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Creating Realistic MIDI Drums

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Chapter 1 : Drum MIDI Basics

  • Introduction 1:00


    Luke outlines what you?ll learn in this course and how you can use it to create realistic drum tracks for your songs and productions.

  • Drum MIDI Basics 6:21

    Drum MIDI Basics

    Get an explanation of the basics of MIDI as it relates to programming drums.

  • Understanding MIDI Maps 3:39

    Understanding MIDI Maps

    Learn how MIDI Maps can have an impact on what sounds you hear when dealing with drum MIDI info.

  • Hi-Hat CC MIDI 1:25

    Hi-Hat CC MIDI

    Luke explains how "Continuous Controller" information is important when dealing with hi-hat foot pedals on e-drums.

  • MIDI Basics Recap 1:34

    MIDI Basics Recap

    Luke provides a recap of the drum MIDI topics covered in this section.

Chapter 2 : Creating Realistic Drum MIDI

  • Kick & Snare Patterns 7:36

    Kick & Snare Patterns

    Luke explains his approach to creating realistic kick and snare patterns within grooves.

  • Creating Realistic Ghost Notes 6:00

    Creating Realistic Ghost Notes

    Explore how to create realistic ghost note patterns to add texture and depth to your MIDI grooves.

  • Creating Realistic Hi-Hat Parts 4:54

    Creating Realistic Hi-Hat Parts

    Watch how to program realistic hi-hat patterns using articulation and velocity variations.

  • Editing Hi-Hat CC Pedal MIDI 7:15

    Editing Hi-Hat CC Pedal MIDI

    Luke explains how he edits his recorded Hi-Hat CC controller information to create realistic open hi-hat articulations.

  • Programming Open Hi-Hat Articulations 6:10

    Programming Open Hi-Hat Articulations

    Learn how to program open hi-hat articulations when you don't have a hi-hat pedal controller.

  • Programming Drum Rolls 8:45

    Programming Drum Rolls

    Luke programs a drum roll pattern from scratch and explains how to make the snare rolls sound as realistic as possible using some of the previously discussed principles.

  • Creating Realistic Drum Fills 9:11

    Creating Realistic Drum Fills

    Learn how create realistic drum fills and how to end your drum fills in a way that a real drummer would.

  • Programming Cymbal Swells 8:31

    Programming Cymbal Swells

    Luke shows you how to program realistic cymbals swells from scratch.

  • Quantizing & Humanizing Your Grooves 5:56

    Quantizing & Humanizing Your Grooves

    See an explanation of the benefits of quantizing and humanizing your drum MIDI.

  • Normalizing Your MIDI 3:58

    Normalizing Your MIDI

    Learn how to normalize your entire drum groove or selectively quantize specific instruments to find the "sweet spot" of the velocity range.

  • Velocity Curve Adjustments 8:19

    Velocity Curve Adjustments

    Luke demonstrates how velocity curves have a big impact on your drum grooves and allow you to create realistic drum patterns quickly.

  • Programming a Realistic Drum Groove 7:46

    Programming a Realistic Drum Groove

    Luke now applies all the principles discussed in this series and programs a drum groove from scratch.

  • Programming Realistic Drum Fills 3:57

    Programming Realistic Drum Fills

    Luke concludes this series by adding a programmed drum fill to the previously created groove while applying all of the principles discussed in this tutorial series!

Product Overview

Are they real or fake? In this in-depth video tutorial series, it's drum pro Luke Oswald's goal to make it so you can’t tell! Learn all the basics of MIDI as it relates to programmed MIDI drums, and explore several practical ways to edit your drum MIDI to create the ultimate realistic drum grooves.

Luke starts with an explanation of MIDI events, note length, velocity, note numbers and hi-hat pedal CC information, and then explains his approach to editing MIDI to create realistic kick & snare patterns, hi-hat patterns, drum rolls, cymbal swells, drum fills and more.

Continuing on, you'll discover practical workflows and the benefits to quantizing and humanizing your drum MIDI parts, and how to apply velocity normalization and velocity curve adjustments for better dynamics. Luke concludes the series by creating a killer drum groove and fill from scratch while applying all of the principles learned in this course.

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info. If you want to make better drum parts and grooves for your tracks and songs, this series is the one to watch… Get "Creating Realistic MIDI Drums" today!

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