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Bluegrass Banjo Tunes & Techniques

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8 Videos | Length: 1hr 37min 38sec
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    Tutorial 1

    Chapter 1


    Tony and the band play a song before diving into what all he'll be teaching in this series. First up, the basics!

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    Tutorial 2

    Chapter 2


    Tony gets started with "Weeping Willow", in a few different versions. Tony then gets into "Square Rolls, Thumb Lead and some other techniques and licks that will help get you started.

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    Tutorial 3

    Chapter 3


    Moving forward, Tony talks about leaving "Space" in your performance and different techniques to use through the varying parts of a banjo tune. Tony and the band play "Bluegrass Blues".

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    Tutorial 4

    Chapter 4


    Tony talks about trouble shooting and solving common problems in banjo playing, as well as some tips for controlling your fingers along the neck.

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    Tutorial 5

    Chapter 5


    In this video, Tony shows you "Leather Bridges", before then shows you the tune with the whole band.

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    Tutorial 6

    Chapter 6


    Tony continues with Soloing up the neck with a tune called "John Henry." He then slows things down to get a good handle on the fingerings. Tony and the band perform the tune together.

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    Tutorial 7

    Chapter 7


    Tony talks about "Little Maggie" and shows you a Non-melodic Solo, Backup Banjo, and some other techniques that will help you play with other musicians.

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    Tutorial 8

    Chapter 8


    In this last video, Tony talks about the key of C and then discusses "Soldiers Joy", and a few techniques that will help you play different positions and keys.

This high-octane Homespun course by banjo master Tony Trischka in Scruggs-style banjo is perfect for the intermediate picker who wants to get to the next level in their playing. It’s chock-full of terrific tunes and invaluable instruction!

The traditional instrumentals that Tony teaches are part of the essential repertoire that every aspiring picker should know. He provides an in-depth analysis of each tune, and adds invaluable advice and instruction in how to employ rolls, chokes, slides, intros, endings, chord inversions, and other important techniques that will give your solos the true bluegrass sound. You’ll also learn how to back up a soloist, use syncopation, improvise, and overcome timing and speed problems!


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Tony Trischka is one of America's most dynamic and inventive players. He has made numerous albums, both solo and with his band Skyline, and has toured and recorded with Country Cooking, Psychograss and Grass Is Greener, among others.

He has played on countless other recordings, has made television appearances and has toured in most of the countries of the world. A dedicated teacher of banjo, he has written six books for Oak Publications, has given numerous banjo clinics at major festivals, schools and workshops, and has contributed several top-selling CD and video lessons to the Homespun Catalog.

“One of the most inventive banjo players alive.” - Billboard Magazine

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