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Cableguys Curve 2 Explained®

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  • Introduction to Curve 2 4:40

    Introduction to Curve 2

    Get an introduction to Curve 2, and then continue on to cover the interface of the plug-in. Then learn about the novel community driven preset library including private vs public presets and also saving your own presets.

  • The Waveform Editor 7:00

    The Waveform Editor

    In this video, learn all about the essential architecture of this synth in the form of the 10 freely drawable wave shapes. Then discover the various tools for drawing waveforms and the waveform presets. Lastly, explore the extra tools that you can access by right clicking on the wave display.

  • The Oscillator Section 5:29

    The Oscillator Section

    Larry now explains the Primary and Secondary Waveforms and the Crossfade Control, as well as Pitching, Detuning and Panning the Oscillators. Larry then explains the filter routing options that are available and demonstrates pitching the three oscillators to produce fatter sounds and a cool chordal effect.

  • The Filters 4:33

    The Filters

    Watch and see what?s to know about the parameters of Curve 2?s filters, including the Filter Types, Cutoff, Resonance and also the flavors of the Drive Parameter.

  • The Envelopes 6:46

    The Envelopes

    In this video, explore Curve 2?s Volume Envelope and 2 Envelope Generators. The loop-ability of the envelopes and the time and beat options are also discussed to demonstrate how you can create interesting rhythmic patterns and trance-gate like features.

  • The LFOs 6:21

    The LFOs

    In this video, Larry explains and explores the 4 LFOs including the ability to custom draw your own LFO shapes! You?ll also learn all about the Re-Trigger, Synced and One Shot modes for both Beats and Hertz modes.

  • The Macro Controls 4:59

    The Macro Controls

    Now see how to assign your Macros to control multiple parameters in Curve 2, using the synth?s drag and drop approach. You?ll then learn the way your macros are linked to MIDI controllers.

  • The Modulation Matrix Pt. 1 12:28

    The Modulation Matrix Pt. 1

    In this video, watch how to manipulate your sounds using the Modulation Matrix, as well as how to create chains of modulation ton design complex modulation paths and therefore nicely evolving textures. You?ll also see how to build Wavetable style effects with an LFO modulating the crossfade control.

  • The Modulation Matrix Pt. 2 8:53

    The Modulation Matrix Pt. 2

    Larry now explains and demonstrates the FM functionality availability within Curve 2, routing Oscillators to act as carriers and modulators to create trademark FM tones. You?ll also see how to use envelopes to modulate the amount of FM modulation, adding another layer of control over the sound.

  • The Synth Setup 4:30

    The Synth Setup

    Discover Curve 2?s play modes, including poly and mono modes. You?ll also learn about the Glide feature in Curve 2, and how to add additional voices which can then be detuned and spread for dense patches.

  • Dubstep/Trap Bass 9:06

    Dubstep/Trap Bass

    In this video, see how to design an FM style bass patch using custom waveforms and the envelope to create some rhythmic filter movement.

  • Techno Rhythmic Part 8:38

    Techno Rhythmic Part

    Larry now shows you how to build a rhythmic, choppy pattern which utilizes an LFO assigned to the pitch of oscillators, creating an interesting melodic pattern. You?ll then see how to further manipulate this patch by adding LFO modulation of the filter to add even more variation.

  • Kick Drum 6:00

    Kick Drum

    Watch and learn how to design a kick drum using 2 envelopes modulating the pitch of the main oscillator to create a descending sine wave sound that is great for making kick drums. Larry then shows you how to use a noise waveform to add a little snap at the start of the kick drum to enhance the transient.

  • Tech House Rolling Chords 13:37

    Tech House Rolling Chords

    In this video, see how to use pitched oscillators, filter modulation and custom waveforms to create a rhythmic, modulating chordal sound suitable for a Tech House style production.

  • An Evolving Pad Sound 13:01

    An Evolving Pad Sound

    Last but not least, watch how to use custom waveforms blended with the crossfade tool, panned and detuned oscillators with Frequency Modulation as your building blocks to create a slowly evolving dark pad sound. The oscillators are filtered with LFO modulated notch and low pass filters to add extra movement. Finally, see how to further manipulate the sound using macro controls and then a basic reverb patch from Logic to finish it all off!

Product Overview

Synth guru Larry Holcombe delivers an in-depth Cableguys Curve 2 video tutorial series! Learn all of Curve 2's features and functions, plus how to build unique sounds from scratch with this innovative virtual synth. These videos are designed for new Curve 2 users.

Larry begins with an overview of the user interface, plus explains how to use the community driven preset library that can be shared and developed with anyone in the world. Next, you'll dive deep into the Waveform editor and learn all about the essential architecture of this synth, which is in the form of 10 freely drawable wave shapes.

Then it's onto the powerful Oscillator section where you can utilize Primary and Secondary Waveforms with Crossfade Control, as well as Pitching, Detuning and Panning the Oscillators. You'll then discover the numerous filter routing options that are available, and how pitching the three oscillators can produce fatter sounds and a cool chordal effect.

Throughout the rest of the videos you'll learn to use Curve 2's Filters, Envelopes, LFOs, Macro Controls, Modulation Matrix, and Play Modes including poly and mono modes. You’ll also explore the Glide feature in Curve 2, and see how to add additional voices which can then be detuned and spread for dense patches. Last but not least Larry gives you sound design videos showing step by step how to craft Dubstep/Trap Bass, Techno rhythmic parts, Kick Drums, Tech House Rolling Chords, and evolving Pad sounds, all giving you the programming knowledge to make your own custom presets.

To see what these comprehensive Curve 2 tutorials show you, and how they'll make using and creating sounds with Curve fast and easy, see the individual Curve 2 video tutorial descriptions on this page. Get ahead of the curve and learn to make incredible sounds with this powerful virtual synth.. Watch “Cableguys Curve 2 Explained®” today.

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