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Cubase 6.5 Update Explained®

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Chapter 1 : Retrologue

  • Voice & Main Parameters 6:49

    Voice & Main Parameters

    Take a look at Mono and Poly settings and the Main output section for master tuning, pitch bend and volume.

  • Oscillator & Mixer Areas 5:32

    Oscillator & Mixer Areas

    Learn to work with the oscillators to produce the wave shape of choice, and then mix away in the mixer.

  • Filter & Amplifier Areas 6:08

    Filter & Amplifier Areas

    The filter parameters are covered and the ADSR envelope is demonstrated for both areas.

  • LFO & Matrix 4:50

    LFO & Matrix

    Check out the two LFOs and how to do some simple Matrix routing for modulation.

  • Effects & Additional Settings 5:03

    Effects & Additional Settings

    Take a look at the Chorus, Flanger and Delay effects. Setting up Quick Control Slots and controller mapping are also shown.

Chapter 2 : Padshop

  • Overview & Oscillator Section Pt. 1 5:20

    Overview & Oscillator Section Pt. 1

    Take a quick tour of the interface and spend some time in the oscillator section.

  • Oscillator Section Pt. 2 5:16

    Oscillator Section Pt. 2

    The remaining parameters of the oscillator section are covered.

  • Pitch, Filter, Amplifier & Effects 6:19

    Pitch, Filter, Amplifier & Effects

    Explore the pitch, filter, amplifier and effects sections.

  • Modulation Matrix 5:41

    Modulation Matrix

    Take a look at the LFOs and the modulation matrix. The Step Modulation feature is also demonstrated.

Chapter 3 : Audio Tools

  • Comp Tool 4:08

    Comp Tool

    Watch the Comp Tool as it is taken through its paces. Create tracks from lanes is also demonstrated.

  • AudioWarp 4:26


    Audio warping has been streamlined and now found in the Quantize Panel. It’s explored and the cross fades found there are covered as well.

Chapter 4 : Plug-Ins

  • Amp Rack 3:24

    Amp Rack

    The Amp Rack is given a run through showing its new features.

  • Plug-Ins 3:49


    The DJ-EQ and the MorphFilter are explained and demonstrated.

Chapter 5 : Audio Formats and Sharing

  • FLAC & SoundCloud 1:50

    FLAC & SoundCloud

    Recording and exporting as FLAC files are shown as well as sharing your song on SoundCloud.

Product Overview

Just upgrade to the latest version of Cubase? Cubase guru Doug Zangar shows you all of the new features and functions contained in the awesome new Cubase 6.5 update. You'll learn to get the most out of this update and how to apply it to your productions.

Doug starts off tearing into Retrologue, leaving no stone unturned, then breaks down Padshop, step by step. Next, Doug gets detailed with the new Comp Tool and shows you the streamlined Audiowarp function.

Doug then demonstrates the newly improved Amp Rack and demystifies the DJ-EQ and MorphFilter plug-ins. Lastly, Doug shows how you can now record and export using the FLAC format as well as easily share your creations via SoundCloud.

If you're rocking the latest Cubase 6.5, save time and effort... Get "Cubase 6.5 Update Explained" today.

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