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Arranger Track 6m:02s

See how to create and use the Cubase Arranger Track to build up and try out different production arrangements.


Automation Modes 4m:25s

Learn about the different Cubase Automation modes and how to utilize them.


VST Automation 4m:05s

Discover how to automate VST instrument plug-ins in Cubase and various editing techniques.


Proper Gain Structure 7m:23s

Watch and learn about Buss Clipping, Intersample Peaks and more to make sure you have proper levels throughout your Cubase session.


Customizing Cubase 2m:46s

See how to change and arrange the Cubase user interface for optimal workflow as well as creating presets for different situations.


Delay Side Chain 3m:38s

Learn how to create less clutter and more space when using Delay lines in Cubase.


Export Audio Mixdown 5m:11s

Discover the different file formats and reasons to use them when it comes time to bounce down your mix for mastering, CD or the internet.


External Effects 2m:32s

Phil shows you step by step how to setup and configure your external effect devices within Cubase for easy access and usage.


Find Pitch with Melodyne 3m:56s

See how to use Melodyne to detect pitch of an audio track and then export the info as MIDI, which is then applied to other instruments to build up the production.


In Place MIDI Editor 1m:15s

Phil shows you a quick tip for editing MIDI in the main arrange screen.


Vocal Insert FX 9m:40s

Learn how Phil gets killer vocal sounds in his productions using various insert effects.


Internal Summing 3m:51s

See Phil's methods for bouncing and summing tracks and instruments in Cubase to save CPU power and better manage tracks.


Key Commands 6m:44s

Discover ways to speed up your work flow and stay focused on your production utilizing Cubase key commands and shortcuts.


MediaBay 11m:17s

See cool ways to use the Cubase Media Bay to quickly find and audition files, loops and more for your productions.


MIDI Loops 2m:10s

Learn how to create, preview and open MIDI Loops for fast access to commonly used MIDI Instruments and MIDI parts.


Offline History 2m:39s

Phil goes over how to use the Cubase Offline History feature to jump back and forth in time to any point during the effect processing of an audio file.


Plug-In Management 1m:43s

See the best way to manage an unruly plug-in list to show only the plug-ins you want.


The Pool 2m:31s

Explore the Cubase Pool's features and functions to better manage your session.


Quick Controls 1m:10s

This helpful tip shows how to create quick controls to tweak real time effect parameters easily.


The Sample Editor 5m:23s

Learn all about the powerful Cubase Sample Editor and how Phil likes to use it for his productions.


Side-Chain Compression 5m:49s

Discover how to use side-chain compression to create more sonic room in your productions as well as a better groove.


Steal a Groove 2m:18s

Learn Phil's way to take the groove of one beat and apply it to another audio loop so they sound like they were originally played together.


Track Lanes 2m:56s

Watch Phil use the powerful Cubase Track Lanes editing feature to comp vocal tracks.


Real-Time Transpose 2m:40s

See how to quickly transpose single tracks or an entire song in real-time.


Vocal FX Templates 18m:07s

Discover Phil's technique for mixing vocals to the instrumental bed using effect templates customized for vocals.

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