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Arturia Matrix-12 V Explained®

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  • Introduction & Overview 4:39

    Introduction & Overview

    First, get a brief look at the broad aspects and nature of the Arturia Matrix-12 V as well as a bit of history before digging further into this recreation of Oberheim's classic instrument.

  • The User Interface & Basic Operation 8:14

    The User Interface & Basic Operation

    In this video, you'll get acquainted with the main interface and general layout of the Matrix-12 V so you'll have a good initial idea of how to approach it in more detail moving forward.

  • The Oscillators 4:56

    The Oscillators

    The Voltage Controlled Oscillator, or VCO, is the foundation of virtually any analog synthesizer; the Matrix-12 V gives us two stellar ones. In this video, discover all these oscillators can do.

  • The Filter & FM Sections 5:49

    The Filter & FM Sections

    In this video, explore how we can further edit the output of our VCOs using the Filter and Frequency Modulation sections.

  • Modulations 5:37


    The Matrix-12 V's namesake was created to make modulations in a world of hardware a more streamlined process. This layout in virtual form is an excellent workflow to link all kinds of sources and destinations within the synthesizer.

  • Mod Sources & Additional Parameters 12:25

    Mod Sources & Additional Parameters

    As modulation sources, we have envelopes, LFOs, tracking, and more in the Matrix-12 V. Here, take a look at these sections as well as their additional "PAGE2" parameters.

  • The Effects 5:40

    The Effects

    The Matrix-12 V is stocked with some excellent effects that can be a finishing polish at the end of our signal. In this video, explore these effects and their applications.

  • Voices Page & Multi Mode 11:30

    Voices Page & Multi Mode

    The Voices Page allows you to define exactly how the polyphonic voices act with the Matrix-12 V. Also, discover Multi Mode, which allows you to assign entire presets to separate voices for keyboard splits or layering.

  • Preset Management & the Browser 5:45

    Preset Management & the Browser

    Arturia's intuitive preset browser does its job well in the Matrix-12 V. In this video, take a look at how it can keep our many sounds organized.

  • Sound Design Example: Bass 5:32

    Sound Design Example: Bass

    In this video, follow along as Tyler creates a fairly simple bass sound to get our toes wet in the world of sound design with the Matrix-12 V.

  • Sound Design Example: Lead 7:46

    Sound Design Example: Lead

    Next, take your sound design ideas a little further to create a lead sound using the Matrix-12 V.

  • Sound Design Example: Pad 11:28

    Sound Design Example: Pad

    Finally, Tyler pulls out all the stops to create a huge pad sound that employs many of the powerful features granted by the Matrix-12 V.

  • Review & Conclusion 4:25

    Review & Conclusion

    Here, you'll get a quick review of all you've learned in the Matrix-12 V plus a few closing remarks so that you're fully prepared to jump in and create endless great sounds with this phenomenal instrument!

Product Overview

Synth expert Tyler Coffin presents comprehensive Arturia Matrix-12 V video tutorials! If you want help deciphering the impressive array of controls and features on this synth so you can get down to making some sounds quickly, this course tis for you! Tyler breaks down the key components of this software, starting from the top and working through the advanced features in a logical, easy-to-follow method. These videos are for new Arturia Matrix-12 V users.

Tyler welcomes you and begins with some history of the famous Oberheim Matrix-12 before getting you acquainted with the interface and basic operation of the instrument. Next, he covers the two oscillators in detail and demonstrates their sound and functionality, followed by a description of the Filter and FM Sections, both of which provide further sonic possibilities for the oscillators.

Moving on, you'll explore the world of modulation in the Matrix-12 V, which is - just like the original - quite formidable. Learn how to link an extensive set of sources and destinations within the synthesizer for nearly limitless exploration of sound.

Throughout the rest of the course, Tyler covers the remaining features in great detail, including the onboard effects, the Voices Page and Multi Mode (for control over how the polyphonic voices behave and setting up keyboard splits and layering), present management, and more. Finish off by designing three different sounds along with Tyler - bass, lead, and pad - so you'll be armed with the knowledge to create your own unique voices on the Matrix-12 V!

To see exactly what these in-depth Arturia Matrix-12 V tutorials show you, and how you can quickly begin to add the instrument's classic tones to your musical productions, check out the individual Arturia Matrix-12 V video tutorial descriptions on this page. Unlock the potential of this incredible synth today... Watch “Arturia Matrix-12 V Explained®” now!

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