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Chapter 1 : Ableton Push Explained

  • Introduction 6:42


    In this video Scottie will introduce you to Push and go over its main features and sections. Scottie also plugs it in and makes sure it’s working with Live 9.

  • The Browser 6:25

    The Browser

    Now that everything is setup, let’s capture some of our ideas. Scottie starts with a basic drum idea, loads a preset, auditions different sounds and comes up with his first idea.

  • Recording Drums 9:29

    Recording Drums

    In this video Scottie will takes advantage of one way Push can record by manually playing a part and capturing the performance. Scottie also uses the tools available to use to make sure the part is perfectly in time or in the groove.

  • Step Sequencing Drums 5:12

    Step Sequencing Drums

    Next, Scottie records drums using the time testing drum sequencer. Push incorporates some old and new ideas of sequencing to make life easy and the workflow fast.

  • Melody on Push 5:53

    Melody on Push

    Next let’s create a melody. To do this, we need to understand how Push handles melodic instruments. This video will explain everything you need to know about playing melodies with Push.

  • Recording Melodies 3:41

    Recording Melodies

    Now that we know how Push is setup as a melodies instrument, let’s record our first melodic idea. Same thing as our first drum idea; hit record and capture out performance.

  • Step Sequence Melodies 4:01

    Step Sequence Melodies

    Let’s move on to the second way to record melodies. Again we have a step sequencer but it’s setup just a little differently to reflect a pitch choice per step. Scottie uses this mode when searching for something new or a happy accident.

  • Find the Perfect Sound 11:11

    Find the Perfect Sound

    In this video, Scottie browses and auditions different instruments and finds the perfect one. He also dives into each instrument and changes all its parameters with Push’s touch encoders.

  • Additional Instruments 5:55

    Additional Instruments

    In this video Scottie begins rounding out our idea with additional instruments. We will be adding tracks and navigating around our Set.

  • Additional Parts 7:16

    Additional Parts

    Now let’s start working on the different sections of our idea. Scottie will use Push along with Live’s Session View to seamlessly create... never needing to stop the music or flow.

  • Mixing 4:49


    Next, we will begin finalizing our idea and turn it into a song. We have full mix control with Push including Volume, Pan, Sends, Solo and Mute.

  • Add Effects 14:47

    Add Effects

    Now let’s start the refinement. Scottie adds utility effects like EQ and compression as well as creative effects like Verb, Delay and Saturation.

  • Automation 11:34


    Let’s take our mixing to the next level with automation. We can record automation with Push in different ways. Manually, by moving parameters and capturing those moves, as well as using a step sequencer.

  • Performing with Push 3:56

    Performing with Push

    Next let’s take a look at how Push can be used as a tool on stage. We can Launch clips and Scenes as well as control any parameter within our Live Set. Push comes ready to go out of the box and everything is auto mapped after plugging it in. But what if we want our own mappings and control?.. Welcome to user mode... where everything is fair game.

  • Taking a Look at Live 5:10

    Taking a Look at Live

    In this final video let’s take a look at what we’ve done, by looking at the User Interface in Live we can associate all of our actions on Push with what is happening in the software.

Chapter 2 : Live 9.2 Update

  • Hardware Updates 5:32

    Hardware Updates

    9.2 brings some great features and updates to the hardware. Note mode has some updates for both drum racks and melodic instruments. The ribbon controller can now be a mod wheel in addition to pitch bend. Finally, there are some great enhancements when working with the encoders.

Product Overview

Ableton Live is one of the most unique DAWs, and Ableton Push is an equally as unique instrument. Ableton Live guru Scottie Dugan shows you this incredible performance controller in detail, and how it can give your music a creative push!

Scottie first introduces Ableton Push and shows you how to connect it to Live. He then dives right into the Browser and how to use Push to Record and Step Sequence Drums. But Push isn't just a rhythm tool... Scottie now shows you how to Create, Record, and Step Sequence a Melody using Push.

Moving on, you'll see how you can Add Additional Instruments and Parts for your Song using Push. Once your idea is taking shape as a complete song, Scottie teaches you how to use Push to Mix, Add Effects, and Automation to your creation.

With your masterpiece now complete, you'll explore how to use Push as a Performance Instrument and associate everything you do with Push with the Live Software.

The Ableton Live 9.2 update brings new features to Ableton Push, and Scott takes you through those updates with a new video. He explores the updates to Note Mode, Drum Racks, Melodic Instruments, The Ribbon Controller, and the Encoders.

If you just picked up Ableton Push or you're an advanced user looking for more ways to use this powerful instrument, do some Push Ups and watch "Ableton Push Explained" today!

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