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Arturia Vocoder V Explained®

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  • Introduction & Overview 4:12

    Introduction & Overview

    First, get a brief look at the broad aspects and nature of the Arturia Vocoder V, as well as a bit of history before digging further into the instrument.

  • The User Interface & Basic Operation 7:23

    The User Interface & Basic Operation

    Tyler gives you an in-depth overview of the main user interface and general layout of the Vocoder V so that you have a good initial idea of how to utilize it later for more detailed tasks.

  • Anatomy of a Vocoder 2:40

    Anatomy of a Vocoder

    A vocoder is more than just a synthesizer, and in this video, you'll learn to understand what is going on under the hood of any vocoder, so that you can put it to use specifically with the Vocoder V.

  • The Sample Player 8:08

    The Sample Player

    To get the vocoder sound, we first must send a signal through as a modulator for a carrier sound. Here, discover how you can use samples in the Sample Player as your modulator.

  • The Voice Input 3:50

    The Voice Input

    In standalone and in some DAWs, the Vocoder V can take a direct input from a microphone or audio source to be the modulator signal. Here, learn that process.

  • The Carrier Synthesizer 6:09

    The Carrier Synthesizer

    As we've seen, you need a carrier signal onto which the modulator will do its work. In this video, learn all about the synthesizer used to generate that signal.

  • The Vocoder Section 8:14

    The Vocoder Section

    There are a lot of little tweaks that can be done to hone in the operation of the Vocoder V and its 16 bands, which we will explore here in the Vocoder Section.

  • The Modulations Section 5:46

    The Modulations Section

    Aside from vocoding, you can modulate other parameters of your sound in ways more similar to other synthesizers and virtual instruments in the Modulations Section. See how!

  • The Effects 7:18

    The Effects

    Effects are the final touch to give your vocoded sound a nice polish on its output. The Vocoder V provides three slots with plenty of effects to choose from and decorate your output signal.

  • Utilizing Vocoder V Creatively 9:56

    Utilizing Vocoder V Creatively

    Now knowing what the Vocoder V does, watch how you can use it in many practical and experimental ways, all with creativity in mind.

  • Preset Management & the Browser 6:14

    Preset Management & the Browser

    As with all Arturia virtual instruments, the Browser is an excellent tool to keep things organized, as well as access the numerous factory presets, or even add your own. Here, Tyler covers this intuitively designed section in-detail.

  • Sound Design: Vocal & Bass Sounds 10:09

    Sound Design: Vocal & Bass Sounds

    In this video, watch how to use your new knowledge of the Vocoder V to make a great bass sound, and then take it to some interesting places through vocoding.

  • Sound Design: Lead Sound 8:37

    Sound Design: Lead Sound

    Now discover how to use the Vocoder V to make a more traditional solo lead sound that has some vocoder elements infused in the mix for interest and spice.

  • Sound Design: Vocoder Pad 8:09

    Sound Design: Vocoder Pad

    With the ability to approach envelopes via voice or sample control rather than a traditional ADSR envelope, see how to create a very cool and large, evolving pad sound.

  • Review & Conclusion 4:25

    Review & Conclusion

    Tyler wraps things up with a recap and some closing remarks before sending you off to make your own sounds that talk and more with the Vocoder V!

Product Overview

Synth wiz Tyler Coffin presents detailed Arturia Vocoder V tutorials! Learn all about Arturia's virtual recreation of a classic Moog vocoder from the '70s, including its features and functions, and how to make exciting sounds from scratch. These videos are designed for new Arturia Vocoder V users.

To start, Tyler welcomes you and demystifies the Arturia Vocoder V, giving you the history of the Vocoder and what it can do. Then you'll get an in-depth overview of the main user interface and general layout, so you can easily navigate it and find its important functions. Tyler then breaks down the anatomy of the Vocoder so you understand its signal flow and can put it to use in your DAW.

Then it's on to the nuts and bolts of the Vocoder V, such as using different sound sources like a sample played via the built-in Sample Player, the Voice Input to utilize a microphone or other audio source, and the built-in Carrier Synthesizer to generate a usable carrier sound. Tyler then covers all the other parts of the Vocoder V including the Vocoder Section, Modulations Section, Effects Section, and the Preset Management section so you can easily load and save your presets and sounds.

To complete the course, Sami gives you several sound design tutorials demonstrating how to use Vocoder V creatively, and make sounds from scratch, including a Bass, Lead, and Pad, as well as a classic vocoder patch.

To see exactly what these in-depth Arturia Vocoder V tutorials show you so you can start using the Vocoder V right away, see the individual Vocoder V video tutorial descriptions on this page. Apply that classic vocoder sound to your vocals, tracks, and productions today... Watch “Arturia Vocoder V Explained®”.

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