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DJing with Ableton Live

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  • Role of a DJ 1:32

    Role of a DJ

    This video explains what a DJ is and helps you understand the gear that is used in the DJ industry.

  • Dragging Audio From An Outside Source 4:12

    Dragging Audio From An Outside Source

    This video focuses on the quick and easy ways to bring music into Ableton for DJing.

  • Accessing Music Within the Live Browser 1:40

    Accessing Music Within the Live Browser

    In this video, Josh shows you how to navigate and bring music into Live from the browser, never having to leave the DAW or open any other windows.

  • Playing the Music 3:10

    Playing the Music

    This video shows you how to play music inside Ableton and how to understand the different ways Ableton plays back.

  • Managing Your Music 4:16

    Managing Your Music

    Josh shows us common and efficient ways to manage and access your music and shares some personal organization styles that will help you stay comfortable and confident in the booth.

  • Managing Your Music In The Ableton Live Browser 1:51

    Managing Your Music In The Ableton Live Browser

    This video shows you how to manage and search for music through the Ableton browser keeping things quick and accessible inside the DAW.

  • Warping Full Songs 6:50

    Warping Full Songs

    This video covers one of the most essential parts of Ableton Djing, Warping. This allows you to speed up and slow down your music without changing your pitch.

  • Warp From Here Options 5:59

    Warp From Here Options

    Josh talks about the Warp From Here option which can quickly get your track sounding on time with your project tempo and metronome.

  • Warp Markers 3:28

    Warp Markers

    This video explains Warp Markers and helps you understand how they work and effect your tracks timing and alignment.

  • Warp Modes 3:40

    Warp Modes

    Josh explains the main Warp Modes that are used for DJing, which are Beats, Complex, and Re-Pitch, but this video also goes over the other Modes available like Complex Pro, Tones, and Re-Pitch.

  • Saving Clip Info 2:13

    Saving Clip Info

    This video shows you how to have Ableton save all of your warping information so if you ever re-drag the track that you already warped out, it will automatically maintain it's warp markers and same information that's save within the clip.

  • Creating Cue Points with Audio Clips 12:34

    Creating Cue Points with Audio Clips

    Josh explains how to create cue points with your Ableton Clips. This allows you to make multiple clips of the same song giving you the ability to launch different sections easily during a live performance.

  • Saving Audio Clip Cue Points 2:28

    Saving Audio Clip Cue Points

    In this video, Josh shows you how to save all of your Cue Point Clips and save them into Abletons Browser for easily navigation and locating for future performances.

  • Deck A & Deck B 4:10

    Deck A & Deck B

    In this video, Josh helps us understand how the Deck A and Deck B works within Ableton. This video also shows you how to go between both decks with the crossfader, and how this can make DJing more familiar to the traditional CD-J or Vinyl DJ.

  • Beat Matching Warped & Un-Warped Songs 4:43

    Beat Matching Warped & Un-Warped Songs

    Josh explains how to beat match un-warped songs which avoids the need to go through any warping processes and remains unlinked to the Abletons quantization grid.

  • Connecting an Audio Interface 3:30

    Connecting an Audio Interface

    This video shows you how to how to connect an audio interface to Ableton Live for DJing. This covers using multiple outputs for the booth monitor, headphones, etc...

  • Headphone Cueing 4:46

    Headphone Cueing

    This video shows you how to use headphone cueing within Ableton Live, and how properly setting up your headphone IO to properly hear what you want to during a live performance.

Product Overview

In this Hal Leonard Music Pro Guide, pro DJ Josh Bess explains how to DJ a set with Ableton Live software!

Josh begins by welcoming you and then introduces you to Ableton Live, along with many essential features to incorporate into a live DJ set. Then it's all about how to Import Audio, set up Beat Matching, Headphone Cueing, and more. Josh then provides Tips and Tricks to Creating a Solid Dj set with ideas focusing on Music Organization, Labeling, and File Saving.

If you're new to DJing or want more info on using Ableton Live when DJing, this video series will get you you started, with an end result of understanding how to smoothly navigate through Ableton Live, and mix multiple tracks together at a clean and professional level... Watch "DJing with Ableton Live" today!

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