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  • Introduction 2:19


    Welcome to Cubase Pro 8 Explained! In this series you will learn how to operate one of the most powerful DAW's available on the market today. We'll learn to build a project together from scratch while discovering all of the different capabilities that are available.

  • Installation & Authorization 5:15

    Installation & Authorization

    Learn how to install Cubase Pro 8 on your computer and authorize using the included USB e-licenser and Control Center software.

  • First Launch: Hardware Setup 8:34

    First Launch: Hardware Setup

    We'll launch Cubase for the first time and learn how to set up and configure our audio and MIDI hardware for use with Cubase. We'll also take a brief look at the Steinberg Hub.

  • Software Setup 9:20

    Software Setup

    Discover the array of different preferences and key commands that are available for use. We'll change a few preferences to enhance our workflow, and learn how to set up and customize key commands.

  • Project Setup & File Management 9:52

    Project Setup & File Management

    Lets explore file management in Cubase. Learn how project files interact with audio files and how to properly keep track of your sessions. We'll discuss how to properly create new projects and create templates. We'll set up our first project in the project setup window.

  • VST Connections 7:43

    VST Connections

    In this video we'll learn the VST Connections window. Discover how we integrate our audio hardware inputs and outputs with Cubase.

  • Control Room Pt. 1 6:10

    Control Room Pt. 1

    Only available to Cubase Pro users, Control Room is a great way to use the built in ports on your hardware interface. You can do things like set up speaker switching, create cue mixes or headphone mixes for other people in the studio, which is exactly what we'll learn how to do in this video.

  • Control Room Pt. 2 11:23

    Control Room Pt. 2

    After setting up some busses and sends, we go deeper and check out the Meter and the Control Room Mixer. We also learn how to customize and adjust the Control Room to fully optimize your recording flow.

  • Interface Overview 11:05

    Interface Overview

    Where we'll explore the Cubase user interface and learn how to navigate through several of its core components.

  • Window Management & Workspaces 11:58

    Window Management & Workspaces

    Simplify your workflow by taking advantage of the new window management system introduced in Cubase Pro 8. Learn how to customize your environment by using Workspaces for easy navigation.

  • Adding Tracks & Track Basics 8:13

    Adding Tracks & Track Basics

    Learn how to add tracks and see the basics of track handling.

  • Customizing Tracks 8:00

    Customizing Tracks

    Keep tracks organized by using track colors and track pictures. These features will certainly help us out when navigating our project.

  • Track Controls Settings 5:46

    Track Controls Settings

    Take a more in depth look at track customization by learning all about the track controls settings dialogue window.

  • Track Folding 6:39

    Track Folding

    Discover the unique concept of track folding and explore how track layers and folder tracks keep us organized.

  • Audio Tracks 11:52

    Audio Tracks

    Check out all of the different features available on Audio tracks, and get an in depth overview of audio signal flow in Cubase.

  • Group Tracks 10:14

    Group Tracks

    Group tracks let us create submixes and stem mixes. See how its done!

  • FX Tracks 10:25

    FX Tracks

    Get your feet wet with FX and FX tracks. Learn how we use FX tracks to create parallel FX and discover how we can use them to conserve CPU resources.

  • Recording 9:21


    Lets set up a track for recording, and take a closer look at some of the different recording modes available.

  • Object Handling 8:25

    Object Handling

    Learn about object handling and how you can use these concepts to edit your project. We'll also take a brief look at the audio and MIDI specific editors.

  • Media Management 11:02

    Media Management

    Get control of your project media by understanding the basics of the Pool window and Mediabay.

  • Mix Console & Export 11:08

    Mix Console & Export

    Take a tour of the MixConsole window by learning how to customize it. We'll check out Racks, Zones, and Visibility options. We'll also learn how to export our project audio and create a mixdown.

Product Overview

Cubase master Dave Askew gives you a series dedicated to one of the most popular and powerful DAWs available today. This series is great for both beginners and intermediate users, offering cool insights, as well as practical information that will get you up and running fast.

Dave first welcomes you and then covers the basics of Installation, Hardware and Software Setup. Once you have your system running, you'll dive into Project Setup, File Management, and VST Connections.

Moving on, Dave takes you on a tour of the Cubase Pro 8 Interface, and explores Window Management and Workspaces. Once you're familiar with the Interface, he shows you How to Add and Customize Tracks, Track Basics, Controls, and Operation, as well as all the different Types of Tracks.

Next up is Recording. Dave explains preparing to Record, Recording, and Object Handling once your project is recorded. That leads into a discussion of Media Management, the Mix Console, and how to Export Your Finished Song.

If you're new to Cubase Pro 8 or an experienced user looking to get more out of it, watch "Cubase Pro 8 Explained" today!

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