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Production Tutorial

Creating Sample Packs Explained®

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17 Videos | Length: 2hr 43min 15sec
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Chapter 1 : Creating the Base Samples

  • image description 9:56

    808 Pt. 1

    Learn how to make a trap 808 from scratch that utilizes a custom square wave in Serum, with modulation and effects to create a truly heavy 808.

  • image description 8:58

    808 Pt. 2

    This video covers how to now process the patch with further effects for a total, full bodied 808 sound.

  • image description 10:12

    The Kick Pt. 1

    See how to properly layer sine waves with white noise to create heavy kick sounds. Additionally, Thomas shows you how to stack saturation effects to add additional punch and body to the kick sound.

  • image description 9:23

    The Kick Pt. 2

    Thomas now demonstrates further how to stack saturation effects to add additional punch and body to the kick sound. This video also shows how compression can be used to glue the kick together after the initial saturation process.

  • image description 15:22

    The Snare

    Learn how to create a cool, modern variation on the classic 808 snare. This patch utilizes creative EQ and effects processing to make the snare have a more lo-fi trap type sound.

  • image description 8:36

    The Claps Pt. 1

    Making claps is simple once you understand the proper setup. This video covers the creative uses of LFO modulation to make and design a variety of clap sounds.

  • image description 9:57

    The Claps Pt. 2

    This video shows you how to process the clap with EQ, distortion, and transient shaping to make it really snap.

  • image description 8:06

    The Hi-Hats

    While they might sound complicated, hi-hats are quite easy to make. Thomas shows how the basic patch is made and then how strategic processing is used to craft the right sound.

Chapter 2 : Creating Variations of The Samples

  • image description 11:45

    808 Variations

    Now that the basic drum patches are made it's time to start designing variations of the sounds for your sample pack. Just by switching out the oscillator and adding some additional processing you can quickly make a wide verity of 808s for your new sample pack.

  • image description 9:55

    Kick Variations

    This video reveals how to take the distorted trap kick and make two different versions of it, with one sounding clean and one with unusual processing to create a wider stereo width.

  • image description 11:14

    Snare Variations

    Just by switching out the resonance oscillator and noise generators you can make a lot of different styles of snare. Thomas shows how this process is done to make a few different types of snare sounds.

  • image description 7:48

    Clap Variations

    Thomas shows you how to craft multiple styes of claps by adding variation to the noise generator and LFO parameters.

  • image description 9:40

    Hi-Hat Variations

    Go from bright sounding hi-hats to dark and metallic sounding hi-hats in a few simple steps. These ideas can be used for creating lots of different percussion sounds.

Chapter 3 : Making Melody Loops

  • image description 10:25

    Making Melody Loops Pt. 1

    Thomas now shows you how melody loops can be constructed efficiently using presets, melody, and layering. This first part covers how to construct the melody that will be used as the basis for the whole sample.

  • image description 11:55

    Making Melody Loops Pt. 2

    Learn how to take a basic melodic sequence and transform it into a melodic trap sample. This video shows how layering synths and effects can be used to quickly make exciting samples.

  • image description 5:52

    Making Variations of the Melody Loops

    This videos shows you how quickly a loop can be transformed into another loop for your sample pack by varying a few different parameters.

Chapter 4 : Final Adjustments

  • image description 4:11

    Conclusion & Final Thoughts

    Thomas wraps up the course with a few notes on how to properly export and make sure everything sounds balanced in your sample packs.

Product Overview

Studio expert Thomas Cochran presents detailed sample pack creation video tutorials! If you've always wanted to make your own sample packs to use for your own productions, or to give or sell to others, this video series will show you how to do it step by step, all from scratch. (Note: this series does not cover how to sell or distribute your sample packs, just creating them). Thomas also provides the Ableton Live Project file so you can follow along if you have Ableton Live, plus the MIDI files that can be used in any DAW, and the Serum virtual synth presets he makes throughout the tutorials so you can further experiment and tweak them! This video series is for those who are new to making sample packs.

Thomas greets you and starts with videos on making the foundational samples that will ultimately be part of the sample pack. Starting with the mighty 808, you'll see how to craft a trap 808 from scratch that utilizes a custom square wave in Serum, with modulation and effects to create a truly heavy 808. Then you'll design a different type of kick that utilizes properly layered sine waves with white noise and saturation effects to design a powerful, heavy kick sound.

Moving on you'll watch how to create an effective, modern variation on the classic 808 snare by using creative EQ and effects processing that makes the snare more "lo-fi" sounding, design potent clap sounds with the creative use of LFO modulation, EQ, distortion, and transient shaping, as well as hi-hats that incorporate strategic processing for just the right sound.

Now that the basic drum patches are made, Thomas shows you how to make variations of your sounds by switching out the oscillator and adding additional processing, so you can quickly make a wide verity of 808s, kicks, snares, claps, and hi hats for your new sample pack. Last but not least, you'll learn how to make awesome melody loop samples easily by utilizing presets, melody, layering, sequencing, effects and more!

To see exactly what these detailed sample pack creation tutorials show you, and how they'll help you make your first sample pack quick and easy, see the individual creating a sample pack video tutorial descriptions on this page. Get in the lucrative sample pack creation game now and start making your own packs... Watch “Creating Sample Packs Explained®” today!

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Creating Sample Packs Explained® is rated 4.9 out of 5 by 2 .
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