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BIAS Amp 2 Explained®

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17 Videos | Length: 2hr 9min 49sec
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  • Introduction 0:50


    Jerry welcomes you and gives a brief introduction explaining what to expect in this video series.

  • Overview Pt. 1 10:41

    Overview Pt. 1

    Take a deep look at the User Interface with heavy focus on the Custom Panel, Preamp, the first Parametric EQ, and the Tone Stack.

  • Overview Pt. 2 8:00

    Overview Pt. 2

    Jerry continues the overview now focusing on the Power Amp, Transformer, Cabinet, second Parametric EQ & Amp Match feature.

  • The ToneCloud 5:57

    The ToneCloud

    Learn how to use the new improved Tonecloud to share custom made presets and download presets made by others.

  • The Preamp Section 10:29

    The Preamp Section

    Explore how the preamp section of Bias Amp 2 can be used to create and shape the incoming signal for a clean tone.

  • The Tone Stack Section 4:47

    The Tone Stack Section

    Watch and see how the Tone Stack section changes and interacts with the Parameters Section, as well as the components used to create the EQ Section in BIAS Amp 2.

  • The Power Amp Section 7:06

    The Power Amp Section

    Learn how to use the functionality of the Tone Stack to manipulate the signal going from the Tone Stack leading into the Transformer section.

  • The Transformer Section 10:06

    The Transformer Section

    Discover how to utilize the dynamic response of your incoming signal to shape the attack and sustain of your guitar and bass guitar tone.

  • The Cabinet Section 7:18

    The Cabinet Section

    See how to fine-tune a heavy tone by auditioning different components in the Cabinet Section resulting in a fully custom tone.

  • The EQ Section 6:11

    The EQ Section

    Explore using the EQ sections inside BIAS Amp 2 to add or subtract frequencies from your overall tone.

  • The Reverb & Gate 7:20

    The Reverb & Gate

    Learn about the many different types of reverbs inside BIAS Amp 2 and go over the Noise Gate and its uses.

  • Preamp Section Elite Features 10:20

    Preamp Section Elite Features

    Take a deep look at the Elite only features of the Preamp Section of BIAS Amp 2.

  • Power Amp Section Elite Features 10:51

    Power Amp Section Elite Features

    Learn about the Elite only features of the Power Amp Section of BIAS Amp 2.

  • Cabinet Section Elite Features 4:20

    Cabinet Section Elite Features

    Now explore the Elite only features of the Cabinet Section of BIAS Amp 2.

  • Amp Match 8:38

    Amp Match

    See how to use the new Amp Match feature found inside of BIAS Amp 2.

  • BIAS Amp 2 on Kick & Snare 9:37

    BIAS Amp 2 on Kick & Snare

    Watch how you can use Bias amp 2 as a tool to both EQ and Saturate a Kick and Snare Drum recording adding punch and clarity!

  • BIAS Amp 2 as a Snare Reverb 7:18

    BIAS Amp 2 as a Snare Reverb

    See how BIAS Amp 2 can be used to create a harmonically enriched Drum Reverb!

Product Overview

Product guru Jerry Mateo brings you the beginner's guide to Positive Grid's Bias Amp 2 virtual amp modeling and designing software solution!

Jerry begins by welcoming you and goes over what you'll learn in the series, followed by in-depth overviews of all the sections and components that make up Bias Amp 2.

Jerry then goes into finer detail, showing you everything you need to know about Bias Amp 2's awesome Tonecloud feature that lets you upload your own custom amp creations for others to use, or download other people's amp creations for your rig.

Then it's on to all the individual sections of Bias Amp 2, including the Preamp, Tone Stack, Power Amp, Transformer, Cabinet, EQ, and Reverb & Gate sections, and what they do, and how to use them to create killer amps for your guitars.

Jerry now covers the amazing Amp Match feature, as well as all the Elite version features and functions of Bias Amp 2.

Wrapping it up, you'll see ways to use Bias Amp in a more unconventional way, such as on Kick and Snare, or to create a cool harmonically enriched Snare Reverb.

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info. If you're new to Bias Amp 2, or are wanting to know more about it, watch "BIAS Amp 2 Explained" today.

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