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Ableton Push 2 Explained®

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Chapter 1 : Ableton Push 2 Explained

  • Introduction 4:17


    Let's set up Push 2 and take a quick tour of the instrument.

  • The Browser 5:35

    The Browser

    The browser is where we find instruments, sounds, effects, and samples. We can preview and load up anything on our computer.

  • Playing Drums 5:44

    Playing Drums

    Working with drums on Push is a dream. We'll go over what all the colors mean and how to swap sounds in and out.

  • Recording Drums 7:57

    Recording Drums

    We can record a performance and with the touch of a button immediately overdub. Quantizing is amazingly simple too.

  • Sequencing Drums 9:22

    Sequencing Drums

    Not only can we record a performance, we can step sequence drums as well. Once the steps have been created we can go back and modify timing and velocity.

  • Playing Melodies 9:27

    Playing Melodies

    Loading a melodic instrument completely changes Push 2's interface. We will discover how to play scales, chords, and how to change keys and scales.

  • Sequencing Melodies 7:34

    Sequencing Melodies

    Once a melody or chord pattern has been recorded we can go back and modify those note's timing, length and velocity. We will also touch on navigating through a set.

  • Working with Samples 5:24

    Working with Samples

    There are three modes depending on what kind of content we're working with: Classic, One-Shot, and Slicing.

  • Simpler Modes 13:01

    Simpler Modes

    Let's take a deeper look at each mode. Each one allows us to work with a sample in a different way.

  • Deeper Into Simpler 4:47

    Deeper Into Simpler

    Simpler's magic really comes from its ability to warp samples. Let's see how that works with Push 2.

  • Finding the Perfect Sound 9:20

    Finding the Perfect Sound

    In this video we will explore adding and using Audio and MIDI effects.

  • The Mix 5:02

    The Mix

    Mixing with Push is incredibly easy. We'll also look at the master track and how to utilize devices there.

  • Automation 5:54


    This is an area Live and Push 2 shine. We will explore automating both parameters and individual steps within the drum and melodic step sequencer.

  • Session View 4:35

    Session View

    Finally, let's take a look at what we've created. We will also move over to the software and take a look at what it looks like there.

Chapter 2 : 2 9.7 & 10 Updates

  • New Layouts & Modes 12:06

    New Layouts & Modes

    Take a look at a few new ways to program drums and melodic ideas with Push 2 with the additions to Live 10.

  • Workflow Enhancements 7:22

    Workflow Enhancements

    Discover some new features that allow you to do more with Push, and touch your mouse even less.

  • Visual Feedback 6:16

    Visual Feedback

    Learn about some beautiful visuals that can tell you more and give feedback about your instruments and effects, creating a better workflow.

Product Overview

Ableton’s flagship hardware product Push 2 and Live are a marriage made in heaven, and Live expert Scottie Dugan demonstrates how you can use them to write and perform, as well as make your tracks and beats bump!

Shot in both Live 9 & 10, and fully compatible with Live 11, Scottie introduces Ableton Push 2 and shows you around its Browser and how to Navigate its interface. He then covers how to Play, Record and Step Sequence Drums and Beats. But Push isn’t just a rhythm tool… Scottie shows you how to Create, Record, and Step Sequence Melodies using Push.

Scottie then dives deep into working with Samples, and Ableton Live’s unique sampler, Simpler. He explores how Push 2 can be used to work in Simpler’s three different modes: Classic, One-Shot, and Slicing, and how Push 2 can be used when you’re warping samples. Finally, Scottie demonstrates how you can Mix and Automate your projects using Push 2.

Whether you’re new to Ableton Push 2 or you’re a more experienced user looking for more expert techniques, don’t miss “Ableton Push 2 Explained!”

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