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Building a DAW Mix Template

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Chapter 1 : Setup

  • Introduction 2:56


    Michael gives an overview of the philosophy behind this tutorial.

  • The Initial Setup 3:07

    The Initial Setup

    Michael explains how the tutorial will progress and we begin the setup.

Chapter 2 : Reverbs

  • Room 9:12


    For our smallest ambience, we've got three allotted options.

  • Plate 3:27


    For vocals and drums, the Waves Abbey Road Plates sounds excellent.

  • Spring 3:47


    Explore two spring reverb options to give guitars a wonderful presence.

  • VVV 2:23


    See another reverb with a colored tail to add dimension to our tracks.

  • H-Verb 1:41


    Explore some non-linear options with this amazingly versatile Waves reverb.

  • Blackhole 3:07


    For those massive out-of-world style reverbs, learn how the Blackhole from Eventide can be just what's needed.

Chapter 3 : Delays

  • 1/16 & 1/8 9:59

    1/16 & 1/8

    Discover how these two timed basic delays can give a rhythmic backbone to the tracks.

  • Tape Slap 5:05

    Tape Slap

    Here, Michael uses a traditional effect in a very aggressive way.

  • Short Taps 4:00

    Short Taps

    See how a number of short delays can sometimes be a better option than a traditional reverb.

  • EchoBoy 4:09


    Our first colored, timed delay - the "do it all" EchoBoy.

  • H-Delay 3:41


    Explore the famed ping-pong mode of the H-Delay - a favorite of many.

  • Primal 3:16


    Based on the Lexicon Prime Time, this SoundToys recreation has a wonderfully warm sound unto itself.

  • Echoes 4:57


    Explore how this underrated Nomad Factory analog echo box simulator can sound great or alternatively, we could use T-Racks' Tape Echo.

  • Replika XT 4:13

    Replika XT

    See how our final timed delay option bridges the gap into our modulation effects. This latest Native Instruments delay has some unique post-delay modulation options.

Chapter 4 : Modulation

  • Excalibur (or variant) 7:42

    Excalibur (or variant)

    See how Exponential Audio's Excalibur is deployed but alternatively, we can use Valhalla DSP's UberMod.

  • H3000 (or variant) 10:57

    H3000 (or variant)

    Discover how this classic widening effect can be created from either the Eventide H3000, Waves Reel ADT, SoundToys Microshift or the Waves Doubler.

  • Mutron (or variant) 3:44

    Mutron (or variant)

    Michael attempts to recreate an old analog classic phasing effect with a Waves plugin or another version of Exclalibur as an alternative.

Chapter 5 : Routing

  • Sending Some FX to Other FX 7:36

    Sending Some FX to Other FX

    We explore the options opened up by create multi-fx chains.

  • The "Drum Squish" Parallel Path 8:06

    The "Drum Squish" Parallel Path

    Michael shows the thickness and presence we can attain by having a second, heavily compressed drum channel.

  • The "Vox Squish" Parallel Path 5:03

    The "Vox Squish" Parallel Path

    Similar to the drum path, here we send our vocal down a second, heavily effected path to bring our vocal forward.

  • The "ALL" Subgroups 2:26

    The "ALL" Subgroups

    Michael explains these subgroup channels where all our instrumental groups come together.

  • Mix Bus FX & Metering 12:16

    Mix Bus FX & Metering

    Michael breaks down first the routing logic and then the processing applied over the mix bus.

  • Master Faders 9:08

    Master Faders

    After seeing a few more mix bus options. discover how Master Faders can be headroom conditioners for our gain structure.

Chapter 6 : Using the Template

  • Importing the Template into your Song 6:21

    Importing the Template into your Song

    See Michael now demo the actual song we're using and then importing our template into.

  • Routing Groups & Organizing Tracks 8:54

    Routing Groups & Organizing Tracks

    With our template now imported, we need to make some organisational changes so everything goes where it's supposed to go.

  • Getting FX Going in the Track 11:31

    Getting FX Going in the Track

    Watch Michael begin to add various effects which leads into the need and deployment of VCA master faders.

  • More FX on Drums, Guitars, & Keys Pt. 1 12:01

    More FX on Drums, Guitars, & Keys Pt. 1

    Michael continues to explore effect options over some of the drums, guitars and keyboards.

  • More FX on Drums, Guitars, & Keys Pt. 2 13:47

    More FX on Drums, Guitars, & Keys Pt. 2

    We conclude with Michael exploring a few effect options over some of the drums, guitars and keyboards.

Product Overview

Studio wiz Michael Costa brings you in-depth video tutorials focused on building an awesome mixing template for your DAW. See how professionals get a mix done with this time-saving practice that allows you to concentrate on the mix!

From setup to routing, reverbs to delays, compression routing techniques, using mix buses and more, Michael breaks down the art of making a great mix template and using it for your productions.

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info. If you mix music or any kind of recordings, a mix template can drastically increase your productivity and allow you to be more creative. Watch “Building a DAW Mix Template” today!

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