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Arlen Roth - Masters of the Stratocaster

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13 Videos | Length: 1hr 57min 19sec
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  • The Stratocaster 7:59

    The Stratocaster

    In this first video, Arlen Roth welcomes you to the series and talks about the legendary Fender Stratocaster guitar, and some of the legends that played with it.

  • Eric Clapton Style (ex. 1-5) 4:06

    Eric Clapton Style (ex. 1-5)

    Arlen, shows some examples of the Eric Clapton playing style.

  • Mark Knopfler Style (ex. 6-9) 2:13

    Mark Knopfler Style (ex. 6-9)

    In this video, Arlen discusses Mark Knopfler's playing style.

  • Buddy Guy Style (ex 10-11) 10:26

    Buddy Guy Style (ex 10-11)

    Arlen discusses the playing style of Buddy Guy, before Buddy himself comes on and gives insight to his playing.

  • Otis Rush Style 11:06

    Otis Rush Style

    Learn about the playing style of Otis Rush.

  • Blending Blues and Country Sounds (ex. 12-13) 5:21

    Blending Blues and Country Sounds (ex. 12-13)

    In this video, Arlen talks about his playing, which is a blend of Blues and Country sounds.

  • Ronnie Earl 6:25

    Ronnie Earl

    Ronnie Earl shows us some chords he uses.

  • Rhythm Guitar (ex. 14-15) 18:16

    Rhythm Guitar (ex. 14-15)

    Nils Lofgren, Eric Johnson, Robin Trower, Gil Parris, and Debbie Davies show us the art of playing rhythm guitar.

  • Jimi Hendrix (ex. 16-18) 15:31

    Jimi Hendrix (ex. 16-18)

    See Eric Johnson, Jimmy Thackery, Joe Bonamassa, Robin Trower, and Buddy Guy discuss Jimi Hendrix while also playing chords and riffs in his style.

  • Jeff Beck Style (ex. 19-20) 2:49

    Jeff Beck Style (ex. 19-20)

    In this video, Arlen discusses Jeff Beck's playing style.

  • Slide in Open E Tuning (ex. 21-24) 14:00

    Slide in Open E Tuning (ex. 21-24)

    Arlen discusses playing slide in an open E tuning before we see a Jam with Lee Roy Parnell.

  • Slide in Standard Tuning (ex. 25-26) 3:46

    Slide in Standard Tuning (ex. 25-26)

    See Arlen demonstrate playing slide in a standard tuning before Mick Taylor comes on and gives more examples.

  • Slide in Open G Tuning 15:21

    Slide in Open G Tuning

    In this final video, learn about playing slide in an open G tuning, as well as the style of Bonnie Raitt and discussion with Lee Roy Parnell.

Product Overview

Spend some time with guitar master Arlen Roth, and decipher the styles and techniques of some of the greatest exponents of the best-selling electric guitar of all time, the Fender Stratocaster!

Arlen explores and explains the playing styles of such Strat greats as Buddy Guy, Otis Rush, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Mark Knopfler, Ronnie Earl, Duke Rollibard, Nils Lofgren, Eric Johnson, Robin Trower, Lee Roy Parnell, Mick Taylor, Jeff Beck, and Bonnie Raitt.

See why this guitar has made musical history over and over again, as well as hooked some of the most legendary players of all time.

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