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Beginner’s Guide to Mastering with Ableton Live

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20 Videos | Length: 1hr 2min 19sec
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  • Introduction 0:50


    Adam welcomes you to the course and gives a preview of what he will be covering.

  • What is Mastering? 2:42

    What is Mastering?

    Mastering is all about taking your completed song, and creating the best possible audio file to distribute to the world.

  • Limiting / Maximization 3:51

    Limiting / Maximization

    Discover the most important part of mastering. Limiting maximizes the size of the waveform, within the fixed size of the audio file we're creating.

  • How to Set the Limiter 9:26

    How to Set the Limiter

    Learn how to set the amount of limiting with a simple technique, but there are some important limiting artifacts to learn first.

  • How Loud? & How to Measure Loudness 5:22

    How Loud? & How to Measure Loudness

    How loud should you make your track and why? Adam also shows you how to measure loudness.

  • How to Change Loudness 1:59

    How to Change Loudness

    Now that you've measured loudness and know what to aim for, see how you would actually change loudness for the better.

  • Sub Bass Level 2:28

    Sub Bass Level

    Explore how to check and set sub bass levels correctly so they have impact and fullness in your mix.

  • EQ / Tonal Balance 3:29

    EQ / Tonal Balance

    See why it's all about CHECKING the EQ / tonal balance of your mix.

  • Kicks & Setting Levels 4:45

    Kicks & Setting Levels

    Setting levels is easy once you know how a track SHOULD look. Learn how to do so, and also why it's safer to set kick level slightly higher than you think.

  • Mastering as a Separate Step 1:56

    Mastering as a Separate Step

    Discover why you should do mastering as a separate step/process, such as mastering a single audio track, and not in your original song project.

  • Export Options & File Types 6:58

    Export Options & File Types

    Now explore export options, including file types, sample rate, bit depth, dither, and render selection.

  • Headroom for MP3 Conversion 3:17

    Headroom for MP3 Conversion

    What is headroom? and then, how and why you need to leave headroom on your final master.

  • MP3 Export Length Bug 1:59

    MP3 Export Length Bug

    See why you need to be careful with the selection length when exporting to MP3.

  • Metadata 0:45


    Now learn what "?metadata" is, and how you can't add it directly using Ableton Live.

  • Mono Sub Bass 3:41

    Mono Sub Bass

    Should you make your sub bass, the lowest frequencies, mono? And if so, how? Also see why this DOESN'T fix any fundamental phase problems.

  • DC Offset 1:39

    DC Offset

    Explore what this is, and why it might be a problem, and then how to remove it.

  • Level Meters 2:15

    Level Meters

    Learn when it is OK and not OK to go "into the red".

  • Mixing vs Mastering 1:52

    Mixing vs Mastering

    See why we haven't discussed things like "multiband compression" and "mid-side EQ" yet.

  • How to Look at Mastering Chains / Racks 1:55

    How to Look at Mastering Chains / Racks

    Have a look at why mastering chains / racks should be "descriptive", not "prescriptive".

  • It's OK to Break the Rules 1:10

    It's OK to Break the Rules

    Yes... providing it serves a creative purpose!

Product Overview

Adam Pollard aka Multiplier, delivers a mastering video tutorial series designed for the beginner, covering the important topics needed to master your music in Ableton Live! Learn the basic principles and terminologies, as well as specific steps to take to get great sounding master files that you can publish to the world.

Adam welcomes you and then goes over what mastering actually is, followed by quite possibly the most important aspect of mastering, limiting. You'll then see how to properly set your limiter and how loud you should actually make it.

Throughout the rest of the series you'll explore topics such as setting sub bass and kick drum levels, using EQ to tonally balance your master mix, and why you should do mastering as a separate step. You'll also learn about export options & file types, headroom for MP3 conversion, and what Metadata is and how to use it.

Rounding it all out, Adam then goes into topics such as DC Offset, when it is OK and not OK to go "into the red" in your level meters, how to Look at Mastering Chains / Racks and much more.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you use Ableton Live and are now ready to get into mastering your songs and productions, this series will get you well on your way... Watch "Beginner's Guide to Mastering with Ableton Live" today.

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