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Bluegrass Mandolin Workshop

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    Chapter 1

    Butch plays us some mandolin then introduces the series and talks about his gear and instruments.

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    Chapter 2

    In this video Butch talks about developing ‘fiddle tunes’.

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    Chapter 3

    Here he goes over several ‘fiddle tunes’ and shows the best way to play them including right hand motion and pick shuffling.

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    Chapter 4

    Butch introduces what he calls ‘The language of Bluegrass’.

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    Chapter 5

    This next section is all about soloing on songs.

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    Chapter 6

    Butch takes a look a double stops and tremolo.

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    Chapter 7

    In this segment Butch talks about alternate ways of playing chords.

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    Chapter 8

    Butch continues to discuss and give examples of alternate chords and then wraps it up with credits and then plays us out with a nice tune.

Product Overview

In this Homespun video series, Butch Baldassari’s user-friendly mandolin method takes you from bare-bone basics to solidly intermediate material in a single two-hour lesson, providing detailed instruction in all aspects of mandolin playing. A downloadable PDF booklet with scales and charts is also included!

Butch gives you exercises to build your technique and teaches you how to master fiddle tunes, take solos, and play the famous Bill Monroe licks that make up “the language of bluegrass”. He shares advice about fingering, pick control, alternate chord forms, and playing scales in a variety of keys and imparts other invaluable information that will help you develop style, flair, and a deep knowledge of your instrument.

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The late Butch Baldassari had been considered one of the rising stars of bluegrass mandolin since his work with Weary Hearts delighted fans at festivals and club dates throughout the country, winning SPBGMA’s Best Bluegrass Band Award in 1988. He had appeared on "A Prairie Home Companion," "CBS This Morning," CNN and "Riders in the Sky Radio Theatre," and has released several CDs, including "Old Town,” and "Evergreen," a collection of traditional Christmas music. Butch was widely respected as a teacher, having served as Adjunct Associate Professor of Mandolin at Vanderbilt University's renowned Blair School of Music. His instructional videos, books and tapes are among the most widely used by aspiring mandolin players, and his workshops at major bluegrass festivals and music camps, including Nashcamp, Steve Kaufman's Mandolin Kamp, Bluegrass Week at the Augusta Heritage Center and others, were standing-room only sessions. In 1991, Butch founded the Nashville Mandolin Ensemble, recruiting some of Nashville's most talented string players. The ensemble’s repertoire ranges from Bill Monroe's bluegrass to the music of O'Carolan and Vivaldi. Butch’s annual appearances at the Classical Mandolin Society had been among the venue’s most popular events.

Products by Butch

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    tutorial video

    Bluegrass Mandolin Workshop

    In this Homespun video series, Butch Baldassari’s user-friendly mandolin method takes you from bare-bone basics to solidly intermediate material in a single two-hour lesson, providing detailed instruction in all aspects of mandolin playing. A downloadable PDF booklet with scales and charts is also included!

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