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Blue Cat Axiom Explained®

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16 Videos | Length: 1hr 32min 53sec
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  • Introduction 4:22


    Gary gives you an introduction on what's going to be covered in the video series. He also explains how to setup your audio device - both in the standalone application and a DAW - and how to use the Tuner to tune up your guitar.

  • Navigating Around the Interface 8:17

    Navigating Around the Interface

    Explore the user interface and the different sections, including the Input section, Master section, Pre FX, Amp section, and Post FX section.

  • Choosing an Amp 7:17

    Choosing an Amp

    This video details how to choose different amp models by selecting different presets. You'll also learn how to go into the Destructor section to modify the amp even further through the Gate, Compressor, preamp, Amp, and Post Filter sections.

  • Changing the Speaker Cabinets 5:01

    Changing the Speaker Cabinets

    Discover the Post Filter and how it can be used to change the speaker cabinet model. Test out different size speaker cabinets and hear how they change the sound. Explore the Advanced mode and see the EQ shape of each post Filter preset.

  • Using the Pre FX 7:37

    Using the Pre FX

    Next, Gary demonstrates how to add Pre FX to your signal chain. Load up a Compressor, Drive, and EQ to help shape the tone going into the Amp section. Plus, learn how to change the order of the effects in the Pre FX chain.

  • Using the Post FX 5:59

    Using the Post FX

    Take a look at adding Post effects after the amp section. This can include delays, reverbs, and any other time-based and/or modulation effects.

  • How to use the Input Section 6:26

    How to use the Input Section

    In this video, explore the Input section effects and learn the difference between these and the Amp Effects. The Input section is a good place to load up your Gates, Compressor, and Pitching effects.

  • Using the Master Section 3:39

    Using the Master Section

    This video covers effects you can add in the Master section and how these effects differ from the Input Effects. These can include master EQs, Compressors, and Limiters. Gary also explains the signal chain routing of these effects in the Master section.

  • Loading & Mixing Impulse Responses 4:47

    Loading & Mixing Impulse Responses

    Discover how to load Impulse Responses in the Post Filter section. This includes not only the stock speaker cabinet sounds, but you can also import your own Impulse Responses and see their frequency curve shape. Learn how you can mix the Impulses with the original Post Filter section.

  • Using 3rd Party Effects with Axiom 6:44

    Using 3rd Party Effects with Axiom

    Next up, Gary demonstrates how to add 3rd party effects, like VSTs and AU's, into Axiom, including setting up the proper file path directories. You can then search for these 3rd party effects - even other 3rd party amp sims! - when loading up effects into slots.

  • Using the ToneMap to Move Around Different Amp Tones 5:58

    Using the ToneMap to Move Around Different Amp Tones

    The ToneMap is a unique feature that allows you to blend and mix amp tones together. This video shows you how to load up presets within the ToneMap and illustrates how these are placed on a Spherical map. Learn how you can navigate around the field, dialing in a blend of presets!

  • Blending Amp Configurations with the Mix Dial 5:59

    Blending Amp Configurations with the Mix Dial

    Discover how you can load up or create two unique, different amp configurations and then either switch between the two or mix the two together with the Mix Dial.

  • How to Save Presets 5:34

    How to Save Presets

    This video shows you all the different areas where you can save your presets. There are multiple areas in which to save your settings, and these all point to different directory paths. Gary explains how to save each section and where it saves them.

  • Loading Up VSTis in the Tools Rack 2:54

    Loading Up VSTis in the Tools Rack

    Explore how to use the Tools Rack and how you can use it to load up virtual instruments. For example, you can load up a virtual drum or bass instrument into these slots. This means you can perform not only with Axiom as a guitar player, but also with MIDI controllers that can trigger drum and bass virtual instruments!

  • Assigning Parameters to MIDI Controls 3:45

    Assigning Parameters to MIDI Controls

    In this video, Gary illustrates how to quickly map parameters to an external MIDI controller.

  • Using Re-Guitar to Change the Pickup & Guitar Configuration 8:34

    Using Re-Guitar to Change the Pickup & Guitar Configuration

    Finally, discover how to use this unique tool, allowing you to virtually change the pickup and guitar configuration of your guitar! For example, change a humbucker to a single coil, a humbucker to piezo pickup, or even emulate an acoustic!

Product Overview

Metal maven Gary Hiebner presents in-depth Blue Cat Axiom video tutorials! If you want to learn how to achieve stellar guitar tones with Blue Cat Audio's killer amp sim plugin, this is the video series for you. Gary walks you through the plugin's formidable feature set from top to bottom, demonstrating along the way all the different methods you can use to customize and tailor your sound like never before. These videos are for new Blue Cat Axiom users.

Gary welcomes you and begins by introducing you to the plugin's interface, explaining how to setup your audio interface, connect your instrument, and use the built-in tuner. You'll then learn how to choose between the dozens of amp and speaker models, how to combine them, and how to recall a preset for instant tone-switching. Then you'll learn how to add effects in both Pre (before amp) and Post (after amp) sections, including tips on which types of effects generally sound best in each.

Next, explore how you can load your own impulse responses and even 3rd party VST and AU effects (including other amp sims!) into effect slots for extreme versatility and convenience. Then learn how the unique ToneMap feature allows you to blend several different amp models together for altogether new sounds!

Throughout the rest of the course, you'll learn how to save presets, load up VSTi instruments (drums, bass, etc.) for triggering drum and other sounds via MIDI controller, map parameters to MIDI controllers, and even virtually change the pickups in your guitar with the Re-Guitar feature!

To see exactly what these in-depth Blue Cat Axiom tutorials show you, and how they'll make getting killer tones a breeze, check out the individual Axiom video tutorial descriptions on this page. Set your guitar tones on fire... Watch “Blue Cat Axiom Explained®” today!

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