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AVID Control Tutorial

AVID Control for Pro Tools Explained®

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19 Videos | Length: 1hr 21min 41sec
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Chapter 1 : AVID Control for Pro Tools Explained

  • image description 2:33

    App Installation

    Follow the downloading, installation and registering of the free Avid Control app.

  • image description 4:38

    Eucon Control Installation

    See how to navigate Avid's website to get the free Eucon Control software. The install process is covered as well.

  • image description 4:38

    Interface Overview

    Take a tour of the Avid Control interface and get an overview of the Tab Bar and Toolbar elements and what they contain.

  • image description 8:00

    Avid Control Settings

    Learn how to customize the look and feel of your Avid Control via the many settings available.

  • image description 3:14

    EuControl General Settings

    This video goes over applicable settings to determine how tracks are selected and attentioned in Avid Control and interactivity with Pro Tools.

  • image description 5:36

    Mixer View

    Take a tour of the Mixer View controls and see how they interact with Pro Tools, as well as coverage on track selection techniques and fader movement.

  • image description 4:05

    Tracks View

    Learn all about track navigation, settings, track function buttons and using Soft Keys.

  • image description 3:31

    Channel View Pt. 1

    This overview will familiarize you with the different areas of the Channel View and how to edit pan settings.

  • image description 7:09

    Channel View Pt. 2

    This video covers working with Inserts. How to instantiate, remove and edit plug-ins, and set up default Dynamics and EQ plug-ins.

  • image description 5:35

    Channel View Pt. 3

    This video goes through the remaining function blocks: Input and Mix, Sends, Pan, Group and Heat and how to use them.

  • image description 2:09

    Meters View

    This view is for monitoring only and gives you two choices for meter sizes in portrait and landscape views.

  • image description 3:02

    Soft Keys Pt. 1

    This first video gives an overview of the Soft Keys view and preferences. Navigation with both the Soft Keys view soft keys and the soft keys in the toolbar (primary soft keys) is shown.

  • image description 7:40

    Soft Keys Pt. 2

    Learn all about the EuControl application where the Soft Keys editing takes place, including an overview of its interface and some basic editing.

  • image description 6:10

    Soft Keys Pt. 3

    Part three goes deeper into the programming of Soft Keys, plus how to create macros and use the repeat function.

  • image description 2:33


    A new feature for Avid Control is being able to toggle folders open and closed. See how to do this in Mixer view, Tracks view, and with Soft Keys.

  • image description 2:15

    Record Multiple Tracks

    Learn a quick tip on setting a preference in Pro Tools to allow you to arm and record multiple tracks with the Avid Control.

  • image description 3:37

    Recording Automation

    This video takes you through the process of recording volume, pan and send gain automation using Avid Control as the controller.

Chapter 2 : 2020.11 Update

  • image description 2:43

    General Preferences

    Learn about the 3 new preferences that were added; Auto Bank to Selected tracks, View Banks Independently, and Show Modal Dialog, including how to use them.

  • image description 2:33

    Other New Features

    Doug revels more new features such as Cycle through EQ and Dynamics plug-ins, and Rename Tracks. You'll also learn how you can now get visual feedback when any control goes into Write or Preview Mode, as well as how to perform renaming in the EuControl Soft Keys Editor Tab.

Product Overview

Studio pro Doug Zangar presents in-depth AVID Control video tutorials! Learn everything you need to know to use the free iOS AVID Control app to control your Pro Tools sessions, including mix and edit windows, transport controls, writing automation, toggling folders open and closed, keyboard shortcuts and more. These videos are designed for both new and intermediate AVID Control users.

Doug greets you and starts at the beginning with how to find the free iOS app on Apple's App Store, and the free Eucon Control software download on AVID's website, and how to install them correctly. Once that's done, you'll then get a detailed overview of the AVID Control interface, as well as how to customize its look and feel via its many settings.

Doug then goes through all the different available pages throughly, including the Mixer View, Tracks View, Channel View, Meters View, and Soft Keys, showing what they do and how to use them effectively in your Pro Tools sessions. Not stopping there, you'll watch and see how to toggle folders open and closed in Mixer view, Tracks view, and with Soft Keys, as well as how to arm and record multiple tracks with AVID Control, and record volume, pan and send gain automation using AVID Control as the controller.

To see what these detailed AVID Control video tutorials show you, and how they'll get you up and running and controlling your Pro Tools sessions fast, see the individual AVID Control tutorial descriptions on this page. Discover why AVID Control is the must-have iOS app for anyone using Pro Tools... Watch "AVID Control for Pro Tools Explained®" today.

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AVID Control for Pro Tools Explained® is rated 5.0 out of 5 by 2 .
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Finally I understand!! For a long time I was never able to sit at my keyboard and use Avid Control for anything except Start Stop Record and Mute, then I had to walk back to my computer to make other important changes to my session. But after viewing Avid Control for Pro Tools Explained I can sit at my piano and control all of the parameters of my session with ease. I can’t believe how easily I’m controlling everything from my iPad and never leave my piano. Avid Control is full of useful control over Pro Tools but only if you understand it. There is nothing you should have to walk back to your computer for unless you just want to. Everything you need can be controlled from your iPad. Truthfully using PT Control was always confusing until i learned it from this video. I can’t believe how much I did not understand. Now I love this program. Now I can concentrate on my music and not getting up and down to make changes. Changing counters setting up jump keys and Macros??? This is so cool.
Date published: 2020-11-05
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Awesome!!! I came here mostly for the soft keys (i'm a Composer and i really rely on shortcuts and macros for big film scores templates) but i couldn't resist to watch the entire course and treasure every word of it! I've learned a tip and trick... Or two!!!
Date published: 2020-10-19
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