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Ableton Live Tutorial

Ableton Live: Songwriting & Sound Design Ideas

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18 Videos | Length: 2hr 24min 49sec
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  • image description 3:57

    Composing with Session vs Arrangement View

    In this video, Gary introduces you to what will be covered in the course, and then goes into detail on the difference between the Session View and Arrangement View, and how you can use them to compose your music.

  • image description 7:33

    Using Clips for Ideas

    Take a look at how you can record ideas to clips in the Session view, and then how you can drag these across to the Arrangement view to build up an arrangement.

  • image description 5:53

    Recording Ideas to the Arrangement View

    See how to launch clips and record the changes to the Arrangement View in realtime while the clips playback.

  • image description 8:33

    Using Follow Actions

    In this video, Gary shows you how you can use the follow actions to randomize what clips are playing back to build up an ad hoc arrangement idea.

  • image description 2:02

    Converting MIDI Clips to Audio Clips

    Discover how to easily convert MIDI clips to Audio Clips, an option that is covered regularly throughout the remainder of the video series.

  • image description 9:33

    Using Dummy Clips to Trigger Events

    In this video, Gary shows you how you can use Dummy clips to Trigger different audio effect events on a track, which is great way to add interest to your productions.

  • image description 8:50

    Interesting Audio Warping Techniques

    Learn how you can use Audio Warp Markers in interesting way to alter and manipulate an audio clip.

  • image description 6:24

    Sidechaining Parameters with the Envelope Follower

    This video shows you how you can apply sidechaining to any parameter in Ableton, through the use of the Envelope Follower effect.

  • image description 9:19

    Transition Effects When Arranging

    See how to create transition effects between changes in your Arrangement, such as Crash Swells, and Reversed Audio Parts.

  • image description 13:42

    Building Layered Sounds in Chains

    This video takes a look at how you can enhance a sound or instrument by grouping the track, and then creating additional chain layers to build up a more complex and rich sound.

  • image description 12:34

    MIDI Chains to Select Chords & Notes

    Watch how you can build up a MIDI device that allows you to change the note and chords for a MIDI clip.

  • image description 8:48

    Conforming Your MIDI to a Scale

    This video shows you how you can use the MIDI Scale effect to conform and move MIDI note data to notes within the given scale. This helps improve your music theory and problems with tracks playing different note data. Plus, you can experiment with different modes, to hear the tonality change within the part.

  • image description 9:08

    Resampling Your Audio to New Ideas

    Here Gary shows you how you can take a sample of audio, and pull it into the Sampler Engine, resample it through the processing on the Sampler, and create a new sound to use in your productions.

  • image description 9:36

    Re-Pitching Your Audio to Create New Clips

    This video goes over how you can re-pitch your audio clips, and build up an interesting piece of audio through the re-pitching technique.

  • image description 11:24

    Building Your Own MultiBand Effects Chain

    Explore how to create your own MultiBand effects by splitting up the track into different frequency bands, and then processing each band differently.

  • image description 6:45

    Chaining Arps Together

    Here we take the idea of using an Arpeggiator, and then creating a group, adding different chains, and then adding different Arpeggiations to build it up. The result is a complex sound with many delays and feedback.

  • image description 7:18

    Multiple LFOs to Modulate Parameters

    In this video, Gary shows you how to split up your bands on the EQ, and then add different forms of processing on each band. In the end you can listen to the audio track before and after and hear how the different effects on the different bands add to the sound.

  • image description 3:30

    Moving Instruments & Tracks Between Projects

    In Ableton it's very easy to move instrument and audio tracks across to another instrument. Gary shows you how this is done, and the techniques to use to find and copy across instruments and tracks.

Product Overview

Gary Hiebner shows you creative ways to make new sounds and enhance your songwriting production ideas with Ableton Live! These videos are designed for those already familiar with Ableton Live and want to explore ways to use Ableton Live's features, functions, instruments and effects to make new and exciting sounds and productions. Project file included in the course extras section!

Gary starts off with a video covering what you'll be learning and then starts at the beginning, going into detail on the difference between the Session View and Arrangement View, and how you can use them both to compose your music. Then Gary shows you how you can record ideas to Clips in the Session view, and drag these across to the Arrangement view to build up an arrangement.

Throughout the rest of the videos, Gary gives you a ton of great ideas for building up your arrangements and creating cool new sounds by utilizing MIDI to Audio Clip conversion, Audio Warping techniques, creative Sidechaining, transition effects, layering sounds, selecting different chords and notes with MIDI chains and scales, sampling and re-sampling your audio and tracks, building your on multiband effects chain, wild arpeggiator tricks and much, much more.

To see what these in-depth Ableton Live songwriting and sound design tutorials show you, and how they'll inspire you to make new sounds and arrangements with Ableton Live, see the individual Ableton Live tutorial descriptions on this page. Get a new perspective on working with Ableton Live when making your sounds and songs... Watch "Ableton Live: Songwriting & Sound Design Ideas" today.

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Ableton Live: Songwriting & Sound Design Ideas is rated 4.6 out of 5 by 7 .
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Eye Opener I purchased Ableton 11 last week but I haven’t created anything. I was able to learn how to mix and match samples to come up with an idea for a song. The simplification of how the tools are used; reverb, compression, envelops was very clear. Ableton 11 has changed the game with new tools but knowing how the basics tools work is important. Looking forward to Ableton 11 training. Makes my life easier.
Date published: 2021-03-22
Rated 3.5 out of 5 by from Not sure Some ideas are interesting but in general it's a bit basic, and sometimes it felt like the trainer took long turns to make things that are easier in Ableton. I would still recommend the watch because of the ideas it sparks.
Date published: 2020-07-17
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Just what I was looking for This is one of the few videos on this site that has been worth them time to finish. Nice concrete examples of really interesting concepts
Date published: 2020-07-15
Rated 4.5 out of 5 by from awesome I am in awe of the things Ableton 10 can create, thanks to this video & groove 3, u guys know what ur doing over there, thanks a million. All this education for the price u pay for groove 3, is the bargain of the century, for the content u receive, Thank u so much
Date published: 2020-07-11
Rated 4.5 out of 5 by from Gave me a few ideas on how to teach this, thanks I like his positive attitude in the presentations, and enjoy the thorough explanations. I found this helpful for gaining ideas for teaching Ableton tricks to music students. While most of the students I teach will not need to use some of the ideas presented for those who don't know music theory, can't read or play their way out of a paper bag, there are some fun techniques presented to build instrument fx, and workflow ideas. This course is good for those who want to get deeper into the philosophy of sonic manipulations: an aspect of music composition. My advice to those who don't study music, who want to make music: study music. You are what you eat.
Date published: 2020-05-23
Rated 4.5 out of 5 by from Very useful! Great tutorials with understandable explaining
Date published: 2020-05-21
Rated 4.5 out of 5 by from Useful Some good tricks and tips that could come in handy for further experimentation. Well presented.
Date published: 2020-05-10
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