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Sound Design Tutorial

Creative Sound Design with Native Instruments Effects Series

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14 Videos | Length: 2hr 6min 52sec
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  • image description 3:56

    Effects Overview & Master Manipulation

    Take a look at how each effect sounds on the master channel with the entire track playing at the same time, for some obvious signal processing.

  • image description 6:04

    Bite on Kick

    Fabio demonstrates how to use Bite on a kick drum so you can easily understand how it works and how it can affect percussive like sounds.

  • image description 6:15

    Bite Unique Sequenced Settings

    Now watch how to get creative with the different available channels, applying different processing to parts of the kick sequence for a more interesting pallet of sounds.

  • image description 5:43

    Dirt on Snare

    Fabio now covers using another of the NI plug-ins, Bite, to give a warmer, more subtle sound to the snare drum.

  • image description 5:20

    Freak on Hats

    Quite possibly the most wacky of the 3 CRUSH effects, Freak, is now used on the hats to add movement and rhythm. See how!

  • image description 8:19

    Combining Bite & Dirt

    Taking the sound design to a more refined level by using more than one plugin at once.

  • image description 9:14

    Flair - Una Corda Piano

    Una Corda Piano - This is the first of the MOD pack series to be used in this tutorial, utilized to widen and spread the already tonally strange piano.

  • image description 10:26

    Phasis Arp

    Watch Fabio break the plug-in to show a new side of phasers that could not have been imagined with a more traditional style emulation.

  • image description 9:39

    Choral Chopping

    See how to cut and resampling an audio stem with different chorus settings in order to build a polytonal sequence.

  • image description 11:44

    Exporting a Loop

    Fabio now walks you through exporting a track to create a loop and build a polyrhythmic sequence with added control.

  • image description 14:49


    Now watch how to re-add some of the original sounds to the heavily processed stems to balance between natural and weird!

  • image description 13:45

    Basic Mixing Pt. 1

    Fabio now explains and explores some simple techniques to help sculpt the sounds further.

  • image description 6:06

    Basic Mixing Pt. 2

    Hear how Fabio finishes off the mixing and ensures that the different tracks are balanced when played together.

  • image description 15:32

    Arrangement & Outro

    Last but not least, Fabio creates an arrangement to better show how the different instruments would play in a song-like format for reference.

Product Overview

Studio pro Fabio Lendrum brings you a Native Instruments Effects Series video tutorial series! Watch how to get creative with NI's character-enhancing plug-ins found in their Crush and Mod Packs. These videos are designed for those who know how to operate their DAW and are looking for some creative tips when using these innovative plug-ins for producing and mixing.

Fabio starts by welcoming you and gives an overview of the plug-ins used and what to expect throughout the videos. He then kicks things off with the kick drum, demonstrating how Bite can be used to beef up your bass drum sounds, and then shows how Dirt is the perfect tool to use on your snare drums to give it a warmer, more subtle sound that's just right for the mix.

Fabio then gets freaky on the hats, by using Freak to add movement and rhythm its sound, followed by how to combine Bite and Dirt on your bass track, producing a more refined sound. Next up, see how to add Flair to your piano sounds for a more wide and spread effect, creative ways to use Phasis on an arpeggio, and how to cut and resample an audio stem with different chorus settings to build an interesting polytonal sequence.

For the rest of the videos Fabio explains and explores how to export your new loops, a trick on how to re-add some of the pre effected tracks back in to the mix and balance it between natural and weird, additional cool mixing tips when using these plug-ins and more!

To see what these enlightening Native Instruments Effects Series tutorials show you, and how you can get creative when producing and mixing your music, see the individual Native Instrument Effect Series video tutorial descriptions on this page. Add new flavor to your tracks and mixes now... Watch "Creative Sound Design with Native Instruments Effects Series" today!

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Creative Sound Design with Native Instruments Effects Series is rated 4.7 out of 5 by 3 .
Rated 4.0 out of 5 by from Wish he went over more effects! He did a great job covering the effects he went over, I just wish he went over a few more effects as well
Date published: 2020-12-14
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Cool -no doubt. As I said...
Date published: 2020-04-12
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Excellent advice from an experienced producer that goes far beyond the simple use of FX plugins Questions that will be answered by this course: - Do I really need another chorus, phaser, distortion, or frequency manipulator? - How do I build a song from scratch? - How does an experienced producer and sound designer use these effects in modern music production? - I have some good musical ideas but how do I put them all together in a basic arrangement? - What are some basic mixing techniques that I can apply to my instrument parts? I LOVED THIS COURSE As a user of Native Instruments Komplete 12, the number of included plugins is impressive but the thought of learning how to use each of them is quite daunting. As a producer and sound designer, my first thought about the new NI’s effect plugins was, “why do I need these?” The sound design possibilities of these plugins facilitates a level of creativity that reaches beyond the traditional uses of these types of plugins. Fabio shows how to apply NI’s effects to your drum samples to bring up the quality of your beats. He also shows how to apply them to instruments in a way that can lends itself to producing sample loops and extra melodic tracks you may not have considered in your original compositions. Overall, what I loved about this course was the creation of a song from start to finish. Sprinkled throughout the course are dozens of real-world tips that facilitate smarter workflows, workarounds to common problems, creative advice, and good practices. I found a huge amount of value from this course. Thanks Fabio!
Date published: 2020-03-15
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