction 2:36


    Michael gives an overview of DSP Quattro, outlining the amazing breadth of features the application provides.

  • Basic Interface 9:02

    Basic Interface

    We begin with a tour around the interface.

Chapter 2 : Editing

  • Basic Editing Pt. 1 7:01

    Basic Editing Pt. 1

    Our editing journey starts with some simple workflows.

  • Basic Editing Pt. 2 2:49

    Basic Editing Pt. 2

    Expand the editing with a look at insert and replace methods.

  • Cut Editor Pt. 1 7:35

    Cut Editor Pt. 1

    We dig into some more advanced editing functions and the Cut Editor provides just that facility.

  • Cut Editor Pt. 2 3:00

    Cut Editor Pt. 2

    Learn how insert and replace further enhance the power of the Cut Editor.

  • Markers & Regions Pt. 1 7:32

    Markers & Regions Pt. 1

    See how adding markers to our tracks assists navigation as well as provides points to create new files.

  • Markers & Regions Pt. 2 4:56

    Markers & Regions Pt. 2

    A deeper look into regions and how we can manipulate them within a file.

  • Undo History 2:51

    Undo History

    Learn how to exploit DSP Quattro’s unlimited undo buffer: the ideal insurance policy while you’re editing.

  • EFFX 9:49


    The effects features of the application are demonstrated using native effects, and AU and VST plugins from third parties.

  • EFFX Sends 4:50

    EFFX Sends

    Learn how to create a send and return style effects loop using the insert effects.

  • Import L & R 2:12

    Import L & R

    One of the many great features in DSP Quattro is the ability to import multi-mono files and have them appear as interleaved stereo.

  • Import RAW Data 4:21

    Import RAW Data

    Rescue your headless SDII or sd2 files that will no longer open.

  • Mix 3:33


    DSP Quattro has a clever mix implementation for blending an open file with the contents of the clipboard.

  • Silence 3:22


    Explore the options when dealing with the silence commands.

  • Repeat & Append 6:13

    Repeat & Append

    See the ways you can re-use a portion of audio over time.

  • Trimming 1:46


    Discover how the trim command is often the best way to retain what you want and easily dispose of what you don’t want.

Chapter 3 : Audio File Processing

  • Plug-in Chain & Render FX 6:38

    Plug-in Chain & Render FX

    See how to use plug-ins and write their effect directly to your file.

  • Digital Effects & Filters 2:45

    Digital Effects & Filters

    Similar to render FX, use DSP Quattro’s custom FX to destructively imprint onto your file.

  • More Audio File Processes 3:51

    More Audio File Processes

    Explore the Remove DC, Invert, Reverse & Swap L/R functions.

  • Normalize & Gain 5:06

    Normalize & Gain

    Learn how to use these gain modifying controls to safely bring your tracks to the desired volume level.

  • Fades 5:58


    How to use the very customizable fade editor window as well as one touch fade in and outs.

  • Loops & Loop Editor 11:09

    Loops & Loop Editor

    DSP Quattro features a detailed loop editor for getting those single samples looped perfectly before deploying them.

  • Detect BPM 4:14

    Detect BPM

    Discover how to calculate tempo based on our in and out points.

  • SRC & Time + Pitch 6:39

    SRC & Time + Pitch

    A very high quality sample rate converter is included that has the unique ability of outputting to non-standard sample rates if desired.

  • Declick & Repair 9:15

    Declick & Repair

    A further utility built into the application can remove your clicks and pops from vinyl records or digital artifacts.

Chapter 4 : Audio CD

  • Audio CD Pt. 1 8:55

    Audio CD Pt. 1

    Start delving into laying out your audio CD by importing songs and regions.

  • Audio CD Pt. 2 3:40

    Audio CD Pt. 2

    Learn how to adjust the spacing between tracks to customize your playlist.

  • Audio CD Pt. 3 3:21

    Audio CD Pt. 3

    You can take one single song or track and break it into multiple tracks within your CD by adding CD markers.

  • Audio CD Pt. 4 6:30

    Audio CD Pt. 4

    Our first look at the numerous buttons under the various windows in the audio CD layout.

  • Audio CD Pt. 5 4:01

    Audio CD Pt. 5

    Learn to use the Waveform button in the audio CD layout tool.

  • Audio CD Pt. 6 3:36

    Audio CD Pt. 6

    How to output your CD.

  • Audio CD Pt. 7 14:22

    Audio CD Pt. 7

    Learn how you can use the audio CD layout option as a full mastering solution.

  • Batch Processor 13:02

    Batch Processor

    Take a huge number of files and alter their attributes and process them all in one swoop.

  • Aux Channels & Master 4:23

    Aux Channels & Master

    The four available Aux channels can take our stereo mix bus and give us a small format mixing experience.

  • Virtual Instrument Player 4:17

    Virtual Instrument Player

    DSP Quattro can host your software instruments.

  • Audio Input 4:15

    Audio Input

    Discover how you can monitor your incoming audio and even process it on the fly.

  • Input Recorder 9:33

    Input Recorder

    Much more than just an editor, DSP Quattro is also a full featured stereo recording platform.

  • Master Recorder 1:36

    Master Recorder

    Slightly different to the input recorder, the master recorder records the output of all generators at once.

  • MIDI SDS 2:08


    Using this standard, you can connect DSP Quattro to external samplers.

Chapter 5 : Preferences

  • Key Commands 1:13

    Key Commands

    You can re-assign existing key commands to new ones or add key commands for those commands that have none.

  • Prefs: General Pt. 1 8:03

    Prefs: General Pt. 1

    Learn about the first preference tabs.

  • Prefs: General Pt. 2 5:28

    Prefs: General Pt. 2

    Explore the second preference tabs.

  • Prefs: Editor 8:27

    Prefs: Editor

    This video covers preferences related to the editing process.

  • Prefs: Network, Plug-ins & Audio 3:49

    Prefs: Network, Plug-ins & Audio

    A brief look over the final group of preferences relating to communication with external samplers, plugin setup and audio I/O.

Product Overview

DSP Quattro offers a unique way to process and edit audio and build CDs. In this comprehensive video tutorial series, studio expert Michael Costa unlocks the secrets of DSP Quattro and gets you running with this powerful studio tool.

Michael starts by focusing on basic editing and the Cut Editor. That leads to a discussion of Markers and Regions, and how to use them to navigate and create files. Next, he shows you how to use DSP Quattro as a sound design tool, then wraps up the editing and processing section by covering importing audio, the Repeat and Append tools, trimming, and mixing.

Michael now examines DSP Quattro’s audio file tools, exploring the Plugin Chain and Render FX features, then the digital effects and filters. Videos on built-in DSP Quattro tools such as the Loop Editor, sample rate converter, time and pitch converter, noise reduction, and file processes round out the audio file tools section.

Moving on, Michael teaches you how to use DSP Quattro to create an audio CD, including laying out individual tracks, breaking a song into multiple tracks, processing and outputting your finished CD, batch processing and more!

DSP Quattro offers powerful recording and playing functions as well, and Michael discusses using the Aux Channels and Master section, along with hosting virtual instruments. He then reveals how to use DSP Quattro to record all your external inputs, or the outputs of all of DSP Quattro’s generators.

How to connect DSP Quattro to external samplers is also demonstrated, and finally, Michael explains all of the preferences and preference tabs available in DSP Quattro.

If you’re new to DSP Quattro or an existing user ready to learn more advanced techniques, watch “DSP Quattro Explained” today!

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