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Bass Line Tutorial

AudioRealism Bass Line 2 Explained®

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8 Videos | Length: 36min 55sec
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  • Introduction 1:36


    Let me introduce you to ABL2. Classic 303 emulation plus more. First, I’ll get you going with presets and the basic layout so you can start experimenting right away.

  • Control 10:23


    Next, we have the first section of the synth. This is where we can access our menus, sync options and modes. We can also add color and harmonics using three different knobs; drive, distortion and volume.

  • Synth 3:09


    Onto the noise maker. This is where we will do most of the sound design. The layout and parameters are similar to a classic subtractive synthesizer. Not too many options, just enough.

  • Programming 5:52


    Now let’s start programming a pattern. In this video we will go over the basics. It’s very simple and straight forward. Set your steps, select your note and add flavor.

  • Programming with MIDI 4:49

    Programming with MIDI

    The mouse is great, but it can be slow when it comes to making music. Let’s go over how to use a MIDI controller to program patters. Once you set and learn the mappings, programming is a breeze.

  • Alternate Programming 6:26

    Alternate Programming

    Ok, for all you 303 purists here is a programming method very similar to the hardware. Set your notes in pitch mode then go back and set your gate in time mode. Piece of cake.

  • Pattern Analyzer 2:13

    Pattern Analyzer

    Ever wanted to virtualize your 303 hardware… and the patters on it? Now you can. ABL2 can extract all kinds of info from a recorded pattern. Watch how easy it is.

  • Automation 2:27


    Now that you have a pattern and a sound dialed in, we probably need to automate those parameters as we go. Good ol' DAW automation to the rescue. We can map parameters or use MIDI CCs. Both work great.

Product Overview

Resident synth master Scottie Dugan is pleased to bring you a series dedicated to the AudioRealism Bass Line 2 virtual synth! Learn all about this fantastic reproduction of the legendary Roland TB-303 synth that has dominated classic and modern EDM tracks with a sound that will always be in style.

Scottie begins with an Introduction showing you the Basic Layout of the silver beast and How to Get Going with all its Presets. The Control Section is then revealed, where you can access its Menus, Sync Options and Modes, as well as Add Color and Harmonics using the Drive, Distortion and Volume Knobs.

Next, Scottie goes over the section where you'll do most of your Sound Design, which includes Layout and Parameters that are similar to a Classic Subtractive Synthesizer. Moving on, Scottie demonstrates How to Program a Pattern both with your Mouse and an External MIDI Controller.

For the 303 purists, Scottie even demonstrates a ABL2 programming method very similar to the original TB-303 hardware, where you Set Your Notes in Pitch Mode first, then go back and Set Your Gate in Time Mode... Piece of cake!

Wrapping up the series, Scottie digs down into the Pattern Analyzer, where you can Virtualize Your 303 Hardware and the Patters on it! See how to Extract all Kinds of Info from a Recorded Pattern as well as Automate it from within your DAW.

If you use ABL2 in your songs and productions, see what Scottie Dugan has to show you about this killer TB-303 virtual reproduction... Watch "AudioRealism Bass Line 2 Explained" today!

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