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Accusonus Regroover Pro Explained®

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  • Overview 6:05


    Marcus gives a brief introduction to Regroover Pro and speaks about the different use cases for the plug-in. In addition, he gives a quick tour of the GUI, and discusses his goal for the series.

  • Installation & General Workflow Tips 11:04

    Installation & General Workflow Tips

    Marcus demonstrates the basic install process of Regroover, as well as taking a detailed look at a project from an expansion kit add-on from the Accusonus website. In addition, he also demonstrates some extremely useful key commands, and workflow tips for working with Regroover.

  • Importing Loops & Samples 2:34

    Importing Loops & Samples

    Marcus covers the different ways in which audio can be imported into Regroover, including the Layers, and Expansion Pads.

  • Working with the Analysis Controls 8:47

    Working with the Analysis Controls

    Learn how to use various parameters within the Analysis Controls section of Regroover to improve or edit the Analysis "split" performed by Regroover.

  • The Annotation Tool 18:39

    The Annotation Tool

    See how to use the annotation tool in order to edit the individual Layers, and improve the separation of discrete elements in your loops for further manipulation down the line.

  • Working with Layer Markers 4:44

    Working with Layer Markers

    Marcus demonstrates how the Layer Markers can be used to alter or completely "regroove" a loop, simply by changing the duration and timing of discrete layers in your loops.

  • Working with Layer FX 6:41

    Working with Layer FX

    Discover how to use the built in Layer FX in Regroover to tweak your layers as needed, with Gating, Eq, Compression, & Saturation.

  • Working with the Expansion Pads 8:32

    Working with the Expansion Pads

    Marcus demonstrates how the expansion pads can be used to further manipulate your groove patterns, by extracting & importing samples into Regroover.

  • Programming MIDI 5:20

    Programming MIDI

    Watch how to program MIDI for the expansion kit, and how it can interact with Regroover to augment or alter a pattern.

  • Expansion Pad FX 5:54

    Expansion Pad FX

    Now see how to use the built in Expansion Pad FX to process your samples and one-shots that have been imported into the Expansion Pads section of Regroover.

  • Understanding Host/Sync Modes 11:12

    Understanding Host/Sync Modes

    Marcus gives a detailed explanation of the "Host" mode button in Regroover, and more specifically how it affects the internal sequencer of Regroover when playing layers and synced to DAW Playback and MIDI notes.

  • Master FX 4:10

    Master FX

    Marcus demonstrates how to manage the overall stereo output level or Regroover, and how to protect from any potential clipping in your productions.

  • Multi Out Routing 8:59

    Multi Out Routing

    Learn how to manage your output routing for discrete control of Layers, and Expansion Kit Pads in Regroover Pro.

  • Export Options Pt. 1 7:22

    Export Options Pt. 1

    In this video, Marcus demonstrates the various different options available within your DAW (in this case - PreSonus Studio One) when it comes to rendering, and/or printing your discrete outputs from Regroover.

  • Export Options Pt. 2 11:13

    Export Options Pt. 2

    Picking up from where he left off in Part 1, Marcus goes into further detail with the export options, this time taking a look at the export options located directly within Regroover Pro.

  • Regroover Menu & Settings 4:58

    Regroover Menu & Settings

    See how to edit or alter the different MIDI modes in Regroover Pro, with respect to the Layers, and Expansion Pads MIDI mode behavior.

  • Regroover Pro in Action 19:48

    Regroover Pro in Action

    In this final video of the series, Marcus takes all of the concepts, tips, & techniques covered in the series, and shows how to use Regroover Pro in real-time on a production project. In addition, he also covers how to save and recall your own Regroover Pro Projects for future use.

Product Overview

Studio wiz Marcus Huyskens presents the most comprehensive video tutorial series available on Accusonus Regroover Pro. Learn all about this amazing plug-in’s features and functions, as well as see and hear it in action, and what it can do for your productions, beat making and remixes!

Marcus starts off by welcoming you and then talks about the different uses for Regroover, and then gives a quick tour of the GUI and discusses the goal for the series.

Then starting from the beginning, you’ll learn about Installation & General Workflow Tips, Importing Loops & Samples, Working with the Analysis Controls and Markers, the Annotation Tool, using Layer FX, Expansion Pads, and Programming MIDI in Regroover Pro.

Marcus then covers some advanced topics like Understanding Host/Sync Modes, using Master FX, Multi Out Routing, Expansion Kits, Export Options, and Editing MIDI Modes and more.

Wrapping it all up, Marcus gives you a complete “In-Action” video using everything you’ve learned in the series to use Regroover Pro in real-time on a production project.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you have Regroover Pro and want to get the most out of it, or are just curious about what this musical alien technology can do for your productions, stop right here… Watch “Accusonus Regroover Pro Explained®” today!

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