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Cubase 7 Tips & Tricks - Vol 2

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21 Videos | Length: 3hr 1min 35sec
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  • Matching EQ Curves 11:43

    Matching EQ Curves

    By using Voxengo CurveEQ, you'll see how to match commercial recordings with your own to facilitate more professional sounding mixes.

  • Drum & Vocal EQ 11:41

    Drum & Vocal EQ

    During this tutorial, you'll continue using Voxengo CurveEQ to closely emulate the EQ of individual commercial tracks - such as Vocals and Drums - to provide sonic distance between them.

  • Drum Hit Points & Quantizing 12:09

    Drum Hit Points & Quantizing

    See how to set up quantizing for drum audio tracks to create a tighter performance without losing the feel.

  • Using MIDI Grooves with Audio 8:14

    Using MIDI Grooves with Audio

    By extracting the timing from an audio file Hi-Hat pattern, discover how to use its fluid timing and impose it onto more static sounding kick and snare audio files.

  • Slice & Tempo Match Drums 12:00

    Slice & Tempo Match Drums

    Learn how cutting a stereo drum file into individual slices can be used to elastically adjust the loop to a different audio file with a different tempo.

  • Drum Replacement 7:07

    Drum Replacement

    Here, we'll look at replacing drums from one audio performance with drums from another, using third party plug-ins and MIDI files taken from the timing of an audio file. Drum replacement and reinforcement is also covered.

  • Locking & Layering Loops 9:13

    Locking & Layering Loops

    By tightening the timing between two distinct loops, we'll discover how to lock the inevitable timing discrepancy between them so that they play together and groove.

  • Reinventing the Beat 6:26

    Reinventing the Beat

    Here, you'll discover how to use Cubase 'Beat Designer' to trigger rearranged sliced ranges from one audio file and create a new beat.

  • Live Tempo Detection 8:09

    Live Tempo Detection

    By matching the fluctuating tempo of one performance, learn how to tempo detect a live recording and use the resulting hit points to create a tempo map.

  • Group Editing Drums Pt. 1 9:28

    Group Editing Drums Pt. 1

    In this first tutorial of two, see how to edit multiple drums simultaneously using group editing.

  • Group Editing Drums Pt. 2 8:24

    Group Editing Drums Pt. 2

    Continue your exploration on how to edit multiple drums simultaneously using group editing.

  • Group Editing Backing Vocals 10:50

    Group Editing Backing Vocals

    Expanding on the knowledge gained from the previous pair of tutorials focused on group editing, see how to use those skills on backing vocals to make quick adjustments for cleaner and crisper timing.

  • Lush & Tight Backing Vocals 7:04

    Lush & Tight Backing Vocals

    Cleaning up headphone bleed from a vocal performance for a lusher and tighter sound is explored here.

  • Creative Delay Effects 8:11

    Creative Delay Effects

    See how to use delay ideas and effects to be more creative with your productions.

  • Further Delay Effects 5:11

    Further Delay Effects

    Learn the procedure of how to add delay effects in sync with the project tempo to create echoes that blend into the mix more transparently.

  • Saving Plug-In Presets 6:38

    Saving Plug-In Presets

    Learn how to use effect presets for convenience and ease within a project and across to other projects.

  • Correcting Multi-Mic Phase Issues 10:12

    Correcting Multi-Mic Phase Issues

    Explore how to fix the inevitable phase issues in recordings that are sometimes made with multiple microphones.

  • Creative Automation 8:15

    Creative Automation

    Learn how to use automation more creatively to enhance centrally positioned audio.

  • Recording & Printing Effects 4:41

    Recording & Printing Effects

    Discover a quick but effective method of recording to file and 'print' an effect.

  • Headphone Cue Channels 7:43

    Headphone Cue Channels

    See how to set up multiple headphone mixes to give performers an individual mix.

  • Singing Bass Lines 8:16

    Singing Bass Lines

    By using audio to MIDI conversion, learn how to 'sing' a bass line.

Product Overview

Cubase 7 Tips & Tricks Volume 2 is unleashed! Mark Struthers is back by popular demand, this time focusing on production, editing and mixing tips and tricks in the almighty Cubase 7. Watch and learn incredibly helpful techniques that will give you a "power up" when working in Cubase 7.

Mark starts with fantastic tutorials on Matching EQ curves, Drum and Vocal EQ, Drum Hit Quantizing, using MIDI grooves on audio tracks, Slice and Tempo Match Drums, Drum Replacement, and how to Lock and Layer Loops in Cubase 7.

Next, Mark shows you ideas on Reinventing a Beat, Live Tempo Detection, Group Editing Multi-Tracked Drums and Background Vocals, and creating Lush, Tight Backing Vocals.

Effects are looked at, including Creative Delay Effects, Sync Delay Effects and Recording and Printing Effects. Mark then gives you some utility and corrective ideas with Saving Plug-In Presets, Correcting Multi-Mic Phase Issues, Creative Automation, Individual Headphone Mixes, and Singing Bass Lines via Cubase 7's Audio to MIDI conversion feature.

If Cubase 7 is your DAW, this series is a must have. These tutorials will inspire you to do more in Cubase 7, while making it easier and more productive then ever before... Get "Cubase 7 Tips & Tricks Vol 2" today.

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