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Arranging Pop Horns Explained®

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9 Videos | Length: 1hr 28min 6sec
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  • Introduction 3:40


    Get an overview of what will be covered in this course.

  • Unison & Octave Doubling 10:06

    Unison & Octave Doubling

    Get a sense of the flavour and ranges of each of the main brass and woodwind instruments as they are doubled in various combinations, playing a simple riff either in unison or an octave apart.

  • Harmonizing in Thirds 8:44

    Harmonizing in Thirds

    Explore various settings using two wind instruments harmonized in thirds.

  • Harmonizing in Sixths 7:49

    Harmonizing in Sixths

    Hear what two note voicings sound like when parts are voiced a sixth apart. And then hear the result of doubling each of these parts with other instruments.

  • Thirds & Sevenths 8:19

    Thirds & Sevenths

    Learn how to work with two horn voicings using the third and seventh degrees of underlying chord progressions.

  • Three Note Voicings 12:03

    Three Note Voicings

    See how the two note voicings from the last video are enhanced with "color notes"; extensions to the basic chords, that create a richer sounding harmony. Hear the contrast between open voicings, where the three voices are spread apart, versus close voicings, where they are all within the same octave. And explore the use of triadic harmony, where the third, fifth, and seventh degrees of the scale are used to outline the chords, rather than the root, third, and fifth.

  • Four Note Closed Position Voicings 12:56

    Four Note Closed Position Voicings

    Explore various instrumentation and approaches to "closed" voicings when creating parts for four horns.

  • Drop 2 Voicings 11:07

    Drop 2 Voicings

    Explore the more open sound of Drop 2 horn voicings where the second part is dropped down an octave, resulting in chords spread out over a wider range.

  • Working with Five Horns 13:22

    Working with Five Horns

    Discover the use of wide open voicings, fourths, splitting the horns so they aren't all playing together, and combining different voicings to create a unified arrangement.

Product Overview

Do you need horn parts for your Pop songs and productions? Well Eli Krantzberg shows you just what you need to know to create killer horn section parts for both real horns or MIDI programmed horns!

In this series designed for beginner to intermediate arrangers, Eli starts with an introduction, explaining exactly what to expect from the series, and then jumps right in, covering the art of Unison and Octave Doubled horn lines.

Harmonizing in 3rds, 6ths and 7ths are then all explained and explored, enabling you to write awesome sounding horn sections with a variety of colors and sound.

Eli then gets into voicings, including 3 and 4 note voicings, followed by Drop 2 voicings, which give your horn section parts a more spread out sound, great for wrapping around other instruments.

Finishing it up, Eli explains and demonstrates how to work and write for a five piece horn section, utilizing wide open voicings, fourths, splitting the horns so they aren’t all playing together, and combining different voicings to create a professional unified arrangement.

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info. If you’re ready to add some horns to your Pop productions, this series is a must see. Check out “Arranging Pop Horns Explained” today and blow up your tracks!

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