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Reaper Tips & Tricks

Use Reaper? Want to get more out of it? Reaper master Kenny Gioia shows you a ton of cool tips and tricks that you can use when working with the powerful Reaper DAW. Increase your speed and creativeness with these awesome tutorials today!

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Screen Sets - Pt. 1 16m:41s

Learn how to take advantage of this powerful feature in Reaper called Screensets. In this video, Kenny focuses on the Track Views Screensets which work on a per-project basis. Scrolling, Zooming and Custom Track Heights and Visibility are all featured.


Screen Sets - Pt. 2 20m:51s

In part two of this topic, we focus on the Window Screensets which work on a Global basis. Reaper's unique Layouts and Window Arrangements are all covered, making for a more complete user experience.


Freeze Tracks 14m:35s

The Freeze track feature in Reaper is one of the most powerful CPU saving features in any DAW available. See how to use this feature to get the most of your computer recording experience. MIDI and 3rd party plug-ins are all featured.


Stop & Delete 4m:23s

While the ability to stop recording and NOT save the unnecessary piece of audio is not ground-breaking, it can save you some headaches and keep your Reaper projects more organized and streamlined. Find out how to do this in this video!


Automating Plug-Ins 12m:59s

Experience the power of Reaper's automation and envelope control using all of your favorite plug-ins. Every parameter can be controlled and mangled and is covered in this important video.


Modulating Plug-ins 16m:24s

One of the least known about but most unique features in Reaper is its ability to modulate any parameter of any plug-in. Learn how to take advantage of this powerful feature and use it in your own productions.


Making a Click Track 7m:15s

A Click Track may not be the most exciting part of Reaper's feature set, but you will find yourself using it in almost every project. Learn how to get the most out of this most basic feature.


Custom Click Track 13m:31s

Picking up from where the Click Track video left off, Kenny shows us how to make your own Custom Click Track that uses any of your own sounds, playing your own unique patterns, while adhering to any time adjustments that may appear in your projects.


Default Presets 12m:55s

One of the easiest ways you can speed up your workflow is to have your favorite plug-ins open up with a setting that makes sense for how you like to use them. In this video, Kenny shows you how to create presets that become your starting point for further tweaking.


Side-Chaining 18m:26s

One of the most popular effects of the last few years has become Side-Chaining of effect plug-ins. And with Reaper, it couldn't be more creative and useful. Learn how to create great Side-Chaining effects using Compressors, Gates and even EQs in Reaper with this tutorial.


Replacing Sounds & Media 10m:44s

Discover how to change any of your current sounds with others from your extensive library, without starting over. Whether it be higher quality versions or a simple change of mind or direction, Kenny shows you how intuitive this process can be.


Auto-Panning 6m:42s

Being able to pan your tracks to tempo or just to have them move around to create interesting movement in your productions, Kenny shows you how panning can be controlled in an automatic kind of way.


Drum Editing Pt. 1 20m:17s

Learn how to make your drummer sound like a pro, even if his timing is not quite perfect. Whether it be to lock to loops or just to tighten up the groove, see how to Quantize or Time Stretch your drum tracks to be super super tight. Kenny shows you two of the three ways he likes to use in this tutorial. Manual Splitting and using the Tab to Transient features.


Drum Editing Pt. 2 12m:39s

In the second part of this video, Kenny shows you the quickest way to Quantize your drum tracks to land right on the Grid using Dynamic Split and Transient Detection Settings.


Kick & Snare Replacement 15m:57s

Modern day drumming has relied more and more on placing samples on top of live drums to give them more punch and extreme energy to cut through even the densest mix. Watch as Kenny shows you how quickly you can layer your own sounds on top of your drumming performances.


De-Essing Vocals 15m:23s

One of the biggest problems with vocal recordings seems to be 'Ssss' that stick out in the mix. Learn the most popular ways to automatically De-Ess your vocals or even manually control those most annoying sibilant sounds. Side-chaining freq controlled compressors and Take and Pre-Volume Envelopes are all thoroughly explained.


Record Background Vocals 3m:43s

Recording Background Vocals or any instrument that requires many tracks can be a chore. Placing each track in record and getting all new levels can waste serious time and make your performers unnecessarily wait. Watch as Kenny shows you a quicker way to layer as many Background vocal parts as you need. Quickly and efficiently.


Dynamic Delay 8m:44s

Learn how to create this most interesting delay effect where the delayed sound's volume is controlled by the direct sound's signal. It's like an automatic delay effect that you can set. And forget.


Reverse & Relative Grid Mode 6m:37s

This is another one of Reaper's great tools that can easily go unnoticed. Watch as Kenny shows you how to lock Reverse effects to a Grid and also have Snapping be affected by different areas of your Media Items, not just the beginnings.


6 Levels of Volume Adjustment 14m:34s

Not that we would ever need to adjust our volume on a signal in six different ways at the same time, Reaper gives us this option anyway. So sit back, and watch all the many ways we can adjust volume in Reaper. Each one has their benefit and ease of use.


Extra Meters 5m:40s

While the metering in Reaper can do most of what we need, there are times where we still need more. Kenny shows you how to use extra tracks to create custom meters for your instruments and a secret way to have Pre-Fader Metering whenever you prefer.


A/B Plugins & Tracks 8m:18s

See how easy yet important it can be to A/B all of your favorite plug-ins against each other and even set up duplicate tracks to audition multiple options to help us make the best decisions.


Advanced Zooming 14m:56s

While Zooming in Reaper can appear to be pretty simple and basic, there are more ways to zoom in and out than you might realize. Watch Kenny show you all of the many options for getting closer and more intimate with your audio waveforms.


Advanced Scrolling 10m:31s

One of the most important aspects of any good DAW is how quickly you can get around in it, easily and with great precision. Take a look at all the many and vast ways to Scroll around this program while saving you time an energy.

Kenny Gioia

1. When did you start dabbling in music?

I've played an instrument since I was 10. Drums and Trumpet. I'm 40 now. I can play a little bit of any instrument. Master of none. Rock bands most of my life.

2. What training have you had?

I was taught trumpet classically from grade school up until I graduated high school. I went to Five Towns College for engineering and learned that you can't just learn this stuff from school. I did graduate though.

3. When did you get into recording?

I've been recording since I was 15. Two cassette players wired to a Radio Shack mixer. Eventually I got an 8 track reel to reel by Fostex. I've used just about every DAW and I started using them before they even recorded audio. Vision and Performer were just MIDI sequencers at the time. Before they became Studio Vision and Digital Performer. I got studio jobs because I knew computer MIDI and most studios didn't. I eventually moved up to Sound Tools which was two track. Then Pro Tools made a Audio Media III card which let you have 4 inputs. Gradually I moved up from there with Pro Tools D24, Pro Tools Mix to HD.

4. People you have worked with/for?

Marcy Playground
Mandy Moore
Willa Ford
Lee Ann Womack
Paulina Rubio
Hall & Oates
Head Automatica
Cute is What We Aim For
and many more...

5. Why are you so good at training people?

Hmmm. My Mom always said "Self Praise Stinks". I think it's because I have no ability to talk like a professional announcer, or plan out my teachings. So I teach as if you were sitting next to me. Pretty much off the cuff. I think that engages people more. We're so used to hearing everything done so properly and planned out with unnecessary explanations and proper wording that the brain will actually ignore most of it. Your brain tunes it out like you're back at your desk at school. But if the teacher grabbed you aside and just explained it to you, I believe you'd get more out of it. That is what I try to do.

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