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Creating Game Audio Explained®

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  • Introduction 2:28


    In this video, Gary gives an introduction to game audio and how it differs to other new media with its dynamic approach.

  • Game Sounds Overview 2:21

    Game Sounds Overview

    Gary goes through the different types of sounds you'll find in a game.

  • Designing an Ambient Background Sound 13:38

    Designing an Ambient Background Sound

    This video gives you walkthrough on how to design an ambient game background sound.

  • Seamless Backgrounds Loops 10:55

    Seamless Backgrounds Loops

    In-Game Audio looping backgrounds are quite common, Gary shows you how to create seamless loop with your backgrounds sounds.

  • Designing a Musical Background 9:41

    Designing a Musical Background

    This video looks at how to design more musical background sounds.

  • Creating Vertical Layering 6:04

    Creating Vertical Layering

    Here, Gary explores how you can create sounds from a vertical music approach with your arrangement.

  • Designing Unique Sound Effects 10:38

    Designing Unique Sound Effects

    This video takes a look at how to design other game sounds, like gunshots.

  • User Interface & Achievement Sounds 7:02

    User Interface & Achievement Sounds

    Gary explores how to design user interface and win or lose achievement sounds for your game.

  • Game Engines 2:28

    Game Engines

    Gary quickly goes through the different game engines available and how we can use them.

  • Installing Wwise 5:42

    Installing Wwise

    Here, Gary takes a look at how to Install Wwise, the audio middleware tool.

  • Creating Work Units 5:17

    Creating Work Units

    Gary dives into creating Work Units in Wwise.

  • Randomizing Sounds 6:50

    Randomizing Sounds

    Gary shows you how to randomize a selection of sounds in Wwise using the Random container.

  • Designing Sequenced Sounds 4:14

    Designing Sequenced Sounds

    his video shows you how to sequence your audio with the Sequence container in Wwise.

  • Creating Wwise Events 2:28

    Creating Wwise Events

    In this video, Gary creates Wwise events, and adds play itms for the different containers in the Wwise project.

  • Using Blend Containers for Transitions 6:41

    Using Blend Containers for Transitions

    Gary shows how you can create a blender track, and then blend seamlessly between two tracks with this Blend Container.

  • Using the Interactive Music Hierarchy - Pt. 1 10:17

    Using the Interactive Music Hierarchy - Pt. 1

    Here, Gary show you how powerful Wwise can be with the tempo and time embedded data.

  • Using the Interactive Music Hierarchy - Pt. 2 8:38

    Using the Interactive Music Hierarchy - Pt. 2

    This video picks up where part 1 left off, and shows you how to set up a vertical track arrangement.

  • Using Switches & Switch Group 8:01

    Using Switches & Switch Group

    Here, Gary explores Switch Groups and Switches and how they can be used to switch between audio assets on the fly in a game.

  • Testing with the Soundcaster 5:57

    Testing with the Soundcaster

    Learn to how to test out the Soundcaster tool and how it can be used as a prototype tool to test all your sounds the game.

  • Exporting Sounds 10:24

    Exporting Sounds

    In this video, Gary explores how to export the music to different platforms, like Windows, and iOS, which can then be handed onto the game designer.

Product Overview

In this Groove3 video tutorial series, sound design guru Gary Hiebner shows you what you need to know to get started on creating audio for the incredibly lucrative gaming industry.

Gary starts by welcoming you and then goes over what is Game Audio and how it differs from other media and sound design, followed by all the different types of sounds found in games.

Then, together you’ll cover topics and sound design creation steps for things such as background sounds, seamless looping backgrounds, background music, and vertical layering.

Now it’s on to sound designing unique sound effects for games such as gunshots and UI and achievement sounds. Game engines are next, and Gary goes through the different game engines available and how you can use them for sound designing.

Using Wwise to Design randomized sounds, sequence sounds, use blend containers for transitions, and use interactive music hierarchy are all explained in detail, along with tons of other gaming audio specific techniques and tricks.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you’ve thought it would be cool to get into gaming audio sound design, or just are curious as to what’s involved, this series is the one to watch… Checkout “Creating Game Audio Explained®” today.

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