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Arturia Analog Lab 4 Explained®

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  • Introduction & Overview 2:34

    Introduction & Overview

    To begin, Tyler gives a brief look at the broad aspects and nature of Arturia's Analog Lab 4 so you have a foundation to build with as you progress through the videos.

  • Interface & Setup 5:42

    Interface & Setup

    Get an in-depth explanation of the user interface, as well as the settings for MIDI control when using Analog Lab 4.

  • Browser & Preset Management 9:39

    Browser & Preset Management

    In this video, look at Analog Lab's browser, where you can find a wide array of sounds from the many Arturia instruments included, centralized and neatly organized in one place. With the addition of A.I. based browsing, we have many intuitive ways to find exactly the sound we want.

  • Single Sound & Multi Modes 3:20

    Single Sound & Multi Modes

    Now discover how you can take your sounds from Single Sound Mode and layer them together in Multi Mode to get awesome new combinations of sounds from Arturia's extensive library of instruments.

  • The Mixer & Effects 12:04

    The Mixer & Effects

    Learn the ways you can edit the output of Analog Lab 4, whether by adjusting levels or by adding color or character with the included effects on the presets. You'll also discover the Mixer's MIDI setting feature to set keyboard splits and a few other controls.

  • Controls & Macros 6:16

    Controls & Macros

    In this video, you'll see how to set internal controls and macros to command multiple parameters, and create a custom connection between your knobs and the instruments.

  • Concerts & Stage Mode 6:45

    Concerts & Stage Mode

    Explore how Analog Lab 4 can be used in live scenarios with Concerts and the Stage Mode. These make the intricate workings of the many parameters more accessible for creative performance purposes.

  • Creating Presets & Usage Examples 13:15

    Creating Presets & Usage Examples

    To get a grasp on some real-world usage of Analog Lab 4, follow along with a few examples for when using the plug-in and the included sound engines.

  • Conclusion & Review 4:24

    Conclusion & Review

    To close things out, learn a few final points and get a brief review to get you on your way to playing and making all kinds of fantastic sounds from all the instruments in Analog Lab 4.

Product Overview

Tyler Coffin delivers in-depth Arturia Analog Lab 4 tutorials! Learn all about the powerful workflow and sound design features found in Analog Lab 4. These Analog Lab videos are for those just starting out with Analog Lab 4, and want to get up and running fast, as well as know about more advanced Analog lab features.

Tyler first introduces Analog Lab 4 and then goes over the basics, such as the Analog Lab interface, and making proper MIDI settings and connections. Next you'll discover the powerful Browser and Preset Management options, including the A.I. feature which uses artificial intelligence to predict and make preset suggestions!

Moving on, you'll learn all about Analog Lab 4's mixer section and FX, allowing you to add color and character to your sounds, as well as ways to control and alter patch sounds with powerful Macros mapped to your controller's knobs and buttons. Tyler then goes deep into Concerts and Stage Mode, which is perfect for when performing live with Analog Lab 4. Wrapping it up, see some real-world usage scenarios with Analog Lab 4, and more.

To know what each Analog Lab 4 tutorial shows you and how they can get you up and running fast with Analog Lab 4, see the individual Analog Lab tutorial descriptions on this page. If you're new to Arturia Analog Lab 4, this series of Analog Lab 4 videos will get you started on the right foot and then some... Learn Analog Lab 4 inside and out... Watch “Analog Lab 4 Explained®” today.

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