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Behringer Model D: Making a Track

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9 Videos | Length: 1hr 20min 56sec
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  • The Kick 9:08

    The Kick

    In this video, we create a kick drum from scratch using the self-oscillating filter with a fast envelope to create that low frequency thump with a tight mid range attack. We then add a secondary layer with a white noise patch to create a further high frequency transient.

  • The Snare 6:47

    The Snare

    Now we create a snare using 2 patches, the first with a square wave filtered down, and then a white noise layer. For enhancing this sound, we run the Model D through the H9 Max and Rose Pedal from Eventide, to add some spatial aspects to the snare sound.

  • Closed Hat 6:02

    Closed Hat

    In this video, we create a white noise based closed hat sound on a 16th pattern. A Spring Reverb is then added from the H9 and then we do a live-pass playing with the parameters of the H9 Max.

  • Open Hat 4:47

    Open Hat

    Now we make another white noise based hat sound playing on the off beat. This has a slightly different shape to it compared to the closed hat.

  • Adding a Bassline 10:33

    Adding a Bassline

    See how to add an arpeggiated bass patch and tailor it using the filter envelope and loudness contour. Finally we add some effects using our Eventide pedals, and after the sound is dialed in, we do a live-pass playing with the sound in real-time to create some live performance vibes and feel.

  • Adding a Lead Sound 10:02

    Adding a Lead Sound

    In this video, we create a Square Wave based lead patch which has reverb and delay added. Then we try out another live pass to create some movement and excitement to the patch.

  • Adding Various FX 12:17

    Adding Various FX

    Moving on we now create a couple of white noise crashes and FX risers using advanced patching to create extra movement to the sounds. We also add the H9 Max and Rose Pedal to give these sounds a nice space.

  • Adding Chords & Using the External Input 11:01

    Adding Chords & Using the External Input

    In this video, we add my Ju-06 to the setup and route its output through the Model D so we can use the filter on the Model D. We then add FX from the Eventide pedals and record this in live.

  • Final Arrangement & Mix 10:19

    Final Arrangement & Mix

    In this final video, we do some basic arrangement to keep the track moving along and also apply a little mixing to help pull the track together.

Product Overview

Synth wiz Larry Holcombe delivers a step by step Behringer Model D video tutorial series! See how to create a whole electronic music production using the Model D for all the parts, including a basic arrangement and mix. These videos offer a look at the workflows involved when using one monophonic hardware synthesizer to create an entire track and are designed for those who have some experience with the Behringer Model D. If you want to learn all about the Behringer Model D's features and functions, check out "Behringer Model D Explained®" here.

Larry begins with a welcome and then jumps right in, showing you how to design a proper kick drum patch from a blank preset. You'll then see how to craft the snare sound by using 2 patches, the first a square wave, and then a white noise layer. Larry then puts the snare sound through some external hardware effects to add spatial width and excitement.

Throughout the rest of the videos, Larry explains and explores how to design closed and open hi-hat presets, a cool arpeggiated bass patch, an undulating lead sound, and then various effects via a selection of Eventide hardware units.

For the polyphonic chords parts of the song, Larry demonstrates how to use the Model D's external input to filter a polyphonic synth through its filter section, resulting in that great Moog Model D filtered sound. Wrapping it up, Larry walks you through creating a basic arrangement and mix to pull the whole track together.

To see what these insightful Model D production tutorials show you, and how they'll get you going on your first song with the Behringer Model D, see the individual Model D video tutorial descriptions on this page. Create a whole track from scratch with the Behringer Model D today... Check out “Behringer Model D: Making a Track" now.

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