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Alex de Grassi - Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar

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12 Videos | Length: 1hr 35min 42sec
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    In this first video, Alex de Grassi welcomes you to the course and discusses how accents bring out key melodic and rhythmic notes in the music. He shows you some examples of accents.

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    Cross String Picking

    Alex explores cross string picking, and shows how they it is used to play melodies, scales, and rhythmic patterns.

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    In this video, Alex shows how controlling the volume can make the music three dimensional.

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    Glissandos & Slides

    Alex shows how to change the rhythmic character and feel using Glissandos & Slides.

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    Hammer-Ons & Pull-Offs

    Alex demonstrates the two techniques, Hammer-Ons & Pull-Offs.

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    Polyrhythms & Cross Rhythms

    In this video, Alex demonstrates the use of cross rhythms and polyrythms, and how they are used.

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    String Stopping: Picking Hand

    Alex shows how to control the duration of notes using your picking hand.

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    String Stopping: Fret Hand

    In this video, Alex shows how to control the duration of notes using your fret hand.

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    Timbre: Contrasting Tone With Color

    Alex discusses using bright and dark colrs to contrast the tone.

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    Tone Production: Fingers

    Alex shows how to use the picking hand, specifically the fingers, to produce tone.

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    Tone Production: Thumb

    In this video, Alex shows how to use the thumb to pick and produce tone.

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    Vibrato & Pitch Modulation

    In this final video, Alex discusses the vibrato and pitch modulation techniques.

Product Overview

In this Hal Leonard video tutorial series, Grammy nominee Alex de Grassi, who is often cited as one of the world's top fingerstyle, steel-string guitarists, brings a unique voice to the art of acoustic guitar with his evocative compositions and arrangements, a highly orchestrated sound, and sheer virtuosity.

This video tutorial series features a dozen lessons on acoustic guitar tone and technique, taught by a true fingerstyle master. Topics covered include: accents, cross string picking, dynamics, glissandos and slides, hammer-ons and pull-offs, polyrhythms and cross rhythms, string stopping, timbre, tone production, vibrato and pitch modulation, and more!

If you play acoustic guitar this video series is a must watch.

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