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Ableton Live 11: New Features Explained®

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Chapter 1 : MIDI Editing

  • Keys & Scales 4:39

    Keys & Scales

    Learn the new scale feature in Ableton live 11 and how it can be used to easily create chord sequences in your projects.

  • MPE Support 6:14

    MPE Support

    This video shows what MIDI Polyphonic Expression is, how to set up a MPE controller, and how to use this feature even if you don't have an MPE compatible MIDI controller.

  • Probability & Chance 9:53

    Probability & Chance

    Thomas shows you how to use the new Probability and Chance features to add randomization to your projects. This video also demonstrates how to use these new features to creatively generate patterns.

  • New Selection Features 4:10

    New Selection Features

    This video shows off a few of the new workflow features that help with selection of Automation and Take Lanes. This video also shows off the new key commands that were added for resizing and editing take lanes.

  • Tempo Following 4:17

    Tempo Following

    Learn how the new Tempo Following features can be used to make Ableton Live a dynamic instrument in performances that follows the natural tempo adjustments of live players.

Chapter 2 : Audio & Recording

  • Take Recording & Comping 9:26

    Take Recording & Comping

    This video covers all you need to know in order to use the Take Recording and Comping features. Thomas also discusses various ways of using comping to creating MIDI sequences and slicing drum breaks.

  • Create Crossfades on Clip Edges 1:29

    Create Crossfades on Clip Edges

    In this quick video, Thomas covers a new menu option that was added in Live 11 that allows you to quickly make crossfades on the edges of audio clips.

  • Linked Track Editing 3:54

    Linked Track Editing

    Learn how Linked Track Editing can be used to quickly edit and slice your tracks, which makes working with complex layered audio and MIDI sequences a lot easier.

  • Follow Actions 8:11

    Follow Actions

    This video shows off the new and updated Follow Actions in the Session View. These new features make performing and setting up complicated Follow Actions a lot easier.

Chapter 3 : New Devices

  • Hybrid Reverb Pt. 1 9:39

    Hybrid Reverb Pt. 1

    Learn all about the new Hybrid Reverb device, the basic modes, and how it can be used to create a variety of interesting Reverb effects.

  • Hybrid Reverb Pt. 2 8:54

    Hybrid Reverb Pt. 2

    This video dives a bit deeper into the individual functions of the Reverb and shows how to take a simple audio sample and turn it into a large ambient pad.

  • Spectral Resonator 10:06

    Spectral Resonator

    Learn how the new Spectral Resonator can be used to create a very of interesting melodic effects. Thomas shows how to take a simple drum loop and transform it into a melodic rhythmic element.

  • Spectral Time 10:40

    Spectral Time

    This video covers the controls on the new Spectral Time device and shows how it can be used as an interesting delay and reverb effect.

  • PitchLoop89 11:08


    The new Pitch Loop89 device combines an unusual delay with pitch shifting capabilities to allow for some really interesting sound design options. Discover how this effect can be used to make interesting textured delays.

Chapter 4 : Updated Devices

  • Chorus-Ensemble 6:53


    Thomas explores the new and updated chorus-ensemble effect which received a large overhaul in the Live 11 update and now has new modes and controls that allow for new types of Modulation Effects.

  • Phaser-Flanger 10:55


    Learn what's new with the Phaser-Flanger device and how it can be used in your productions. This video dives into the new controls that were added to the device for creating advanced modulations.

  • Redux 5:44


    Discover the updates made to the Redux effect and how they can be used in your productions for a variety of different effects.

  • Macro & Rack Improvements 5:10

    Macro & Rack Improvements

    The Racks inside of Ableton now include some enhancements to the interface and some controls that allow for more dynamic live performances. There are also some additions to Racks that allow for randomization of the Macro Controls that can be great for generating new ideas for your songs.

Chapter 5 : Preferences & Default Settings

  • Templates 3:43


    Learn how to setup and add templates to your productions to make starting songs quicker and easier.

  • Look & Feel Customization 1:54

    Look & Feel Customization

    This video covers the new accessibility features that were added to the Preferences that make Ableton's interface easier to work with.

  • Improved CPU Metering 4:10

    Improved CPU Metering

    Learn how the updated CPU metering can be used to optimize your sessions.

Product Overview

Ableton pro Thomas Cochran delivers in-depth Ableton Live 11 video tutorials! If you're new to Ableton Live 11 and want to know all about the new features and functions that were added, this is the video series for you. Thomas also provides a Live Project file so you can follow along with the comping video lesson on your Live computer setup. These videos are for those who already know Ableton Live, but want to learn specifically about the new additions to version 11.

Thomas welcomes you and jumps right in with a video on the the new Scale feature and how it can be used to easily create chord sequences in your projects. Then it's on to the new MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) support, and Thomas teaches you what MPE is, how to set up a MPE controller, and how to use this feature even if you don’t have an MPE compatible MIDI controller. Next, you'll learn to use the new Probability and Chance features to add randomization to your projects, including how to use these new features to creatively generate patterns.

Throughout the rest of the videos, Thomas will explain and explore new Live 11 features and functions such as Tempo Following, Take Recording & Comping, Creating Crossfades on Clip Edges, Linked Track Editing, and Follow Actions. Then you'll learn all about the new and updated effects like Hybrid Reverb, Spectral Resonator, Spectral Time, Pitchloop89, Chorus-Ensemble, Phase-Flanger, and Redux. Macro and Rack Improvements are then covered in-detail, as well as making Templates, customizing Live 11's look and feel, and utilizing the new CPU metering to optimize your sessions.

To see exactly what these detailed Ableton Live 11 tutorials show you, and how they'll get you up to speed on all the new things added to Live 11, see the individual Ableton Live 11 New Features video tutorial descriptions on this page. Get the most out of Live 11 now... Watch “Ableton Live 11: New Features Explained®” today!

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