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Cubase Pro 8 Advanced

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18 Videos | Length: 1hr 58min 18sec
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  • Introduction 1:58


    Welcome to Cubase Pro 8 Advanced! Here we'll take a look at some new ideas on software setup to enhance workflow. We'll also take a look at the sample editor and view more specific features that are included.

  • Workflow Concepts 4:35

    Workflow Concepts

    Speed up, work quickly, work creatively. Learn how to think different about the Cubase environment when adopting workflow concepts.

  • VST Control Room Pt. 1 5:40

    VST Control Room Pt. 1

    Forget using expensive monitoring hardware. Use your own audio interface to take control of all of your monitor management, headphone cueing, and external monitoring.

  • VST Control Room Pt. 2 10:48

    VST Control Room Pt. 2

    Lets continue by learning about the Control Room mixer.

  • Dynamics Mapping 6:28

    Dynamics Mapping

    Learn about Cubase's dynamics mapping features.

  • VST Expression Maps Pt. 1 4:30

    VST Expression Maps Pt. 1

    MIDI articulation made easy. Watch how we integrate expression maps into a MIDI performance.

  • VST Expression Maps Pt. 2 8:59

    VST Expression Maps Pt. 2

    Learn all about how to create an expression map from scratch.

  • VST Note Expression 9:46

    VST Note Expression

    Learn a new way of programming MIDI controller data by using Note Expression, then converting it to controller lanes.

  • Drum Editor 7:02

    Drum Editor

    Create a drum map from scratch, and learn how we can use drum maps to convert MIDI drum data on the fly.

  • Score Editor 9:31

    Score Editor

    Lets explore the score editor and take a look at some of the advanced setup features.

  • Advanced Quantization Techniques 6:30

    Advanced Quantization Techniques

    Discover more flexible ways to quantize your audio and MIDI by learning about advanced quantizing settings.

  • Advanced Tempo Functions 6:33

    Advanced Tempo Functions

    Setup your time signatures and tempo like a pro. Discover tempo detection, using warp girds, process dialogues, and give your click the proper feel with the metronome count base.

  • Macros 6:00


    Perform multiple tasks at once at the touch of a key by learning all about Macros.

  • Logical Editor 9:03

    Logical Editor

    Learn how we can use boolean and conditional statements to take the time out of performing repetitive tasks.

  • Arranger Track 4:19

    Arranger Track

    Compose arrangements on the fly by learning all about the arranger track.

  • Track Versions 5:59

    Track Versions

    Check out how easy it is to insert a new version of a track without cluttering up your project.

  • Pool Libraries 4:19

    Pool Libraries

    Using the Pool to create sample library collections that can be called up at anytime. A must have for the sound designer.

  • File Management Expanded 6:18

    File Management Expanded

    Look more into file management. Take a look at the cleanup feature and look at how Cubase can intelligently scan your media drive and remove unused or unlinked media.

Product Overview

In this in-depth tutorial series, Cubase guru Dave Askew reveals his most complete advanced lessons ever! Learn how to master some of the more complex, powerful, and creative features Cubase Pro 8 has to offer!

Dave begins with some tips on software setup to enhance workflow. After covering workflow concepts, he goes into discussing the VST Control Room, and its amazingly flexible routing possibilities, as well as how to use it for Monitor Management.

The next videos show you how to get creative with Dynamics and Expression, with one video on Dynamics Mapping and two on VST Expression Maps, which let you get the most out of Cubase’s MIDI Articulation features. Dave follows that up with a video on Note Expression, rounding out this section of tutorial videos.

Dave now spends a video demonstrating how to Create a Drum Map from scratch, and how to use the Advanced Score Editor features. He then explores advanced Quantization and Tempo Functions. Dave now explores one of Cubase’s least understood editors, the Logical Editor. See how you can create arrangements on the fly with the Arranger Track.

Lastly, Dave finishes up the series with video tutorials on Project Management, explaining how to insert new versions of tracks with Track Versions, then using Pool Libraries to create Sample Collections, and finally a deep dive into File Management.

If you’re looking to raise your game using Cubase Pro 8 watch “Cubase Pro 8 Advanced” today!

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