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  • Introduction & Overview 3:06

    Introduction & Overview

    We begin with a brief look at the broad aspects and nature of the Arturia Synthi V as well as a bit of history before digging further into this recreation of EMS's innovative classic synthesizer.

  • The User Interface & Basic Operation 6:38

    The User Interface & Basic Operation

    In this video, we look at the main interface and general layout of the Synthi V so that we have a good idea of its nature when we get into more specific topics.

  • The Synthi V Panel: The Modules 13:38

    The Synthi V Panel: The Modules

    With the Synthi V's modular nature, each section can be considered its own module that must be connected in the Pin Matrix to serve its purpose. Here, we take a look through the modules of the Synthi V so that we know their functions and capabilities.

  • The Synthi V Panel: The Pin Matrix 12:12

    The Synthi V Panel: The Pin Matrix

    Since we have been through each of the modules, it's now time to see how we can connect and use them in the Pin Matrix, which simplifies modular synthesis into a convenient and compact grid of pins.

  • The Keyboard Sequencer 7:39

    The Keyboard Sequencer

    The Synthi AKS provided one of the pioneering digital sequencers when it launched in 1972. In the Synthi V, we get a faithful recreation of that original sequencer. Though possibly considered primitive by today's standards, this sequencer's capabilities and limitations provide an interesting take on programming note patterns.

  • The Functions & Joystick 10:08

    The Functions & Joystick

    Now we jump into the Advanced Features, which add some helpful modern conveniences to the Synthi V. First, we look at the Functions, where we can program more complex one-shot or repeating envelopes and link them to essentially any parameter of the synth. Then, we look at the Joystick, which gives us X and Y axes to link more parameters that can be modulated and controlled.

  • Modulations & Effects 15:09

    Modulations & Effects

    In the Modulations section, we can further create connections between many parameters of the Synthi V, and also adjust the step sequencer (separate from the Keyboard Sequencer) and LFO sections. Then, we get into the Effects section, where we can add various types of sound processing on the output in serial or parallel routing patterns.

  • Preset Management & the Browser 6:09

    Preset Management & the Browser

    Here, we take a closer look through the Synthi V's browser and its wide selection of awesome sounds from Arturia. Then, we learn how to add our own presets and get them organized for future use.

  • Sound Design Example: Bass 6:54

    Sound Design Example: Bass

    In this video, we go through a few examples of sound design by creating some bass sounds that make use of Synthi's filter.

  • Sound Design Example: Leads 11:11

    Sound Design Example: Leads

    We now explore some examples of lead sound design utilizing ring modulation, distortion, and filter sweeps.

  • Advanced Sound Design Example: Pad Pt. 1 13:25

    Advanced Sound Design Example: Pad Pt. 1

    In this video, we continue our sound design examples with a Pad that employs some advanced modulation in both the Pin Matrix and the Modulations Section to deal with oscillator sync, sample and hold, a form of frequency modulation, and more.

  • Advanced Sound Design Example: Pad Pt. 2 5:23

    Advanced Sound Design Example: Pad Pt. 2

    We continue with the pad sound design by adding some effects to the output and some fine-tuning throughout, and then we take our sound out for a spin.

  • Sound Design Example: Experimental Effects Pt. 1 8:04

    Sound Design Example: Experimental Effects Pt. 1

    The EMS Synthi products, though able to do many tonal sounds, excelled at otherworldly sounds that no

  • Sound Design Example: Experimental Effects Pt. 2 11:37

    Sound Design Example: Experimental Effects Pt. 2

    Here we continue to use the Synthi V in a traditional, hardware-esque manner to perform a number of sonic experiments that can feed your imagination with fantastically strange effects to populate a world of sound.

  • Review & Conclusion 5:49

    Review & Conclusion

    Now that we've covered the technical aspects of the Synthi V and also looked into the creative side of it with some sound design examples, we sum things up with a quick recap and a few comments to get you on your way to make some amazing sounds with this amazing instrument!

Product Overview

Synth expert Tyler Coffin delivers tutorials on Arturia's most excellent recreation of the EMS Synthi synthesizer from the '70s! Explore and learn all of its features and functions as well as how to make sounds with this extraordinary virtual synth. These videos are designed for new Synthi V users.

Tyler starts with a brief history of the Synthi and then dives deep into the user interface and basic operation. He then explains how the Synthi is modular in nature, with each section its own module that must be connected in the Pin Matrix to serve its purpose. Tyler covers all the modules of the Synthi V so that you know their functions and capabilities.

Next, it's on to the Keyboard Sequencer which at the time was pioneering, and you'll see how its limitations provide even now an interesting take programming note patterns. More advanced functions are then explored and you'll see how the Synthi's unique XY Joystick can be used to modulate and control different parameters for wild sound creation.

Throughout the rest of the videos you'll learn all about the Synthi V's preset and browser functions and get in-depth sound design tutorials putting everything you learned and more, into creating Basses, Leads and Pads from scratch. Tyler then wraps it up with a video recap and gives you more tips to get you on your way and make some amazing sounds with this amazing virtual instrument.

To see what these concise and thorough Arturia Synthi V tutorials show you, and how they'll get you up and running fast, see the individual Synthi V video tutorial descriptions on this page. Become a Synthi V wiz and start making wild and interesting synth patches today... Watch “Arturia Synthi V Explained®” now.

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