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Addictive Drums 2 Explained®

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15 Videos | Length: 1hr 46min 9sec
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  • Introduction 1:00


    Todd gives an overview of all the features we'll explore in Addictive Drums 2.

  • Registration & Installation 7:09

    Registration & Installation

    Learn how to register, install and authorize Addictive Drums 2 using the XLN Online Installer.

  • Stand Alone Software 7:22

    Stand Alone Software

    Todd explores the stand-alone version of Addictive Drums 2 as well as the top section where windows and other important commands are found.

  • The Gallery & Explore Pages 4:08

    The Gallery & Explore Pages

    See how you can explore and audition AD Packs and kits.

  • The Kit Page 8:27

    The Kit Page

    Learn how to browse and audition kit pieces, as well as make changes to kit piece settings.

  • The Edit Page - Pt. 1 10:19

    The Edit Page - Pt. 1

    The top section of the edit page has powerful kit piece shaping functions, including pitch and volume envelopes as well as the new tone designer feature.

  • The Edit Page - Pt. 2 8:36

    The Edit Page - Pt. 2

    The bottom section of the edit page has insert effects, including EQ, compression, distortion and tape emulation. It also includes mic position controls for kick, snare and room mics, as well as bus send controls. Todd explores all of theses parameters.

  • The FX Page 7:19

    The FX Page

    Explore XLN's 'Delerb' reverb and delay processor, how to route and tweak the two Delerbs.

  • The Beats Page 10:58

    The Beats Page

    Learn how to search and filter beats to find and sort your favorites. Todd explores the Grid Search feature as well as the powerful Transform function to customize beats.

  • The Mixer Section 5:24

    The Mixer Section

    See how drums can be mixed, routed to FX, the send bus, and to individual outputs.

  • The Audio Recorder & Snapshots 5:08

    The Audio Recorder & Snapshots

    Learn how to use these handy features to grab drum hits and loops as audio, and how to temporarily save current settings using snapshots.

  • The Map Window - Pt. 1 6:03

    The Map Window - Pt. 1

    Explore the various MIDI map presets, including several for popular electronic drum kits, how to customize maps to kits and keyboards, as well as how to modify velocity settings for kit pieces.

  • The Map Window - Pt. 2 4:58

    The Map Window - Pt. 2

    Discover the advanced settings in the map window, including hi hat CC adjustments, positional settings and cymbal choke settings.

  • Using AD2 in Host Applications 8:08

    Using AD2 in Host Applications

    Todd uses Ableton Live, Cakewalk Sonar X3 and Presonus StudioOne 2 as examples of how to integrate Addictive Drums into your DAW.

  • Pro Tools & Direct Output Routing 11:10

    Pro Tools & Direct Output Routing

    Learn how to use AD2 in Pro Tools, including using direct outs from AD2 to separate tracks in Pro Tools for more mixing possibilities.

Product Overview

Todd Tatnall returns with a new series on XLN Audio's Addictive Drums 2! Learn all about this world-class virtual drum software package inside and out, as well as creative uses and tips & tricks.

Todd starts with detailed videos giving you a solid Overview of the AD2 GUI, How to Register and Install it, as well as an in-depth look at the Stand Alone version of Addictive Drummer 2. Todd then breaks down the Gallery and Explore Pages, followed by the Kit, Edit, FX and Beats Pages, so you know exactly where to find all the important features and functions, and how to use them.

Continuing on, Todd now reveals the Mixer Section, and How to Route, Mix and Send different signals to different places within AD2 for further Applying of Effects and Outputs. The Audio Recorder and Snapshots are then explained, allowing you to Grab Drum Hits and Loops as Audio, and Save Current Settings Using Snapshots.

The Map Window is now up, and you'll discover the various MIDI Map Presets, including several for Popular Electronic Drum Kits, How to Customize Maps to Kits and Keyboards, as well as How to Modify Velocity Settings for Kit Pieces, Hi-Hat CC Adjustments, Positional Settings and Cymbal Choke Settings.

Wrapping up the series, Todd shows you How to Use AD2 in Different DAW Hosts, including How to Setup Multiple Direct Outs from AD2 into Separate Tracks in the DAW. If you're ready to become addicted to stellar drums sounds, get "Addictive Drums 2 Explained" today and make your drum tracks shine.

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