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Arturia Prophet V Explained®

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  • Introduction & Overview 2:37

    Introduction & Overview

    Tyler begins by giving you a look at the broad aspects and nature of the Arturia Prophet V, as well as a bit of history before digging further into this recreation of Sequential Circuits' classic synthesizers.

  • The User Interface & Basic Operation 6:04

    The User Interface & Basic Operation

    In this video, we take a look at the main interface and general layout of the Prophet V so you have a good idea of its workflow when we get into more specific topics later in the course.

  • The Prophet 5 13:05

    The Prophet 5

    Here, we look at the first and more traditional section of the Prophet V, the faithful emulation of the Prophet 5. This instrument employed subtractive synthesis, which is common among analog modeled synthesizers, but this instrument was a classic for a reason... learn why!

  • The Prophet VS Pt. 1 10:13

    The Prophet VS Pt. 1

    Now we'll move into the Prophet VS section, which is almost as if we're traveling to an entirely different instrument. The Prophet VS employs digital Wavetable or Vector Synthesis to create its sound, which gives us a different outlook and many more opportunities with a new set of options to work in.

  • The Prophet VS Pt. 2 5:41

    The Prophet VS Pt. 2

    Here we continue through the Prophet VS, and finish up with an in-depth look at the modulations and audio/effects tabs.

  • Prophet Hybrid 7:06

    Prophet Hybrid

    The Prophet V allows you to put to use both the 5 and VS versions to create a Hybrid mode, which gives you the flexibility to take features from either and even combine them to make exciting new sounds.

  • Preset Management & the Browser 7:09

    Preset Management & the Browser

    Here, we explore the Prophet V's browser and its wide selection of awesome sounds included by Arturia. Then, we learn how to add our own presets and get them organized for future use.

  • Prophet V Sound Design Techniques 9:41

    Prophet V Sound Design Techniques

    In this video, we put the many controls we've been through into action by implementing a number of sound design principles to visualize the sound and see how we can edit and use it.

  • Sound Design: Bass 6:43

    Sound Design: Bass

    Learn how to make a fat bass sound that uses the Prophet V's digital and analog modeled features.

  • Sound Design: Lead 6:25

    Sound Design: Lead

    Now discover how to create some lead sounds that make use of the Prophet V's numerous features.

  • Sound Design: Pad 10:06

    Sound Design: Pad

    In this video, you'll learn how to design an evolving pad sound perfect for pad duty.

  • Review & Conclusion 2:29

    Review & Conclusion

    Now that you've covered the technical aspects of the Prophet V and creatively implemented that knowledge with some sound design examples, Tyler sums things up with a quick recap and a few comments to get you on your way to making great sounds with these virtual recreations of classic instruments!

Product Overview

Synth guru Tyler Coffin presents comprehensive Arturia Prophet V tutorials! See and hear how Arturia has recreated the classic Sequential Circuits synthesizers from the '80s. Dive deep into both the virtual Prophet 5 and Prophet VS's features and functions as well as how to make sounds with this dynamic synth duo. These videos are designed for new Arturia Prophet V users.

Tyler begins with a quick history of the Prophet synths and reveals their user interfaces and basic operation. He then starts with the prophet 5, showing how the instrument employed subtractive synthesis, which is common among analog synthesizers, but this instrument was a classic for a reason. See why!

Next, Tyler shows you all about the Prophet VS, which is almost an entirely different instrument, and how it employs digital Wavetable or Vector Synthesis to create its sound, which gives you a totally different sound design experience.

Throughout the rest of the videos you'll learn what all of the controls do on these powerful synths, how to combine both the Prophet 5 and Prophet VS to make amazing hybrid sounds, utilize their preset management and browser features, and put many of the controls into action by practicing sound design principles to help visualize the sound and see how to edit and use it.

Last but not least, you'll watch how to make classic and modern patches from scratch, including sonically intriguing Bass, Lead and Pad sounds.

To see what these in-depth Arturia Prophet V tutorials show you, and how they'll get you up to speed making and designing presets, see the individual Prophet V video tutorial descriptions on this page. Become a Prophet V pro and add that killer Sequential Circuits sound to your tracks today... Watch “Arturia Prophet V Explained®” now.

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