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Crash Course: Programming Drums in Logic Pro

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11 Videos | Length: 1hr 7min 31sec
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  • Introduction 3:27


    In this first video, Sam introduces the series and goes through some basic Logic features that pertain to rhythmic programming: changing the tempo and time signature, creating timeline loops, and navigating the timeline.

  • Manual Programming Pt. 1 5:53

    Manual Programming Pt. 1

    Next, start learning how to program beats from scratch, clicking notes into the piano roll MIDI grid. Explore the process of creating a track, assigning a software instrument drum kit to a track, creating and editing MIDI regions, and inputting and manipulating notes in the piano roll. Then work through programming a basic rock/pop beat, also learning about its half-time and double-time variations.

  • Manual Programming Pt. 2 4:57

    Manual Programming Pt. 2

    In this video, Sam expands upon the basic beat programming concepts learned in Video 2. Explore quantization, manipulation of note velocity, making the MIDI notes swing, composing more intricate rhythms, incorporating ghost notes, and more.

  • Step Sequencer 6:56

    Step Sequencer

    Discover Logic?s step sequencer, a powerful yet simple interface wherein you create beats by clicking boxes on and off in a step grid. Follow along as Sam creates a simple beat and also dive into the step sequencer?s deeper features: velocity, note repeat, randomization, and chance.

  • Drummer 7:13


    Next, learn about Drummer, a feature where, with our guidance, Logic generates natural and realistic-sounding drum performances using AI. Pick a drummer and kit, alter the dynamics and complexity of the generated performance, and set Drummer to follow the rhythmic nuance of other tracks in the project!

  • Loops 4:36


    In this video, dive into Apple?s loop library. Explore the loops Logic comes with, how and when they are best used, editing loops, creating our own, and more.

  • Drum Kit Designer 2:49

    Drum Kit Designer

    Discover how the Drum Kit Designer is used to organize and manipulate your acoustic drum samples. Learn about swapping kit elements in and out and fine tuning the samples to best fit your needs.

  • Producer Kits 5:30

    Producer Kits

    Expand upon your knowledge of the Drum Kit Designer with Producer Kits. These allow us to mix our kit in a way that mimics the control and set of options we have when miking up and recording a real drum kit.

  • Drum Machine Designer 5:22

    Drum Machine Designer

    In this video, Sam dives into the Drum Machine Designer. Learn how to choose a kit, swap kit elements in and out, and alter various parameters of individual samples. Discover how to expand a Drum Machine Designer kit into a track stack for further control over the individual kit elements and routing.

  • Ultrabeat 11:59


    Explore the Ultrabeat Sampler, choosing a kit, creating a sequence using Ultrabeat?s internal sequencer, and importing your own samples. Also discover Ultrabeat?s unique sound design capabilities, while learning some basic synthesis techniques in the process.

  • Tying It All Together 8:49

    Tying It All Together

    In this final video in the series, Sam works through a full musical composition, analyzing the rhythmic elements. He discusses what was done, how it was put together, and why those choices were made. In the process, you'll touch on many of the concepts that were discussed previously in the series, this time in the context of an actual song.

Product Overview

Studio expert Sam Gutman presents comprehensive Logic Pro drum programming video tutorials! If you've always wanted to free yourself from the chains of pre-recorded loops and beats and get creative and specific with your drum tracks, this course is the one to watch. Sam takes you through the basics and continues on with more advanced features and functions, demonstrating different ideas and techniques in various musical context so you can hear them in action. These videos are for those new to the subject of drum programming.

Sam welcomes you and begins by familiarizing you with some basic Logic features that will be essential throughout the course, including changing the tempo/time signature, creating timeline loops, and navigating the timeline. Then you'll begin to build beats from scratch by clicking notes in the piano roll MIDI grid and manipulating them in various ways. Also explore the topics of choosing a software instrument, quantization, changing note velocity, applying "swing," incorporating ghost notes, and more!

Next, explore Logic Pro's step sequencer, in which you can program beats visually by clicking on boxes within a step grid. Learn to adjust the sequencer's deeper features, including note velocity, note repeat, randomization, and chance.

Throughout the rest of the course, you'll discover several more of Logic's helpful features, including Drummer (a feature that uses AI to create a suitable drum track based on your input), Apple's extensive loop library (how to edit them, create your own, and more) Drum Kit Designer and Drum Machine Designer (both of which enable the organization and manipulation of your samples and kits), the Ultrabeat Sampler (with its unique sound-design capabilities), and more!

To see exactly what's contained in these in-depth Logic Pro drum programming tutorials, and how they'll quickly get you "in the swing" of making your own beats that swing, see the individual Programming Drums in Logic Pro tutorial descriptions on this page. Learn to take your beats into your own hands ... Watch “Crash Course - Programming Drums in Logic Pro” now!

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