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Ableton Live 10: Tips & Tricks

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50 Videos | Length: 1hr 56min 46sec
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  • Introduction 0:59


    Muliplier welcomes you to the course and discusses the purpose of these tips/tricks/workflows/ideas.

  • Mono & Laptop Check 2:03

    Mono & Laptop Check

    This video explains how to use MIDI map, utility, and EQ 8 to create a physical 'mono check' and 'laptop check' button.

  • Sidechaining Drum to Crackle 3:53

    Sidechaining Drum to Crackle

    Learn how to use a gate in sidechain mode to add an evolving 'crackle'/character layer to a drum sound.

  • Custom Dry/Wet 2:49

    Custom Dry/Wet

    Get an introduction to chain selection and audio effect racks, and use this technique to add a 'dry wet' parameter to any effect or combination of effects.

  • Group Sidechain Trick 0:48

    Group Sidechain Trick

    This trick shows how to 'freeze' a track with sidechain effects (such as sidechain compression or gating).

  • EQ 8 vs Auto Filter 1:58

    EQ 8 vs Auto Filter

    Learn how to increase your sound quality by understanding the difference between EQ 8 and Auto Filter, and when this difference is most important.

  • More Sidechain Compression 2:35

    More Sidechain Compression

    Take your sidechain compression to the next level with these two concepts/techniques.

  • Follow Actions 2:48

    Follow Actions

    Learn about Follow Actions, and use this example as inspiration to get creative with them yourself!

  • Vocal Harmony Rack 1:34

    Vocal Harmony Rack

    In this video, learn a technique to create an audio effect rack that takes any vocal, and turns it into multiple vocals singing different notes (eg major chord).

  • Envelope Followers 2:40

    Envelope Followers

    Multiplier discusses envelope followers, and how you can use them to make amd modulate anything.. yes!

  • Rhythmic Reverb 2:14

    Rhythmic Reverb

    This video shows how to combine a percussive foley sample and Convolution Reverb Pro, to create something I call 'rhythmic reverb'.

  • Setting Up AB Test 2:24

    Setting Up AB Test

    Learn how to quickly and correctly check a change you made, by setting up an 'AB Test'. In the process, learn about Key Map Mode, and gain compensation.

  • High Quality Modes 2:59

    High Quality Modes

    Learn about the hidden high quality modes, and whether or not you should actually use them!

  • Level Metering 5:18

    Level Metering

    An in-depth look at the level meters, where it's ok to go 'above zero', where it's not, where it sometimes is, and the difference between light green and dark green meters.

  • Scale MIDI Channel Workflow 3:36

    Scale MIDI Channel Workflow

    This workflow allows you to play in any scale/key, without knowing music theory. Going one step further than simply using the scale MIDI effect.

  • Piano Roll 1:11

    Piano Roll "Folding"

    Learn about piano roll 'folding', and one interesting application of it I developed.

  • MIDI Chords Human Offset 1:55

    MIDI Chords Human Offset

    Let me show you a trick to automatically give some quantised chords, a 'human', unquantised feeling.

  • Creating a Notepad 1:38

    Creating a Notepad

    This video highlights a hidden feature called 'Info Text', and how you can use it to create a 'notepad' in your project.

  • Resampling Mode & Pitch Drop 2:30

    Resampling Mode & Pitch Drop

    Two techniques in one here, resampling mode (to quickly record audio), and a hidden 'pitch drop' effect.

  • Preferences 4:45


    Some preferences have consequences that aren't obvious, and these are important.. let me explain.

  • Using Chokes 1:13

    Using Chokes

    Learn about an obscure (but often useful!) feature, buried away in drum racks.

  • Sampler Keyzones 2:11

    Sampler Keyzones

    Learn how to allocate different instruments, to different parts of the keyboard. In this example, one instrument for the bass notes, another for the lead.

  • MIDI Drawing Tips 1:23

    MIDI Drawing Tips

    Working fast allows you to quickly try ideas, and capture that creative inspiration. These tips will get you working fast in the piano roll.

  • Sample Pack Drum Rack 3:14

    Sample Pack Drum Rack

    This video demonstrates how to create a single drum rack that contains an entire sample pack, with macro controls for each drum type.

  • Sidechain Auto Filter 5:31

    Sidechain Auto Filter

    Learn how to use a different channel to modulate a filter. Two examples, one rhythmic (with the kick), and another more creative, for sound design.

  • Haas Effect 5:42

    Haas Effect

    Discover the classic 'Haas Effect' for making something wide. This video uses simple delay, and addresses some potential problems you may run into.

  • Repeating Legato Chord 2:28

    Repeating Legato Chord

    In this video, Multipier demonstrates a workflow he created for figuring out chord progressions using the Arpeggiator MIDI effect, and Velocity MIDI effect.

