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Creativity Kickstart

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  • Introduction 2:15


    Welcome to Creativity Kick start!

  • Starting with a Single Note 9:07

    Starting with a Single Note

    Sometimes the strictest of restrictions and limitation push you to be creative in unusual ways and areas. Explore some ideas on how to spark a multitude of ideas you might not otherwise have come up with by limiting yourself to working with a single pitch.

  • Working with Two Notes 10:05

    Working with Two Notes

    Starting with two notes opens up additional possibilities including inversion, irregular repetition, and sequential repetition. See some examples of how you can take two randomly generated notes in different directions.

  • Creative Copying - Bass Lines 11:16

    Creative Copying - Bass Lines

    Well known iconic parts in commercial arrangements make great fodder for inspiration. Watch as a few well known bass lines are removed from their original context, and used as the basis for new ideas.

  • Creative Copying - Keys 13:38

    Creative Copying - Keys

    Keyboard rhythms and patterns, divorced form their note pitches, make great building blocks for keyboard parts built on other chord progressions. Listen to a few ideas inspired by keyboard parts from Rihanna, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Sister Sledge.

  • Creative Copying - Drums 7:00

    Creative Copying - Drums

    Programming up drum parts similar to those on your favorite recordings are a nice way to start building some new ideas. Listen as some programmed Justin Timberlake and Maroon Five grooves are used to start off some ideas.

  • Single Dice Games 13:04

    Single Dice Games

    Explore some ways that a randomly generated number can be used as the basis for melodic and harmonic patterns.

  • Double Dice Games 12:20

    Double Dice Games

    Explore some melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic exercise ideas derived from two randomly generated numbers.

  • Triple Dice Games 8:49

    Triple Dice Games

    More writing exercises, this time built on three randomly generated numbers.

  • Lyric Fragments 7:16

    Lyric Fragments

    Sometimes snippets of dialogue or fragments of existing lyrics can be used to inspire melodic phrases. It's not necessary to be a singer in order to use these phrases as the basis for new melodic ideas. Watch as a few phrases are used to inspire and create original melodies.

  • Developing Your Ideas 4:34

    Developing Your Ideas

    Explore some specific techniques for developing a motif or melodic fragment.

  • Vocal Inspiration 8:26

    Vocal Inspiration

    Listen as vocalist Nancy Lane is let loose creating her own melodic ideas over some of the patterns created throughout this series.

Product Overview

Do you sometimes find it hard to get started with a new song or musical idea? Well, studio guru Eli Krantzberg shares some of his awesome techniques to help get your creative juices flowing. Learn solid methods for inspiring new ideas and write your next masterpiece!

Eli kicks this series off by taking a look at how limiting yourself to a single pitch can spark ideas and how starting with two randomly generated notes can open up additional possibilities. Next, Eli shows how well known iconic parts in commercial arrangements make great inspiration for bass, keys and drum parts.

Moving on, Eli shows you how a simple roll of the dice can be a great tool for building melodic and harmonic patterns, as well as how using fragments of existing lyrics can inspire your own original melodic phrases. Eli wraps up with some specific techniques for developing a motif before letting a vocalist loose, creating their own melodic ideas over the patterns created throughout the series.

If you're looking ways to help you unlock your writing block and let the creativity flow, "Creativity Kickstart" is a must see... Check it out today!

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