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Cubase 7 Tips & Tricks - Vol 1

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22 Videos | Length: 2hr 36min 46sec
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  • Introduction 7:55


    Here you'll be introduced to the course and Cubase 7 with some tips on using the Steinberg Hub and how to access Steinberg help, extra guides and latest news.

  • Creating User Templates 9:07

    Creating User Templates

    During this tutorial, you'll see the benefits of working with user defined templates to facilitate quicker project creation.

  • Project Format Defaults 9:22

    Project Format Defaults

    See how to set up format defaults to generate cross project settings that allow use across all your Cubase 7 songs.

  • GUI & Overview Pane 6:40

    GUI & Overview Pane

    Quickly see where functions and parameters are situated in the new Cubase 7 user interface by using the 'Project Set Up' dialogue.

  • Edit Channel Settings 10:17

    Edit Channel Settings

    Establish how to edit channel settings with the redesigned Cubase 7 channel settings panel and its multi-tabbed UI.

  • Always on Top 6:04

    Always on Top

    Here, we'll help address the issue of combatting the problem of some Cubase 7 panels becoming hidden behind other panels while a project is in process.

  • Workspaces 6:58


    In this tutorial, you'll see how using Workspaces during a project helps to emulate the 'Always on Top' function for panels that don't have that function built in.

  • Using Track Images 5:08

    Using Track Images

    You'll discover here how to integrate track images on your tracks in the main view and in the Mix Console to help identify the type of track selected. Factory and user generated images are shown.

  • Customizing the Inspector 7:51

    Customizing the Inspector

    During this tutorial, you'll see methods of streamlining or adapting the 'Inspector' to make it work best for you over different types of projects.

  • Track Options 6:29

    Track Options

    Every type of track contains its own set of buttons and functions. See here how to customize the track display by using the 'Wrap Controls' function in combination with the 'Track Controls Settings' dialogue.

  • Using Chord Track 6:27

    Using Chord Track

    This tutorial will show you the new 'Chord Track' function to assist the user in composing chord sequences for a song.

  • Adjusting the Transport Panel 5:53

    Adjusting the Transport Panel

    Activate as many functions as you feel necessary in the 'Transport Panel' by watching through this tutorial. See also how to navigate your project with some not so obvious Transport Panel facilities.

  • Displaying Effects 4:12

    Displaying Effects

    See here how to display your plug-ins in an order of your choice, either by manufacturer name or by plug-in type.

  • Dynamic Tempo for Realism 7:45

    Dynamic Tempo for Realism

    The use of tempo mapping is explored here. In particular, how to create a more natural or realistic sounding track.

  • Groove Copy 7:24

    Groove Copy

    Learn the procedure to utilize the groove of one audio drum loop and map out a generated groove quantization map to drive Groove Agent One.

  • Introducing Mix Console 6:59

    Introducing Mix Console

    The newly introduced Mix Console takes some learning, so we'll go through where things are and how to access the multi-tabbed UI.

  • Adapting Mix Console 4:08

    Adapting Mix Console

    Here, you'll see how to further adapt the Mix Console so it displays how you wish to work, including how to group similar tracks together.

  • Generate Harmony Voices 5:32

    Generate Harmony Voices

    Learn how to use the Cubase 7 'Generate Harmony Voices' function in combination with the 'Chord Track' to create useable backing vocal tracks.

  • Audio to MIDI 4:53

    Audio to MIDI

    Watch how to convert an audio vocal file into a MIDI file to subsequently drive a VSTi to replicate the notes sung.

  • Exporting Options 5:34

    Exporting Options

    See here how to set up your export options to create a single file or a full mix and once done, set up options to open the resulting audio file in 'Wavelab 7' for any further editing required.

  • Clean & Back Up 6:11

    Clean & Back Up

    Once a project is complete, or near completion, watch how to use the clean up and back up facilities to your advantage.

  • Final Tips 15:57

    Final Tips

    Watch through some final tips while we explore the issue of latency in respect to plug-ins and how to utilize the 'Constrain Delay Button' feature to help solve the problem. Additionally, watch how to use the Voxengo Curve EQ plug-in to use a frequency snapshot of one audio file and impose it onto another.

Product Overview

Cubase 7 is a complete overhaul of Steinberg's powerful DAW. Are you ready to learn some cool tips and tricks? Cubase 7 master Mark Struthers opens up his bag and gives you 20 tips and tricks about version 7 that will help your productivity, creativity and workflow in this amazing DAW.

Mark begins with an introduction video welcoming you to the series and talks about what to expect. Then Mark starts the tips and trick videos off with tutorials about creating user templates, project formats, the GUI and Overview Pane, editing Channel Settings and window behaviors.

Next up are tutorials about Workspaces, using track images, customizing the inspector, track options, using chord tracks and adjusting the Transport Panel. Mark then reveals interesting tips about displaying effects, using dynamic tempo for realism, groove copy, the Mix Console and generating vocal harmonies.

The series is completed with videos covering converting audio to MIDI, export options, cleaning up your sessions and backing them up, as well as how to deal with latency issues and more.

If you use Cubase 7, why not supercharge your knowledge? These power packed video tutorials will show you useful tips and tricks that spark your creativity and workflow.

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