  • Multiband Anything! 2:15

    Multiband Anything!

    Learn how to leverage the multiband algorithms in 'Multiband Dynamics', to create your own custom multiband processing rack.

  • Optimizing the Arrangement Space 2:02

    Optimizing the Arrangement Space

    Make the most of screen space available with these tips and tricks.

  • Some MIDI Map Limits 2:40

    Some MIDI Map Limits

    Discover MIDI Map limits, and a creative application of them, to give any parameter a more 'human' feeling.

  • Getting Creative with Resonators 2:17

    Getting Creative with Resonators

    Explore the 'Resonators' effect by turning a drum loop into some guitar chords.

  • Non-Destructive Quantization 1:51

    Non-Destructive Quantization

    Another obscure trick to add your arsenal! Quantisation, in a way that can always be 'undone'.

  • Split Stereo & Utility Stereo 1:58

    Split Stereo & Utility Stereo

    Level up your stereo processing control with 'Split Stereo' (new to Live 10), and Utility.

  • The Auto Pan Zero Phase Trick 1:33

    The Auto Pan Zero Phase Trick

    Learn how to take Auto Pan, and turn it into an amplitude modulator! (also known as 'Tremolo').

  • Multiple MIDI Clip Editing 1:21

    Multiple MIDI Clip Editing

    New to Live 10, you can edit multiple MIDI clips on the same piano roll. I also explain when this is most useful.

  • Simpler to Sampler 0:56

    Simpler to Sampler

    How to convert Simpler into Sampler (and vice verse), and when this is most useful.

  • -6dB & Copy to Sibling 1:05

    -6dB & Copy to Sibling

    Discover the importance of -6dB, as well as a useful little trick for when working with racks, 'Copy to Sibling'.

  • Automating Velocity 1:53

    Automating Velocity

    This video shows how to automate velocity, using an audio effect rack, and the 'Velocity' MIDI effect.

  • Normalizing & Show in Finder 1:26

    Normalizing & Show in Finder

    Two quick little tips, relating to 'Consolidate'.

  • Defaults 1:45


    Harness the power of defaults to save time repeating the same thing, over and over again. Over and over again.

  • Capture & MIDI Warp 1:40

    Capture & MIDI Warp

    Explore a feature new to Live 10, 'Capture', and how to fix it when things go wrong, using MIDI warp.

  • Crossfade 2:33


    Discover a somewhat hidden feature called 'Crossfade', and how to customise the crossfade algorithm too!

  • The Drum Rack Choose Workflow 1:35

    The Drum Rack Choose Workflow

    Use this technique to audition and extract a drum sound, in a much more expressive (and fun!) way.

  • Hotswap 1:42


    A useful little trick to quickly swap out presets.. and samples!

  • Collections 1:25


    New to Live 10, this allows you to favourite 'collections' of things in the browser. You can favourite more than you'd think, and I show two examples to get you thinking.

  • Shortcuts 4:05


    Shortcuts are the secret to working fast, and working fast is the secret to getting your creative ideas down in your DAW. Here are the best ones, and how to learn them

  • Random Modulate Anything! 1:55

    Random Modulate Anything!

    This video shows how to use 'LFO' to randomly modulate anything you like!

  • Glitchy Vocal Groove Trick 2:03

    Glitchy Vocal Groove Trick

    An obscure trick (involving the groove pool) to get you thinking, and inspired to push Ableton features in ways they weren't originally intended.

  • Ping Pong Freeze & Repitch Mode 1:37

    Ping Pong Freeze & Repitch Mode

    An unusual (but super fun!) sound design trick involving Ping Pong Delay and a hidden 'Repitch Mode'.

  • Arp MIDI Drum Loop Workflow 2:50

    Arp MIDI Drum Loop Workflow

    This is an innovative workflow I created for creating drum loops.. using a Drum Rack, and an Arpeggiator MIDI effect.

Product Overview

Adam Pollard, aka Multiplier, delivers some of his best tips and tricks for Ableton Live 10. Discover and explore a vast range of topics covering workflow, editing, production, mixing and more, all allowing you to get the most from Ableton Live 10!

Adam begins by welcoming you and gives an introduction to the course, prerequisites, and the purpose of all the video tutorials. He then dives in and delivers a boat load of bite size tutorials, all designed to maximize your Ableton Live 10 user experience.

Learn some of Adam’s best secrets and apply them to your Ableton Live workflow and see how your audio production world expands, both technically and creatively.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you’re ready to get into the finer points of Ableton Live 10 and unlock some new doors, this series is the key to a new Ableton Live universe… Watch “Ableton Live 10 Tips & Tricks” now!

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