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  • CLOUD SUPPLY QuickStart 6:16

    CLOUD SUPPLY QuickStart

    Get the lay of the land as you briefly explore the main areas of the instrument's interface and what they do.

  • The Browser & Dice 4:38

    The Browser & Dice

    Learn how to creatively use the Layer Browser and controlled randomization functions to generate useful relevant and related snapshot variations.

  • Sample & Wavetable LoFi Effects 8:11

    Sample & Wavetable LoFi Effects

    Explore the different LoFi processes used with sample-based sound sources versus wavetable-based layers, as we dive into the Sounds view and set up some simple LFO modulation to morph through the waveforms in the loaded wavetable.

  • Filters & Filter Modulation 6:20

    Filters & Filter Modulation

    Hear how CLOUD SUPPLY's filters take the basic raw sound of the samples and subtract frequencies, changing the harmonic content and character of the sound. See how this change can be varied over time using envelope modulation to produce more dynamic, animated timbres.

  • LFO Modulation 7:58

    LFO Modulation

    Discover how these recurring periodic wave shapes are used as modulation sources to automate the movement of parameter values like filter cutoff and wavetable position.

  • Other Modulation Sources 6:26

    Other Modulation Sources

    Explore the use of Modulation, Aftertouch, and Velocity as real-time performance-based modulation generators.

  • Envelopes 7:20


    See how the Amp Envelope does double duty as both a modulation source for various assignable parameters and a volume (amplitude) control of a note over time.

  • Advanced Modulation 8:10

    Advanced Modulation

    Secondary modulation is when one modulation source is modulated by another. Explore some of the rhythmic possibilities achieved when applying an LFO to a source already modulated with an envelope. Generate more complex rhythms by setting up an LFO to modulate multiple targets, then using a second LFO to modulate the rate of the first.

  • Working With FX 6:32

    Working With FX

    Learn to save, load, customize, bypass, and reorder the FX units and FX chain available within CLOUD SUPPLY.

  • The Note Sequencer 8:39

    The Note Sequencer

    Discover how to create melodic step sequence patterns and have the generated notes conform to a scale and key. Explore the sequencer playback parameters and see how they are used to create interesting melodic and rhythmic offsets and variations.

  • Sequencing Macros 4:51

    Sequencing Macros

    Hear how the values of parameters assigned to the macro knobs are modulated using dedicated macro sequencing lanes in the Sequencer View.

  • Macros: How They Work 6:04

    Macros: How They Work

    Learn about macro groups, how to modify the min/max values and shaper curves for each assigned parameter, how to make and remove assignments, and more.

  • Customized Macros in Action 5:35

    Customized Macros in Action

    Explore a few ideas on how you might customize snapshots to incorporate unique macro assignments.

  • Settings View 7:21

    Settings View

    See how the controls on this page are used to change how CLOUD SUPPLY responds to your keyboard and MIDI input.

Product Overview

Production guru Eli Krantzberg presents comprehensive CLOUD SUPPLY video tutorials! If you're ready to get inspired and create with Native Instruments' newest addition to the PLAY series, CLOUD SUPPLY, this video course is for you! Intuitive as it is, there's a lot under the hood of this plugin, and Eli walks you through it all - from basic preset auditioning to serious tweaking - with plenty of audio demonstrations along the way. These videos are for new CLOUD SUPPLY users.

Eli welcomes you and starts with an in-depth overview, explaining the instrument's interface and describing what each section does. Then you'll learn how to use the Layer browser creatively and generate randomized functions and variations on the basic presets. Explore the LoFi processes and wavetable-based layers in the Sounds view and learn to apply some LFO modulation to morph the waveforms.

Next, discover CLOUD SUPPLY'S filters and filter modulation, both of which can be automated over time for creating dynamic and fluid effects. You'll also discover how the envelopes can pull double duty as both amplitude control and a modulation source for various parameters, which can then also be further modulated by the LFO!

Throughout the rest of the course, you'll learn how to enhance your sounds with the inspiring on-board effects, how to use the deceptively simple sequencer to create not only interesting melodic combinations but also apply it to the macros for nearly endless modulation possibilities, how to customize the macros yourself, and more!

To see exactly what's contained in each CLOUD SUPPLY tutorial, and how they'll help you quickly tap into the massive potential that exists with this plug, see the individual CLOUD SUPPLY video tutorial descriptions on this page. Generate endless ideas for your next production ... Watch “CLOUD SUPPLY Explained®” now!

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