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Chapter 1 : Introduction

  • Introduction 1:08


    Eli welcomes you to BreakTweaker Explained!

Chapter 2 : Playback and Sequencing

  • Interface Marriage 5:32

    Interface Marriage

    Learn about the three main sections of the interface and how they work together.

  • Playing the Patterns 5:52

    Playing the Patterns

    Learn how to trigger the sounds and playback patterns live and from within your DAW. Explore how the gate, latch, and re-trigger playback modes work on overlapping and non overlapping trigger notes.

  • Working with Presets 7:12

    Working with Presets

    Explore the Global and Generator preset browsers, and see how they are used to change various aspects of the current preset in real time as BreakTweaker is playing.

  • The Sequencer 8:13

    The Sequencer

    The Sequencer is used to program which steps the track's generator's sounds will play. Learn to create, delete, move, edit, cut, copy, and paste steps, tracks and patterns.

  • Track Controls and Isorhythms 6:27

    Track Controls and Isorhythms

    Learn how to control track auditioning, naming, gain, pan, muting, and soloing; and how to create complex sounding Isorhythms by altering individual track lengths and playback speed.

Chapter 3 : The Generator Engine

  • The Sample Generator 4:54

    The Sample Generator

    Each Generator lane can be based either on a sample player or dual oscillator synth. Explore the sample generator functions including parameters for auditioning, tuning, gain offset, playback direction, and how to use the Discover button to search for related samples.

  • Waveform Editing 5:19

    Waveform Editing

    Explore the waveform editor and learn to import, trim, loop, layer, and crossfade samples.

  • The Synth Generator 3:35

    The Synth Generator

    Listen to a small sampling of the raw waveforms, from simple to complex, BreakTweaker offers as starting points in it's synthesis engine, and see how the waveforms are tuned, and able to be modulated continuously rather than in stepped increments.

  • Synthesis Types 7:20

    Synthesis Types

    Discover the ways that two oscillators can interact with each based on Additive, Ring Modulation, Amplitude Modulation, and Frequency Modulation synthesis

  • Modulation 4:55


    Discover how modulation sources, destinations, and ranges are set up to animate the movement of generator engine parameters over time.

  • Envelopes 8:54


    Envelopes are customizable multi stage shapes that are used as modulation sources. See how they can effect amplitude, pitch, and wave shape

  • LFOs 8:39


    See how these repeating cyclical shapes are controlled and applied as a modulation source.

  • Multiple Modulators 6:41

    Multiple Modulators

    Explore the relationship between two modulator sources when they are applied to the same parameter.

  • Filters and Distortion 8:14

    Filters and Distortion

    Explore the variety of filters and distortion effects available to sonically enhance oscillator and sample based generators, and hear the effects of having some of the various parameters modulated with LFOs.

Chapter 4 : The MicroEdit Section

  • MicroEdit - Types 6:04

    MicroEdit - Types

    Learn about the four modes BreakTweaker's MicroEdit engine uses to chop up and slice individual sequencer steps.

  • MicroEdit - Slope 6:35

    MicroEdit - Slope

    See how the tension and rotation knobs are used to control how the microedits are distributed across the step, and how the shape settings are used to tune the microedits into musical scales and riffs.

  • MicroEdit - Gate 8:43

    MicroEdit - Gate

    Explore the gate section of the MicroEdit engine, and hear how it interacts with the sample length and re-trigger function.

  • MicroEdit - Step Effects 8:23

    MicroEdit - Step Effects

    Watch as a pitched synth line is created and harmonized using step based pitch offsets, fades and effects.

Chapter 5 : DAW Control

  • Automation 3:08


    See how host automation, or hardware automation, is used to alter and record BreakTweaker's parameter values.

  • Multi-Output Setup 4:11

    Multi-Output Setup

    See how BreakTweaker's tracks are routed to multiple outputs and processed individually with McDSP plug-ins in Logic Pro X.

Product Overview

Learn to make beats that were never heard before with iZotope's revolutionary BreakTweaker software! Drum and studio guru Eli Krantzberg takes you on an all-encompassing journey through this ever-evolving drum sculpting and beat sequencing instrument!

Eli starts with an introduction welcoming you and setting the stage for things to come. Playback and Sequencing are first on the list, and Eli presents the user interface in detail, so you know exactly what you're looking at and how to use it. Playing patterns and working with Presets is next, followed by videos on the Sequencer, Track Controls and Isorhythms.

Eli then submerges into the Generator Engine, explaining in great detail the Sample Generator, Waveform Editor, Synth Generator, Synthesis Types, Modulation, Envelopes, LFO's Filters, Distortion and much, much more.

The MicroEdit Section is then revealed, and Eli explains all of the different mode types used to chop up and slice individual sequencer steps. He also covers Slope, Gate and Step Effects giving you complete control and creative license over your beats and grooves. He even demonstrates how to create pitched synth lines and harmonize them for truly mind blowing results.

Wrapping up the series, Eli gives you videos on DAW Control, using Automation to alter and record BreakTweaker's parameters, and Multi-Output Setup, so you can route individual BreakTWeaker tracks to separate tracks /channels in your DAW for further processing.

If you're into tweaking breaks and beats, this is one serious piece of software... Why not know it inside and out? Get the most comprehensive video tutorials available and watch "BreakTWeaker Explained" today.

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